Date and place of birth

6th July 1983, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


BA (Hons) Art history and Film Studies – University of Nottingham

MA in Art history – University College London

Please, tell us more about your project; how would you define it, what is the main goal and what do you expect from it.

We designed Ruyi & Lyn to be an ultra cool and hip Modern Chinese Restaurant with an unusual dance club ambience. It’s the first innovation of its kind in Malaysia, to bring people together regardless of race, religion and societal background into one ambitious project.

How much and in which way a business man like your father (and your mother) influence your career and your life? What has been his/her best teaching so far?

My father is a highly successful restaurateur with decades of experience; hence he has given me ample support, and a fast track initiation into the FnB business which made my career jump from TV to FnB much easier. His enterprising and generous spirit is an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs such as myself. My mother is almost my PA – she organizes my personal life while I am too engrossed with work! Both parents are my biggest role models; they have instilled the importance of generosity, honesty and having a good heart as an integral part of my upbringing.

How have you spent these years abroad and how did these long trips changed you into the woman you are today?

I lived and built a career in Europe during my 20s – First moving to Munich, Germany where I knew no one to work for a media company back in 2005. From then on, I have travelled, played, lived and grown within a global sphere of friends and society. To date, I have lived in Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland and Holland and have built this surreal lifestyle where you only see in movies! All these experiences inspired me to return to Malaysia and to give back my home country in the form of creating employment and influencing lives with a difference through Ruyi&Lyn

Your relationship with your country: how would you define Malaysia? How is to be back after all these years?

I love Malaysia, although I must admit we have created some negative press lately. My core value is to believe in the good of people, and of a country in a bigger scale, we are a progressive society which needs time to develop the confidence of a first world country. My decision to give up my Germany residency and career to return to Malaysia has raised many eyebrows – my friends thought I was crazy! I have no regrets though, as Malaysia is home and I see prospect in my contribution to building the society here. Home is home and I have had my share of fun! ☺

What about doing business in Asia and in Europe: in Asia everything seems to go so fast, people work a lot, and everything is growing up at a incredible speed. Is this the truth or the first impression of a foreigner?

There’s a saying in Europe: “We work to live” and in Asia, it is “We live to work”. That’s true.

We can admire a stunning installation by the Designer Melinda Looi in your new spot, Melinda is one of the top 10 famous fashion designers in Malaysia. Considering that Mr. Jimmy Choo is number one, we can definitely tell that Malaysia has great talents! How did it come to your mind this collaboration ?

Melinda is one of the most innovative fashion designers in the country, hence I am very proud to showcase her work as it correlates with the branding of Ruyi&Lyn. The restaurant is designed to be versatile, ever changing and innovative hence our patrons can always expect something new each time they return to the restaurant. Same goes for Melinda’s creations!

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