Quattro Tavoli (literally “Four tables”) is a place of numbers: as the name says, a little bit more than four are the tables where it is possible to nibble something. There are also four “Champs Elysee- chairs” hanging on the wall, two old style TVs placed on a shelf looking on the public. Six are the spoken languages (Italian, German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese), and three is the number of the official colors of the bar (red, white, black). Three is also the number of dudes running it! We had the pleasure to talk especially with one of them, to the tune of Carlos Santana, the crazy Lorenzo, the youngest of them, a kind of mascot!

Now, close your eyes and imagine the best of Italy: the powerful creativity of the interior, where everything tells sentimental stories and makes the people feel comfortable. The lights, soft and reassuring, that match perfectly with the many candles put on the tables, the magnificent smell of food on the air that make you eat even if you are not hungry. And the unique music, truly fitting with the location but always different, dipending on who is working that evening. Sometime it is also possible to hear the precious songs of Maurizio, the singer of the group.

But, above all, Quattro tavoli is passion and good vibrations, the one you can get and feel from Lorenzo, Marco and Maurizio: they are discreet but careful, funny and kind everytime they have to explain what is the menu of the day or specialties of the house. Not a huge menu, but it is always enough to find something tasty to try! From antipasti to pasta (bologna, prosciutto, cheese, grilled vegetables, piadizza, pasta etc.), they also have dishes for vegetarians, and you can have some wine (despite the wide choice, also the house wines are really delicious) or only one drink (only one? sure?!), optionally between the many they offer. Absolutely try their Portofino Spritz or Negroni sbagliato, to top off with a “Amaro del capo”, a drink particular to this Bistro!

This cute Bar can offers so much, and above all, it proves that Italy has so much to offer: three great people who do their job with the same enthusiasm they would put in an hobby; with so much love and care, together with the top quality of their products.

Lorenzo is the last one start to working here: after working in Italy, he went to work in Australia and Paris and before moving to Argentina, he decided to reach the other two friends in Munich and start with them this kind of adventure. Marco lived many years in Australia a Maurizio travelled in Europe and South America carrying around his music!

The clientele is a mixture of young and older people, they deserve a visit on saturday for the aperitivo “That’s amore” with an always different DJ and live music, and they offer also a “Party service” for up to 250 people (for private events and companies).


Quattro tavoli is a place in which you can get very good and traditional Italian food, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, a really special place, unique in Munich. Somebody found here one’s soul mate, somebody had a cozy evening…

It can cause dependence…but, as Lorenzo says, more probably “relationships” 🙂

Maurizio Cinesi will also be there waiting for you, either you can comfortably sit at home and, after you carried away some delicious food from Quattro Tavoli, listen to its music www.youtube.com/user/mauriziocinesi

Particular to Quattro Tavoli (and if you have already been there, you know it!) are also the special ceramic that decorate discreetly the Bistrot, from the front to the toilets.


And now you only have to visit them and try it!

Quattro Tavoli, Dreimühlenstraße 10, 80469 Munich