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Juliette Bentivoglio Paris


It was in a natural and free environment that Bentivoglio Paris was born as a minimalist and vegetable accessory.

Rise in love with Woody, a highly sustainable handbag made from nature.  Looking for more opportunities to protect our mother Earth and  being on top of the fashion game don’t have to exclude each other. Bentivoglio is not only Juliette’s surname, the brand creator,  the name carries the concept of respect and love in one of the most romantic languages of the world. It literally means «I love you» in Italian.

Made of Piñatex, a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves coming from Philippines, wood and sugar canes, the green accessories become a precious and sustainable fashion product that impact as little as possible on our planet and also they are traceable and ethical.

Bentivoglio Studio is located in the heart of Paris where, thanks to its dynamic and young team, the accessories are created by hand and by heart, sharing the love for the design and the respect for the environment.

Bentivoglio Paris

This brand deserves our attention and there are many ways you can find Bentivoglio.

Lone Design Club pop-up store in Milan during the Fashion Week 2020 in Corso Garibaldi 55, Brera.

Lone Design Club E-shop

For more info about the designer, please, contact: 

UFF, the Finnish second hand

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.




Every time we travel we discover -for us- new parts of the world, we become more conscious and pay more attention to the environment. If you are people like me, when you are abroad you willing to find out as much as you can of the authentic way of life. At the same time I never forget one of my biggest passion, the second hand fashion!

When I traveled to Finland last summer, I was very curious to learn more about their fashion habits. I didn’t have to look for so long, UFF shops are very frequent in Helsinki, they are throughout the city and I visited many of them (there are 19 second hand shops in the largest cities in Finland).

From jackets to accessories, underwear and shoes, the choice is very wide and you can make good deals!

sustainable fashion deshabille magazine
sustainable fashion deshabille magazine


UFF it’s not only a second hand but they also have vintage clothes at your disposal! With a wide range of prices and with enough time to go through all of clothes it’s always worth it.

UFF collects used clothes in containers in Finland, re-usable and clean, shoes and home textiles. Then the collected clothes are sorted and because of the most of them are winter clothes these are mainly sold wholesale to other European countries and the profit is used to finance UFF’s development cooperation projects.

The aim of this project is to raise money for development aid projects in Africa and in India.


If you want to support UFF and every other projects and at the same time you want to be sustainable, we suggest tou to buy less and above all second hands. Enjoy your shopping!



second hand deshabille magazine
second hand deshabille magazine


To follow UFF:







London’s calling! Wanna join our Fashion Event in London?

19th October, meet us at Lumiere London - Look @ Me Event

Déshabillé Magazine has a prime focus on something no digital platform can give or replace: the human touch and encounter. From Milan to London, the event will involve young entrepreneurs, artists and performers, emerging fashion designers, fashion buyers, media houses from around the world to network in support of talent. DM is aimed at actively raising awareness and the gathering of resources to meet key current societal needs, since fashion and art around the world has been able to successfully bring together society’s elite.
DM in essence uses art as a vehicle to rally support in establishing a creative and business network for future generations so here we come with our Fashion Event in London.


Déshabille Magazine team

The team composes of female freelancers & creatives who share the same passion and values: hardworking, supportive, dreamers, travelers based across Milan, Modena, London, New York, Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.

Déshabillé Magazine believes in talent and people. We recognize the challenges of many artists and creatives in finding resources and support – hence we aim to provide a solution by bringing talent together in a support hub.


Artists in three categories – Photography, Fashion Design, Sustainability– will be showcased during the networking party. In collaboration with Lumiere London, HERE, Remida, Oro Nero Creazioni and Bensone we will empower young entrepreneurs and artists with the real chance to meet professionals and journalists in their industry, receiving a feedback during the day of their performance and win experiences that will enrich their professional life, boosting their entrepreneurial path.

Supported also by:

Cecilia Rinaldi – Jury Director

Cecilia Rinaldi Ethical designer

Cecilia is an ethical and sustainable fashion designer graduated from the Accademia Italiana Art Fashion and Design in Florence, where she also currently teaches.  She attended Richland College’s Cultural Studies program and Esmod International Fashion Academy in Berlin.

Cecilia values collaboration and looks for opportunities to volunteer with other sustainable brands around the globe as a way to increase her knowledge and help spread and support the movement of sustainable and ethical fashion. During the event she will guide the Jury in the final selection of the winning designer.

 Olivia Igwe – Our Event Presenter

Olivia Igwe art director

Olivia will be our energetic host during our first British event with her ability in connecting people and her broad vision of fashion.  Graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Paris as an Art Director then she made her way to improve her skills as a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant  with Evolu- tion Partner, in Switzerland.

She helps vibrant yet, misunderstood creative entrepreneurs create their perfect editorial photoshoot experience that will elevate their brand and create a massive visibility and instantly captivate and connect to their audience. She has worked in the fashion and beauty industry and her work has been involved with many renowned magazines, well known celebrities but also with her diverse clients.

Special thanks to all the partners that will help us to organize a fantastic and sustainable event like Venturini Baldini organic wines, Black+Blum London, Water in a Box, Ginjan Brothers and many more.

If you are interested in this fun opportunity to be connected to other professionals in your industry and find out what surprises we have in mind for the winner of the contest. Join us, we accept applications until the 30th September, places are limited.

Register HERE





ReSales Secondhand & more

Easy to guess, ReSales Secondhand is a shop in which is possible to buy used clothes. We visited and went to buy in some shops in Germany, some of them in Munich, others in Berlin, but you can find some more in other German cities.

The concept is very basic: to buy these kind of clothes and accessories is ecological and sustainable, a way to help the environment.

Usually the shops are very big, with a section for men, one for women, for children, some items for the house and some accessories. Every shop is a little bit different from the other. From shoes to ornaments it’s possible to find almost everything, depending on the store. As we already said when we talked about a similar store concept, this is a wonderful and easy way to buy pretty stuff spending a little money, not bad! 😉

As it is written on the website, “The production of clothing and shoes causes a high burden on the environment. For the production of textile fibers, the garment industry requires ever larger amounts of energy, water and oil. Already in the production of a single T-shirt about 2,700 liters of water are consumed. Pesticides and fertilizers bring nature out of balance. Cotton plantations are treated with crop protection agents up to 25 times during the growth phase. The CO2 arising during the production and finishing process of textiles is also included in the ecological negative balance.”

You can do something to help save the Earth!

In the shops you can find every size, a lot of different brands -also designer clothes– and good ideas for presents. We suggest you to stop by if you look, for example, for christmas gifts, it is always good to give something special and environmentally friendly!

 Buy second hands products

– to save money

– to respect the environment

– to change more often your whole wardrobe 😉

Stay updated and find more information here

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SQUARe027 represents Nature, Innovation and Transformation.
It’s a process that originates from a social and human need to develop a positive and necessary CHANGE.
It’s the manifestation of the desire to be closer to Mother Earth.

Let us talk about the Italian young genius and talented designer behind this brand, Marco Zanuccoli, born in San Mauro Pascoli, the Italian center of excellence in shoe manufacturing. Marco’s parents, masters in the footwear industry, passed onto their son the strong desire to make this world a better place. Thanks to their positive influence, Marco focused his attention and curiosity first toward technology and Computer Science. However, this path was not satisfying for him, it was not enough to leave a positive impact on the world. Something inside him claimed his creative and innovative potential, which is now vented in his technology creations.
The respect and the love for the environment and nature led him to give life to a Cruelty-Free footwear line.

SQUARe027 is an innovative fashion luxury brand that designs and manufactures vegan and environmentally friendly footwear, this is the reason behind the decision to use biodegradable rubber soles and cruelty-free glues. Furthermore, the manufacturing process is almost entirely realized by hand and, of course, Made in Italy.

SQUARe027 was created with the purpose of generating a new Life Style for anyone seeking ethical and sustainable fashion accessories, so it is not limited to only vegans and vegetarians.

SQUARe027 does not utilize animal components but only materials from plants and synthetics with very low environmental impact. Also recycled materials are used, giving the products a second life.

Buy your shoes, support the brand and help Mother Land via Kickstarter: CROWDFUNDING FOR SQUARe027


For the L-1 range, SQUARe027 mainly adopts a luxury microfiber, a comfortable material and soft to the touch.


The microfiber is made by combining recycled polyester fibers with raw ones making the production process completely nontoxic and solvent free. The product color spectrum ranges from plain colors like blue and black to fashion colors like pink and silver. The combination offering does not only include colors, but also different materials put together like microfiber and velvet.


Avant-garde is the concept that inspired in the creation of this shoe.


The avant-garde shape of the outer sole provides both an aesthetic function and a utility aspect related to the comfort of the foot. The polyester and microfiber combination makes these shoes even more striking. Six color combinations are available, from black to green and fluorescent yellow.


The M-1 models combine natural materials with neoprene.


Innovative materials like wood, obviously respecting the most rigorous FSC regulation, are used for these spectacular shoes that are characterized by natural colors, such as the brick red and the walnut.



The Spring-Summer 2017 product models include natural materials like jute and wood to envelop the foot in a universe of comfort. The neoprene inserts give the shoe an original twist.

 From now on, your footprint will have a completely different impact!


Have you ever heard about OXFAM?

Talking about shops where you can purchase clothes (but also books, accessories, shoes, items for your house, small jewels, CDs and more) in Munich and all over Germany, I would like to mention OXFAM International and give you some good reasons why you should consider to shop there:

First of all I want to introduce it. OXFAM is an international organisation with the main objective to fight poverty. They act in many directions and with different projects all over the world and there are many opportunities to give a contribution, one of these is, for instance, to buy in one of the many shops they have all around Germany (unfortunately in Italy there are none, but you can get more information about the project “The fashion Circle”, OXFAM&COIN,

Get a glimpse here:

To fight poverty means to fight for human rights, against discrimination, to give women more power and the chance to be an active part of the society, but it means also to help populations who live in areas of conflict in the world or in territories damaged from natural disasters. OXFAM is also putting effort into sustainability by selling fair- trade products.

Ok, as said, OXFAM is the perfect representative of our philosophy, because on one side you can buy second- hand, if you are lucky really one- of- a- kind pieces, on the other side Oxfam enable its customers to save money and to donate a contribution, avoiding in this way an additional support of the mass production clothing industry. The result is totally positive, eventually you’ ll become the owner of new items and a new supporter of the development projects in several countries around the world… a brilliant idea!

You can find three shops in Munich, one in Schwabing, close to the University (Türkenstraße 81), one in Haidhausen (Orleansplatz 4, Munich East Station) and the other one close to Sendlinger Tor (Fraunhoferstraße 6). There is also one only for books (Fürstenfelder Straße 7 /Ecke Kaufinger Straße 5). Most of the time I go in the one in Fraunhoferstraße, between Gärtnerplatzviertel and Glockenbachviertel.

I already bought many precious things by OXFAM, like beautiful leather boots for 38€ or a pretty jacket from H&M for around 10€. I also bought a couple of cups (new) for 1€ or a couple of placemats for around 3€. I don’t recommend to go there if you look for something specific, probably you won’t find what you have in your mind but it is definitely worthy visiting and being surprised. These kind of shops are perfect for flexible people!

One more thing: do you wanna know where are the clothes coming from? Good question. Spick-and-span from people who don’t need them anymore!

Don’t forget that every Thursday from 15 pm the shop window will be unmade and you have the chance to buy the stuff that were part of it (it is not allowed to reserve items).

So, enjoy the shopping and be green!

You can find also Oxfam Great Britain – Oxfam Ireland – Oxfam New Zealand – Oxfam Novib (Netherlands) – Oxfam Intermón (Spain) – Oxfam Hong Kong – Oxfam Germany – Oxfam Australia – Oxfam-in-Belgium – Oxfam Japan – Oxfam France

All Images are the property of OXFAM International and  also: