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UFF, the Finnish second hand

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.




Every time we travel we discover -for us- new parts of the world, we become more conscious and pay more attention to the environment. If you are people like me, when you are abroad you willing to find out as much as you can of the authentic way of life. At the same time I never forget one of my biggest passion, the second hand fashion!

When I traveled to Finland last summer, I was very curious to learn more about their fashion habits. I didn’t have to look for so long, UFF shops are very frequent in Helsinki, they are throughout the city and I visited many of them (there are 19 second hand shops in the largest cities in Finland).

From jackets to accessories, underwear and shoes, the choice is very wide and you can make good deals!

sustainable fashion deshabille magazine
sustainable fashion deshabille magazine


UFF it’s not only a second hand but they also have vintage clothes at your disposal! With a wide range of prices and with enough time to go through all of clothes it’s always worth it.

UFF collects used clothes in containers in Finland, re-usable and clean, shoes and home textiles. Then the collected clothes are sorted and because of the most of them are winter clothes these are mainly sold wholesale to other European countries and the profit is used to finance UFF’s development cooperation projects.

The aim of this project is to raise money for development aid projects in Africa and in India.


If you want to support UFF and every other projects and at the same time you want to be sustainable, we suggest tou to buy less and above all second hands. Enjoy your shopping!



second hand deshabille magazine
second hand deshabille magazine


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ReSales Secondhand & more

Easy to guess, ReSales Secondhand is a shop in which is possible to buy used clothes. We visited and went to buy in some shops in Germany, some of them in Munich, others in Berlin, but you can find some more in other German cities.

The concept is very basic: to buy these kind of clothes and accessories is ecological and sustainable, a way to help the environment.

Usually the shops are very big, with a section for men, one for women, for children, some items for the house and some accessories. Every shop is a little bit different from the other. From shoes to ornaments it’s possible to find almost everything, depending on the store. As we already said when we talked about a similar store concept, this is a wonderful and easy way to buy pretty stuff spending a little money, not bad! 😉

As it is written on the website, “The production of clothing and shoes causes a high burden on the environment. For the production of textile fibers, the garment industry requires ever larger amounts of energy, water and oil. Already in the production of a single T-shirt about 2,700 liters of water are consumed. Pesticides and fertilizers bring nature out of balance. Cotton plantations are treated with crop protection agents up to 25 times during the growth phase. The CO2 arising during the production and finishing process of textiles is also included in the ecological negative balance.”

You can do something to help save the Earth!

In the shops you can find every size, a lot of different brands -also designer clothes– and good ideas for presents. We suggest you to stop by if you look, for example, for christmas gifts, it is always good to give something special and environmentally friendly!

 Buy second hands products

– to save money

– to respect the environment

– to change more often your whole wardrobe 😉

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“In Japan, it is believed that every object created by human hands with both care and attention, is provided with soul.”

Papiru Lab is entirely a woman’s project started in 2012 in Cagliari, Sardinia. The creative brain is a sparkling woman who loves to travel, experience, and create.

“My name is Eliana. I was born on an island, a land of fascinating ancient beauty which at times severe and silent. I am a wife and a mother, a few months ago a small bundle has brought a wind of freshness and energy into our lives!

I love to breathe beauty around me, the beauty of the little things that can make special a day… the sea in winter, the smell of log fires, the first smile that my baby gives me every morning to say hello, the blue color of the sea, the contact with the water that creates and gives life, the sweet smell of a freshly baked cake or of the old typewriters.”

How was PAPIRU LAB born and what is special about it?

PAPIRU LAB was born as a “laboratory experiments on paper”, followed by the discovery and love at first sight of the Washi, a special handmade paper that comes from Japan. Discovered by chance, in one of the oldest stationery shops in Amsterdam, it has been a source of inspiration to kick off this project.

How do you always find new ideas and inspirations?

Behind PAPIRU LAB there are scissors, glue, rolls and rolls of paper that come from many different countries, desire and curiosity to experiment with new techniques, different combinations and a lot of colors. Inspiration and new ideas come a bit by chance… there are days when I find myself in front of a piece of paper and the idea comes by itself. It’s not possible to not get inspired from what a piece of paper wants to tell me, from any kind whatsoever, any kind of trip it has faced to get to me. 

What is your philosophy? Where does this passion come from?

I like to think that my laboratory is an opportunity to meet and exchange, a meeting place for curious people who want to peek through ideas of paper and tell others about themselves in front of a cup of tea!

What is the relationship between your creations and nature ?

My project aims to give a new life to the paper and sensitize the younger generation to recycling and respecting the environment. In my creations I melt the recycled paper in my land, Sardinia, with other types of decorative papers that bring with themselves a wealth of rich stories, of master papermakers, and tell about different places and cultures.

What do people think about this peculiar passion?

Each creation is unique as the project that has accompanied it. I enjoy meeting people who say they have never seen such a beautiful paper. Many of us think, mistakenly, that all paper produced in Asia is made of rice. The Washi is actually produced with the fiber of various plants and shrubs, but not with the rice!

What message do you want share through the beauty and elegance of your creations?

To find the time to devote ourselves to what makes us feel good, it makes our lives more beautiful and interesting. To find refuge in colors and things we love to do lightens up everything, and it is good to be thrown into new ideas by using imagination, it is awesome to see the world in a different way!

I believe that in this time of economic and occupational difficulty, to invest in ourselves by rediscovering handmade materials is a real opportunity to make a change in our lives.

I want to leave you with a mindset saying that “In Japan, it is believed that every object created by human hands with both care and attention, is provided with soul.”

Eliana M.


Watch the beautiful photos of Eliana here: ICONOSQUARE and WEBSTA