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 Fiorella Migliore actress for Deshabille Magazine

When did your acting career started and what are the emotions that have you experienced at the beginning?

As far as I remember, I started when I was in school, in a Romeo and Juliette’ s scene I had to play 2 characters (somehow dressed as male and Juliette, while Romeo was interpreted by the boy I was in love with at the time!). Then I studied acting in Paraguay as a side activity of being a girl.

I can feel so much fun now that I think about those experiences, even now, if I have to be honest, every time I have to play a character or host, I feel (a lot) nervous..! That’s my fuel to perform, I guess.

Fiorella Migliore Actress

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Both theatre and cinema gave you the privilege of turning into different persona on stage. How does this contribute to your professional and personal growth?

Interpreting a character is always a big lesson for me. Not only because I have to go through emotions, do research on the personality or creation of my character but the most important thing I’ve learned is not to judge. You learn to put in someone’s shoes even if he/she’s a person you’d consider a “bad person”… then you travel to their personal experiences that led them to be that way… you definitely learn to be more empathetic.


Fiorella Migliore actress on the stage
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How is working in Television and cinema throughout so many different countries in South America, Italy and US? What have you learned from so many diverse backgrounds?

From my own personal experience, they’re three very different levels in all senses, almost like 3 different dimensions interconnecting somehow. So hard to explain without a personal perspective. I learned that no matter where you are, if you give 108% of your effort, you’ll have good results. What I learned the most is to KNOW and FEEL what I want in my path. What is my goal, rather than if I want to be known in the whole world or only a small town. That’s my personal fuel. Today I don’t have a programmed “American Dream” as my North but my personal purpose in life that guides me to manifest where I want to be, what project I want to be in, the people I want to work with and the message I want to spread with my work.



              Fiorella Migliore Sicilia Family

The Shameful Story is a new documentary that presents you as an essential co-star who interpret the role of herself. It is, without any doubt, an introspective experience. This last job has deeply connected you with your Italian roots. Would you like to tell us more about the impact that this doc had on you?

Omg yes. As soon as I read this question, I have in mind a specific scene we filmed with the Sicilian musician Alfio Antico inside an antique castle in a charming Sicilian village. It was a moment where I could feel my grand parents’ emotions… while listening to his music. There was something in the air as well as his voice… All my experiences filming The Shameful Story was like time-traveling. We also did a scene where I walked down the stairs of my grand mother’s childhood house. I felt their hands running down as kids while touching the same handrail… This project is so special to me. Specially how we connected with Italian director Nella Condorelli who has Paraguayan roots somehow. Amazes me how everything is so interconnected. I could go on… it’s just so special to me.


Fiorella the actress, the model, the chef, the tv host, the musician, the activist… in what other field would you love to challenge yourself? Do all these professional aspects of yours enter in conflict with each other or do they positively overlap?

I feel all of them together (and all the other versions of myself that are yet to come) have a voice in my everyday life. All of these paths taught me something and keep teaching me a lot. Not only for the inspiration they all bring when I express something but the discipline they all brought to my life. All of them. I may say I would love to master being a good partner and friend, a good sister, a good daughter, a good mother. My personal life is very important for me. And that leads me to go deeper into becoming a better human being everyday, using all the tools I’ve learned and continue learning in my professional paths.

 Next milestones planned?

To combine all paths with audiovisual projects. To Manifest my dream, to apply all I’ve learned either as actress, TV presenter, chef, activist… in projects to spread urgent messages to the humanity in the world. My dream, which is coming true, is to unite the Spanish speaking world with the English speaking world, and share a common message proving that diversity of languages and cultures are incredible excuses to get closer to each other.

As an actress, what are your dreams and the goals to be reached?

I want to be useful to projects that have a message to be spread. Today, my art and my expression, aren’t mine anymore. They belong to a project, a person, animals… that have something urgent to say. I feel acting is a lifestyle; that taught me to  speak a language of people I need to reach, a story I need to tell, a message that needs to be shared. I’m just a channel.

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