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When you travel a lot sometimes it’s difficult to find good places to eat where you’re not only satisfied but can actually feel spoiled and happy like a child. If you happen to be in Munich, don’t lose the chance to visit Mimmo!

Below are the comments of people who have already eaten at Mimmo’s restaurant, just to give you an idea of what he is capable of…

“I went there a couple of times and I had two great experiences. Finally, I found a nice pizza in Munich, the service is great and very friendly (and not expensive at all). I will go back for sure”

“In addition to a perfect pizza you can find very nice people working there: what makes Mimmo special is the hospitality and friendliness. Very highly recommended for anyone who would like to be thrown in an Italian environment and have a good meal. It could be useful to have a reservation for the weekend.”

“Be prepared to be transported to Italy the minute you step through the door of Mimmo E Co. The staff is Italian, a lot of the diners are Italian, the ambience is Italian – in fact it feels like you are eating in a family kitchen in Sorrento, not a restaurant in Munich. The food is simple Italian fare at its best with generous portions and good seasoning. The standard menu features all the usual classics with daily specials adding a bit more variety. My friend had a delicious linguine with swordfish, cherry tomatoes and olives – and I had dish envy all night! Prices are excellent value and the green salad was a proper salad not just a few limp lettuce leaves. We were too full to try the desserts but they looked scrummy. Make sure you leave room!”

“The pizza combined with the super friendly service makes it to an amazing place!”

“Tried this place for the first time after seeing all the excellent reviews in TripAdvisor- I actually live just around the corner from this place… Great place! Food is lovely; Augustiner beer is the best choice, friendly and great service!! I visited twice in a space of one week and each time I enjoyed my dinner very much! As it is already mentioned, Pizza crust is not as thin as I expected- it’s fluffy, and very filling but you can tell its made of good ingredients. Highly recommended”

“I found out this restaurant on TripAdvisor, and it was like being back to Italy for a dinner. I’m Italian, I’ve eaten thousands of pizzas in my life but I really loved Mimmo’s creations! I’ve tried Bresaola, Quattro stagioni and Rustica so far: all wonderful. Also tiramisù is good. The place is cozy, the staff very kind and Mimmo is supernice!
I totally recommend this restaurant, especially to those who want to taste pizza for the first time.”

“We got in early and it was a good thing, because Mimmo filled up right away. Great little neighborhood pizza place. It seemed like everyone knew everyone, except us, being travellers from Canada and being tipped off by TripAdvisor reviews. The aroma coming from the kitchen was outstanding. The staff was warm and attentive. We enjoyed some good wine, a couple excellent salads and a couple pizzas each. We left very happy. Pleased as well that we had a 1.5km walk back to our hotel, which we definitely needed.”

“… a perfect dough, the best quality Italian ingredients, baked in a wood fired oven… totally scrumptious. It is an absolute treat to have Mimmo’s pizzas, whichever one is chosen (one of my favorites is with prosciutto, parmesan and rocket/ rucola).

It is also a delight watching Mimmo making a pizza base, throwing the dough into the air and catching it while singing a familiar Italian tune.

Mimmo E Co(rina), the couple that runs the place with love and dedication, real Italian flair and friendliness, make you feel welcome and at home. “

“Habe den Laden gerade vor kurz entdeckt und bin mega begeistert!! Die Pizza ist der Hammer, Mimmo und Corina sind sehr sehr freundlich, einfach super sympathisch! Und auch die anderen Gäste waren sehr entspannt. Alles super! Das ist die beste italienische Pizza die ich in Bayern gegessen habe. Man merkt das hier ist alles schön kross, frisch und gut. Ich komm schnell wieder!
Fazit: Pizza, wie sie sein sollte! Dessert: Super!!”

“Всегда приятно отведать отличной пиццы. Нам показали это место местные друзья.
Очень понравилось пальчики оближешь! Немного прогулявшись от вокзала попадаешь в приятное (не пафосное) заведение.
Притом вкусно все и пицца и паста и десерты! По себе знаю что сложно угодить компании
(6 человек) и что бы все были в восторге.
Попробуйте будет вкусно “

“Accoglienza, professionalità, bontà, gentilezza, si mangia da Dio. Io l’ho trovato per caso, non pensavo di trovare un ristorante di quel livello.”

“Locale accogliente, moderno, con forno per le pizze a vista, insomma un ristorante Italiano “contemporaneo” e non il solito “pasta&pizza” un po’ datato che sovente si trova all’estero. Personale molto gentile ed attento (parlano tutti italiano), menù con buona offerta, tutto buono! Ha la fama di essere il locale che serve la migliore pizza di Monaco e ci credo! Lasciate un posticino anche per il dolce perchè non è da meno. Prezzi adeguati ed assolutamente contenuti. Appena fuori dal centro, ma facilmente raggiungibile (meglio in taxi), non dimenticatevi di prenotare perchè rischiate di non trovare posto! Se siete a Monaco ed avete nostalgia della cucina di casa… questo è il posto giusto! Da provare.”

“Servizio eccellente, locale molto accogliente, Mimmo e Co simpaticissimi!
Quindi diffidate delle imitazioni…e prenotate sempre e solo da Mimmo e Co! “

So, our experience was totally the same, you step inside and Mimmo smiles from the kitchen as you open the door and yells warmly at you in Italian: “Welcome, have a seat, what pizza would you like?”

And while you are appreciating the mozzarella melting deliciously in your mouth, or while you are losing yourself in a marvelous and almost erotic Spaghetti alla Carbonara, he will ask you if everything is all right with the dinner.

…OH, DAMN… YES, definitely so much that you would hug him!

Thanks Mimmo (and your staff) for this special and bighearted treatment, clients can always recognize when you do your job with real passion and love.

Keep it up the good work!

Pizzeria Mimmo e Co., Kapuzinerstr. 6,  80337 München

Telefon: 089 – 76 70 15 45

Matteo Vanzolini

 “A one-of-a -kind talent in fashion design inflamed by the fires of creativity.”


Matteo Vanzolini, born and trained in Rimini in 1983.

A one-of-a -kind talent in fashion design inflamed by the fires of creativity, Matteo gives birth over and over again to shoes, bags and skirts created with an unique and precious Italian touch and a keen aesthetic sense for women.

An Artistic High School diploma followed by the graduation at C.E.R.C.A.L. – Centro Ricerca e Scuola Internazionale Calzaturiera – in one of the most relevant shoe industrial districts left him with experience in practice and technical supervision, and a strong passion for stylistic learning. The importance of meeting with the designer Diego Dolcini, as personal assistant for the main line was undeniable. This experience was essential for a more overall technical and stylistic training; with the style office he worked on the capsule collections for the brand Scholl, Scholl Fashion and Scholl Luxury. After years of collaboration, in 2011 Matteo decided to create his own brand “diMètiu”, starting a new personal path always and exclusively oriented to women shoes.

“The idea to have my personal creative space was born in 2012, I felt the necessity to express myself and find a meeting point for all the ladies who desired diMetiu creations, and study with them custom-tailored items on demand. With the creative support of Gotti & Mascia studio, Studio of interior design and Corporate Identity, in only 4 months, on April  13th, 2013 I inaugurated Atelier diMetiu, in downtown Rimini.”

“The venue is what I always dreamt about; warm and cozy, intimate, a refined parlor inspired to the 50s, where the client could feel comfortable to sit and sip a cup of tea, free to wear the shoes and make a final decision in hush. My biggest ambition would be to place my creations to other dealers outside my city, I am already moving in this direction, I am taking into consideration the opening of a second shop where I can place all the unsold stocks.”

In his city, he is called “the boy who makes pretty shoes” because his classic and refined imprint meets the need of the young lady and the one of the mid age woman that desires a shoe of excellent quality that no one else possesses. The segment of the market Matteo has chosen is a medium-high target, his footwear are artisan productions, created from wise handicraftsman in a limited edition, unique pieces with special fabrics and refinements.

“My specialty, besides the utilization of classic leather such as nappa leather, suede, and python leader, I use High fashion precious fabrics. My research goes among local vintage markets and warehouses where I get lost with my curiosity to find the most particular and intriguing fabric. I love using Tartan in every color, and in the winter collection 2014- 2015 I have used six different types.”

Matteo told us that once a client entered his shop and told him these words: “I wanted to thank you on behalf of all the women because you make us dream with these shoes and your marvelous shop windows”, that comment really moved me and this is a joy for me. Beside the difficult crisis we are living through in Italy, I am strongly motivated, I won’t give up.

“My passion for footwear was born several years ago, my mum and my grandmother used to take me with them touring different factory outlets in San Mauro Pascoli, and I guess that is when my passion started, seeing those incredible shoes worn by my mother. My professional career started after Artistic High school, in the private school C.E.R.C.A.L. for the moment I am totally concentrated in the women universe, but it happened that some men asked me if I would produce a men’s collection.

In my atelier you can find not only shoes but a complete line of high fashion skirts with a cut from the 50s, made with the same fabrics as the shoes to combine them and integrate also clutch bags strictly handmade in a mix of colors.”

Via Serpieri 17, Rimini (Italy)