Have you ever heard about OXFAM?

Talking about shops where you can purchase clothes (but also books, accessories, shoes, items for your house, small jewels, CDs and more) in Munich and all over Germany, I would like to mention OXFAM International and give you some good reasons why you should consider to shop there: www.oxfam.org

First of all I want to introduce it. OXFAM is an international organisation with the main objective to fight poverty. They act in many directions and with different projects all over the world and there are many opportunities to give a contribution, one of these is, for instance, to buy in one of the many shops they have all around Germany (unfortunately in Italy there are none, but you can get more information about the project “The fashion Circle”, OXFAM&COIN, www.oxfamitalia.org/agisci/womens-circle-for-change).

Get a glimpse here: www.oxfam.org/en/explore/how-oxfam-fights-poverty

To fight poverty means to fight for human rights, against discrimination, to give women more power and the chance to be an active part of the society, but it means also to help populations who live in areas of conflict in the world or in territories damaged from natural disasters. OXFAM is also putting effort into sustainability by selling fair- trade products.


Ok, as said, OXFAM is the perfect representative of our philosophy, because on one side you can buy second- hand, if you are lucky really one- of- a- kind pieces, on the other side Oxfam enable its customers to save money and to donate a contribution, avoiding in this way an additional support of the mass production clothing industry. The result is totally positive, eventually you’ ll become the owner of new items and a new supporter of the development projects in several countries around the world… a brilliant idea!


You can find three shops in Munich, one in Schwabing, close to the University (Türkenstraße 81), one in Haidhausen (Orleansplatz 4, Munich East Station) and the other one close to Sendlinger Tor (Fraunhoferstraße 6). There is also one only for books (Fürstenfelder Straße 7 /Ecke Kaufinger Straße 5). Most of the time I go in the one in Fraunhoferstraße, between Gärtnerplatzviertel and Glockenbachviertel.

I already bought many precious things by OXFAM, like beautiful leather boots for 38€ or a pretty jacket from H&M for around 10€. I also bought a couple of cups (new) for 1€ or a couple of placemats for around 3€. I don’t recommend to go there if you look for something specific, probably you won’t find what you have in your mind but it is definitely worthy visiting and being surprised. These kind of shops are perfect for flexible people!

One more thing: do you wanna know where are the clothes coming from? Good question. Spick-and-span from people who don’t need them anymore!

Don’t forget that every Thursday from 15 pm the shop window will be unmade and you have the chance to buy the stuff that were part of it (it is not allowed to reserve items).

So, enjoy the shopping and be green!

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