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The shop is called Guarda Roba, which means both wardrobe and “watch stuff”, is created as a mirror of your personal wardrobe where you can find what you need from shoes to clothes.

The shop was created totally for fun, since both the owners, Lula and Annalisa, have already another primary business. This is why the shop is open late in the afternoon, two days during the week, and Saturdays & Sundays in the winter season. During summer they open more evenings during the week.

Guardaroba came to light from passions; Annalisa’s love for shoes and Lula’s adoration for bags. Here you can admire the finest samples but keep in mind that every single item can’t be repeated, they are unique and customized.

Lula is the owner of a belt manufacturing company, so after several years she accumulated a treasure in studs and leather left from other creations. She is a hardcore researcher of passementerie, whether vintage from the 70s, Indian or otherwise, which she uses to assemble the bags lining.

That’s why these bags are gorgeous inside and fabulous outside! This is her speciality: she can’t repeat herself twice, so your product will be the one and only made in that certain way.

We love to be unique in a way or another, don’t we?

The clothes you find in the shop come from Cesena, designed and produced from the fashion designer Valentina (brand: “Come Le Ciliegie”).

Are you craving for a customized Italian item like one of these? Come to the shop with your fabric if you have a special one, or leave it all in Lula and Annalisa’s hands. Find them at the Italian seaside in their shop or at the Matrioska event twice a year.

It is always time for shopping!