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Claudia Errante

In the Spring 2013 I asked myself: “There must be a way to wear a turban with the comfort of having them already ready to wear, whenever you want, without having to tie and build them all the time!” No sooner than I thought it, I did it!


First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell something about me in your wonderful magazine. I’m an italian fashion designer. I’m 27 years old and I am Sardinian. I live in a beautiful city, Cagliari, a place that helps me to be happy, although it’s very difficult to live here. I’m a very messy, eccentric and curious girl and I love imperfections.
In my job there are NO RULES (order, schemes and rules are not for me. I know, I’m very undisciplined!). I want to be free to live and I feel that I am really fulfilled.

In 2010 I finished my studies and graduated in Fashion Design at Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan. Later I worked so hard, experienced and learned a lot thanks to some artists who, believing in me, allowed me to assist them in their work and teaching me the “True Life of a Craftsman”. I immediately wanted to get involved, getting more consensus on my debut, which occurred in March 2012.

From that moment I never stopped creating!

But for a moment I would like to put aside the “Claudia designer” and I want to speak to you as fashion lover. Even since I was a child, I never left my house without an accessory on my head; it could be a bow, a scarf or a hat, it did no matter, it was only important that I did not have a bare head (that’s how I feel if I don’t wear an accessory!)… this is my hallmark. Because I loved turbans, I tried often to build them in my head, and in the Spring 2013 I asked myself: “There must be a way to wear a turban with the comfort of having them already ready to wear, whenever you want, without having to tie and build them all the time!” No sooner than I thought it, I did it!

I experimented and found a perfect mixed structured line of a turban with the convenience of a real hat. Now I’m in effect THE GIRL OF TURBANS!  😀

Movie stars from the past and African women are my source of inspiration, even though they are two contrasting styles. It is an accessory that reminds me of grandmothers, the dark times that they lived and the desire to feel beautiful and stilysh, even though they could not wash or take care of their hair during the Second World War.

The woman, in general, is for me a source of inspiration, such as the many and strong women who fight against a disease, who need and want to feel beautiful despite fighting constantly with a monster trying to spoil their beauty. It is a kind of gift for them, a moment of being carefree and frivolous.

I allow them to combine helpful with pleasure.

Where does it happen?! Almost never in my city, because I always looking for high quality, rare or vintage fabrics and less popular, special prints and colors. I rely very often on a company that works also online, but of course my favourite stores are the markets organized in the city. There you can find many treasures, such as fine tablecloths, perfect to created one or more turbans, very old fabrics disused belonging to old seamstresses, the kind that makes you admire its textures and patterns, and makes you want to say the classic but true sentence: “There aren’t any more beautiful fabrics like in the past!”

I work alone, drawing, designing, sewing, advertising, organizing, selling, delivering and I also take care of everything that revolves around my brand. I’m also a waitress every night in a restaurant. That’s because I’m messy, undisciplined and disorganized! To be ble to have a person who works for me is the next step. Unfortunately until now I do not have the financial ability to hold up the expense of an assistant. I hope that things will get better and above all that the brand is able to fly, to afford to live only by my passion and give work to some greatly talented guys who are unfortunatly unemployed.

Social networks have given me the opportunity to have costumers from all over the world and a lot of visibility. Many American girls find my products via hashtag that I post on Intagram. Believe me, I did not think that social networks had all this power and this big utility!

Much of the credit of my success definitly goes to “Amazing*Us”, a cultural association that organizes events in my town dedicated to art and artisanship. They supported me, by allowing me to share my products at their events, that hosts Sardinian curious, but also with many tourists, giving them the opportunity to learn our local products.

Well, thanks to these events, I have expanded my costumers and now I regularly have lots of Russian, Spanish and English girls that have discovered my items and my brand during their vacation in Cagliari. Isn’t it cool?!?

Thank you so much dear Deshabille, it was an honor and a pleasure to chat with you!

Claudia Errante Fashion Designer