Maurice Whittingham

        “Don’t be afraid to express yourself, be individual! “

Maurice Whittingham is a fashion designer from the UK, whom we had the pleasure to meet and discuss fashion, style, dreams and life.

When asked to describe himself with 3 words his choice were; determined, as the focused person that he is. It is a very known fact that in the clothing industry it’s easy to stop at the first obstacles, but he has always wanted to create original clothing ever since he was a teenager, keeping as a main purpose to show people who he is, and believe us when we tell you that he knows exactly what to do in order to achieve his goals in life.

Creative was the second adjective Maurice attributes to himself. He creates a wide range of products from furniture to jewelry, from clothes to… food. Yes, food as well! He is all about experimentation; if you don’t experiment how do you know what will please your palate? Name a field and he is really just open for experimentation and discover. His last adjective, but by all means not the least was that he is a romantic and lover of the beauty. We asked him if he would compromised anything in order to be out there in the fashion field and he replied that even though his mind is always open to new ideas, he follows first and foremost his heart and that the first type of success he needs to have is the success within himself, that he would not compromised. He has a clear vision to follow in order to be himself, which through his true happiness he can share more value with the people he has around.

Maurice won the Independent Designer category with his wonderful and unique tailoring for Men and Women at the 2015 Midlands Fashion Awards held at City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Centre and participated to several fashion shows, among those The London Fashion Week 2015 with these incredible menswear suits.

“Don’t be afraid to express yourself, be individual!“ is our most loved quote by Maurice, the master of details, definitely a figure you can feel and be inspired from and has a lots to say on the topic.

Contact info:

Maurice Whittingham

M: 07912271124

E: m.whittingham@hotmail.co.uk

Video credits: Azuka Wayfora and Alina Agarkova for www.deshabillemagazine.com