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Silvia Zoppellari is an avid traveller, tireless creator, and the mind behind Pyla Jewelry.

She lives between Rome and Paris, and draws inspiration for her pieces from the incredible sand dunes lying near Bordeaux. In 2016, Silvia was inspired to create Pyla while in Italy; the result was a collection of authentic, unique, and beautifully crafted jewelry. Pyla collections are bold but never ostentatious, geometric yet not austere, self-confident but far from pretentious.

Visit Milan’s Brera District, via Fiori Chiari 28 from December 9-22, 2019 to see Pyla’s beautiful and curated jewelry designs.

 Pyla jewel design


Find more about what’s happening in LDC Pop-Up Store this December!

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Pyla is also featured on the e-commerce platform of LDC

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