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VERAROAD is an Italian brand from Tuscany characterised by an evident elegant and country-chic style. Born by Caterina Giraldi, the lady with an enviable career in the fashion industry, who worked for 18 years in Ireland, England and USA in retail before launching her own brand. Veraroad finds in nature its inspiration and it simply immerses its ladies in a soft universe enriched  by delicate nuances, lines and prints. Visit Milan’s Brera District, Corso Garibaldi 55 from February 13th, 2020 to see Veraroad’s beautiful and curated collection.


Do you appreciate diamonds but you prefer flowers? So this inspirational clothing line is made for you. Especially when being one with nature and highlighting your individuality is your priority. Connect with that earthy feel through natural colours and feminine print, some of which are born from the creativity of Kiss the Oceans, an artist inspired by his love for the Oceans.
So deeply in touch with our planet that he has started a collaboration with Worldrise Onlus, that conserves and safeguards the marine environment, part of Kiss the Ocean profits will be devolved to Mariasole Bianco’s organization.
Find more about what’s happening in LDC Pop-Up Store this February during #MilanFashionWeek!
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Veraroad is also featured on the e-commerce platform of LDC


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