Pure & Simple

Munich is a big city that offers many shopping opportunities, nevertheless it is not so easy to find shops with exclusive clothes. Furthermore many of them pretend to sell Italian dresses but unfortunately most of the time they are not. Our goal is always to help you to find the most fancy item for the best price!

If you are looking for a special and lovely spot where you can buy also clothes from Italy… then here you can’t go wrong!
The first time I stepped a foot into “Pure & Simple” was about two years ago. My sister- in- law Elena, who was visiting me in Munich, saw it first.  At that point I was not used to walk around that area so often that is why I never noticed it. Already the outside you really realize that it can be so precious and once you are inside, you definitely are sure about it! It is a small universe but incredibly exquisite.
They sell some of the best Italian and international brands, from Lanvin to Missoni (and if you love Italian style you know what I mean), items that can be afford because (here at least) they are not so expensive even though they look wonderful and elegant.


“Pure & Simple”

They also have a special corner where you can purchase some pre-owned clothes. I go there most of the time without thinking whether I need something special, just to have a glance and eventually allow these beautiful things, I accidentally see, to seduce me and win my love!
If you prefer to have a look without help, you can just do it.

The shop is in Munich, in the wonderful Glockenbackviertel neighborhood, in the heart of the city.

I have lost the count of how many people I have suggested to stop by “Pure & Simple” to get a glimpse, even when they weren’t looking for anything in particular they have been captivated, and nobody, up until now, no one has been disappointed. The upside is that you can find casual clothes or even formal dresses to wear for a special event. You better not forget that it is a first and also a second hand, so there isn’t an endless choice of sizes; it is more like “First-come, first-served”, I would say that it is more a matter of chance (this is always the case with outlets and second- hand shops).

“Pure & Simple” provides also shoes (upstairs they have a big selection) and accessorize, like sunglasses or bags.

Good Luck and enjoy!

All Images are the property of Dietlind Tornieporth