I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” YSL


You used this quote on your social media, could you tell us what does this mean to you?

I’ve always thought of fashion as an enabler. The immediate effect of looking and feeling beautiful is the chance of getting noticed, seen and heard. That creates opportunities. I like to think that what I do transcends completely the superficial side of it. It is more about how you feel rather than anything else. It is really about how empowered you become by it.

What do you feel and what do you expect from this New York launch?

I’m confident this is going to be the corner stone of Mena Lombard becoming a well-known brand. This is just the beginning!

… a long path so far! Where are you based now and what did all these countries offer to you as a woman and as an artist?  If you could choose, where would you like to be now or in the future?

I’m currently based in the beautiful, warm South Florida. One of the things I appreciate the most from my experience of traveling was the possibility to meet and interact with different people and their cultures. It has helped me to expand my vision and enrich my creative process giving me more depth and character as a designer. As a woman, it has helped me to be more knowledgeable and open minded. The opportunity to be exposed to the world and its diversities is one I would never change or give up for anything. It brought me here and made me who I am.

We would like to know better who is Mena: from the little girl born in Uruguay, her background, family and education to the beautiful woman of today.

I was blessed to come from a family that always taught us to look forward, always to grow, always to be better. To go after our dreams and be citizens of the world. As a person and as a designer, I believe in evolution, I know that in order to make things happen you have to work hard and lead your destiny, and I pursue the art of fashion as a way to generate value through confidence and beauty.

How did this collaboration with Miss Universe Argentina occur?

I met Valentina at a photo shoot before the whole Miss Argentina and Miss Universe thing and we became friends. She is a total blast to be with, funny, beautiful and fresh and a great model. We had several opportunities to work together and the result was always great. I treasure all the times we shared and it makes me very happy to see her reach her dreams.

Which goals have you promised yourself to reach?

I would like to be one of the key players in the fashion mainstream because that would mean that I’ve been able to reach people an add value through the concept of conceiving fashion as an experience.

Your dresses are elegant and AMAZING: when you create, what does inspire you? What do you want to communicate?

Thank you!! I love to create garments that inspire women to show themselves and feel great about how they look. Fashion has the beauty of creating a moment, an experience. It has the power to deal with the surface of a person affecting it’s inner self. It is strong, profound and meaningful.

The fashion industry is not an easy world at all: what would you suggest to who is dreaming to become a fashion designer but still is struggling to find his way?

I would tell him or her that everything truly begins when you find out who you are as a designer.

Find your unique voice and translate it into fashion, and when you do, never stop trying, never give up.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day, after day, after day.


We wish you all the best Mena!

Same to you! Thanks so much for this opportunity.


Official website: menalombard.com

Mena Lombard – 2015 Couture Collection from Motion Haute on Vimeo