L_’s music

Luis Fernando Araujo Silva


Date and place of birth

Brasilia, January 25

When did your passion and career begin?

Started as a child – my parents always listened to Brazilian artists and erudite music (Ravel, Beethoven, Bach and etc.). As a teenager, I already had a band, influenced by bands shoegazer… an indie band, that was even for a ten years.

Why have you chosen to be a DJ?

It was a natural change… As much as my music is instrumental, I can express myself much more in this way… as if they were soundcapes!

In which countries have you performed and where would you love to perform?

I’ve played in Germany – Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Ausburg and Bavaria. My dream is to play in New York and London.

DJs that inspire you and why?

Not necessarily DJs (neither do I consider myself a DJ, but an artist who makes music using computers), my biggest influences are Aphex Twin, Plastikman, Autechre, Brian Eno, Steve Reich and more… I’d rather not quote that much, because when people try to discover listening to the music, only the music.

Déshabillé Magazine loves to inspire the readers, we would like you to share some encouraging words.

Listen to music, all kinds of music… read books… watch movies… absorb culture to the fullest… do not give up on your plans… set a goal, a deadline and focus on it.

More about Luis?

He has just released his second album – digital and vinyl by label of Berlin Antime. An album influenced by David Foster Wallace and isolation. His new single – “Hello, I’m Richard Clayderman” – has a video produced and directed by Max Luz – you will remember him as director of videos for Moderat, Evvol.

The video was by Vice Premiere (Germany). The record is having positive reviews from specialized sites in Czech Republic, California, Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, Germany, France, Canada.

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Wanna Know more?! Ok…
^L_ is the nickname of the Brazilian sound artist and producer Luis Fernando. ˆL_ (Luis Fernando) produces Eletronic Music and released his debut album “Love Is Hell” in 2014 through the Berlin- based Antime imprint. A series of remixes and several compilations made by Luis attracted much attention, most notably “Hy Brazil Vol. 7” which was hand- selected by Chico Dub, one of the most important figures in the Brazilian electronic music scene.
Together with his label mate Antime AAAA, L_ decided to embark on a successful, two-weeks long tour Germany in 2015. While in early 2016 he released the dancefloor- orientated EP ‘The Outsider’. But Luis is not only about producing music, he also organizes workshops on sound design with a focus on film and radio works. Luis Fernando focus more on digital work and swing between acidic Techno, film score- inspired sounds, noise and abstract electronic music.


Outsider – ˆL , Antime from Luisa Dale on Vimeo.

Photo credits: Pedro Lacerda

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