London’s calling! Wanna join our Fashion Event in London?

19th October, meet us at Lumiere London - Look @ Me Event

Déshabillé Magazine has a prime focus on something no digital platform can give or replace: the human touch and encounter. From Milan to London, the event will involve young entrepreneurs, artists and performers, emerging fashion designers, fashion buyers, media houses from around the world to network in support of talent. DM is aimed at actively raising awareness and the gathering of resources to meet key current societal needs, since fashion and art around the world has been able to successfully bring together society’s elite.
DM in essence uses art as a vehicle to rally support in establishing a creative and business network for future generations so here we come with our Fashion Event in London.


Déshabille Magazine team

The team composes of female freelancers & creatives who share the same passion and values: hardworking, supportive, dreamers, travelers based across Milan, Modena, London, New York, Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.

Déshabillé Magazine believes in talent and people. We recognize the challenges of many artists and creatives in finding resources and support – hence we aim to provide a solution by bringing talent together in a support hub.


Artists in three categories – Photography, Fashion Design, Sustainability– will be showcased during the networking party. In collaboration with Lumiere London, HERE, Remida, Oro Nero Creazioni and Bensone we will empower young entrepreneurs and artists with the real chance to meet professionals and journalists in their industry, receiving a feedback during the day of their performance and win experiences that will enrich their professional life, boosting their entrepreneurial path.

Supported also by:

Cecilia Rinaldi – Jury Director

Cecilia Rinaldi Ethical designer

Cecilia is an ethical and sustainable fashion designer graduated from the Accademia Italiana Art Fashion and Design in Florence, where she also currently teaches.  She attended Richland College’s Cultural Studies program and Esmod International Fashion Academy in Berlin.

Cecilia values collaboration and looks for opportunities to volunteer with other sustainable brands around the globe as a way to increase her knowledge and help spread and support the movement of sustainable and ethical fashion. During the event she will guide the Jury in the final selection of the winning designer.

 Olivia Igwe – Our Event Presenter

Olivia Igwe art director

Olivia will be our energetic host during our first British event with her ability in connecting people and her broad vision of fashion.  Graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Paris as an Art Director then she made her way to improve her skills as a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant  with Evolu- tion Partner, in Switzerland.

She helps vibrant yet, misunderstood creative entrepreneurs create their perfect editorial photoshoot experience that will elevate their brand and create a massive visibility and instantly captivate and connect to their audience. She has worked in the fashion and beauty industry and her work has been involved with many renowned magazines, well known celebrities but also with her diverse clients.

Special thanks to all the partners that will help us to organize a fantastic and sustainable event like Venturini Baldini organic wines, Black+Blum London, Water in a Box, Ginjan Brothers and many more.

If you are interested in this fun opportunity to be connected to other professionals in your industry and find out what surprises we have in mind for the winner of the contest. Join us, we accept applications until the 30th September, places are limited.

Register HERE