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ganor dominic SHOES

Anna and Katherine, Creative Director and Brand Director, are the creative minds behind this British footwear brand founded in 2015.

It definitely breaks the game with an unrivaled touch and a sophisticated design aesthetic. It’s impossible to ignore their signature style, the 3D printed face under the sole of their pumps.

The face could be also embossed, laser-cut or printed but it plays a   central role in defining  the identity of the brand where art and fashion merge perfectly.

While the products are crafted in Italy by Italian artisans, the name is inspired by their father, Mr. Dominic.

The shoes are designed for women with a special attention to details, creative and modern, extravagant and unconventional. Some  women are always looking for new ways to express their flamboyant personality and this emerging and promising brand will find the approval of so many ladies.

Inspired by Greek Gods and Muses? Choose Ganor Dominic today.

To shop Ganor Dominic in Milan during the Fashion Week 2020,

visit the Lone Design Club store in Corso Garibaldi 55, Brera, Milano.

Ethical brand and wearable art.

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