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“I love New York, even though it isn’t mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it.”
  Truman Capote



New York it’s magic. Everytime I visited the city I thought about the song “Empire State of Mind”, I love it! There is so much to say about this place, and probably nothing you don’t know already, everyone speaks about it and a lot of people have been here already. To be here it’s like to play in a movie, you can visit and experience something you already heard about it or seen it somewhere.


And everytime is a new adventure, new buildings to admire, new corners of the city to discover. I think that the best idea is to walk as much as possible, to get lost in Manhattan (but I also did it in Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens) or to rent a byke and ride uptown and downtown, it’s confortable and enough safe and you get a completely different view of New York!

Do you have 5 days time? Go and visit New York! Do you have two weeks free? Even better! You will be not disappointed. It is the kind of city for everyone and for everything you are looking for. It’s a city that will welcome you, surprise you and make you feel home!


Every season is the best one to spend holydays in NY: Christmastime, to have fun in the snow, the Christmas illuminations throughout the city and the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree… In Summer, burning up and looking for some rest in the green, enjoying long walks -also in the evening- in the Central Park, with the silence of the night lit by fireflies… Magic!


It’s also very interesting to browse the shop windows to find out about upcoming trends and taste different food as all the world’s ethnic cuisines are available in NY: You can eat almost anything, from anywhere! I would strongly suggest eating Japanese, the quality is generally very high. But don’t miss Shake Shack, the so-called “fast casual restaurant” with a special menu also for your dog 🙂

If you need some suggestions write us, we will be very glad to help you to give you some ideas!…


Some places to eat: Ginjan Cafe, Ippudo Westside, Magnolia Bakery

Some places to see: Visit the Guggenheim Museum (Saturday you pay what you wish), MoMa (Friday is free), Metropolitan Museum, the Roosevelt Island, the High Line…

Something to do: Listen to live jazz music, rent a bike and have a ride in the city, visit Central Park in the evening to see fireflies!