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Melika Najafizadeh

Name, date of birth and professional background?


Melika Najafizadeh, 25/09/1995


How does it feel to be the first lady in Middle-East to create an Italian Menswear brand?

Melika Najafizadeh Fashion DesignerI’d like to be an inspiration as an entrepreneur for women who are struggling and bound to be appointed at the helm of the fashion industry especially to work in the men industry since it’s what we are missing in the fashion world. I’m strong willed to embrace the power of being a woman and to create my own independent men’s label. I believe that no one more than a woman can give the touch of elegance to the men outfits.


What obstacles have you faced in order to be who you are today?


Melika Najafizadeh Fashion Brand MilanIran is among top ten countries with the richest tradition and cultural heritage which I’m really proud of, but sometimes strong traditions don’t allow flexibility. This fact taught all of our Iranian women including me how to improve their level of tolerance and reframe their thoughts to create the desirable solution. I know that being a young entrepreneur in the fashion industry is not easy at all and hardship will be my constant companion but I believe all dreams can be achieved if you are brave enough to pursue them.

What was the turning point for you… when was the moment you realized you wanted to do more and transformed your life?


I turned my life into a journey full of uncertainty when I was just 18 years old which made me grow up in an unexpected way. Studying in diverse international universities and being in touch with different cultures taught me how to deal with things from different perspectives.


What do you love about your country, Iran? How much of your culture is in your designs?


GOLD is the soul and heart of Lakilem. It is the common symbolic element of my name meanings (Queen, fairy and queen bee) which is strongly associated with Iranian (middle eastern) culture in both material and immaterial way. In my culture, gold not only defines prestige, royalty and power but it is also strongly linked with confidence, happiness, success and compassion.


How do you see yourself in the next 3 years?


Expand the brand on an international level. Launching L’AKILEM charity to bring gold moments into people lives.

Melika Najafizadeh Fashion Brand


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