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In the lush heart of Singapore, a little masterpiece of European and Asian fusion cuisine began in June 2015.



La Ventana is not only a restaurant, but a destination. The end point between two countries in a meal, surrounded by a lush garden in a timeless colonial building.

At the helm of this wonderful balance of flavours is Chef Tony Valero. After his training and fame obtained in Costa Brava, driven by his thirst for knowledge, Valero heads to El Viajante in London and subsequently to the Moo, Omm Hotel in Barcelona.


Chef Toni Valero_1


Inspired by the Globetrotters met during his path, a new ambition of bringing his passion into the World and the World into his passions settles in his mind. After Europe, a call to the East was inevitable. The road heads up with the executive head chef role at the search and interpretation of a modern reconstruction of Spanish cuisine, with fresh and local ingredients, in a latino-oriental mix which turns out magical. Now, after the successful experience in Malaysia at The Internmark and the Coquo, in Kuala Lumpur, the arrival at La Ventana, where Tony’s mission continues with Spanish and Asian’s influences in a caliente equilibrium zen.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Charcoal-grilled Secreto Iberico, Fermented Pineapple Jus, Grilled Pineapple Salmon, Mustard, Ginger

Beauty and flavor in dishes and location, where the search for perfection emerges.

So, if your path brings you to Singapore, stop and rediscover, with a delightful delicacy, the world on a plate.

La Ventana was recently rebranded Tapas 26 with a new look and new website Address: 26a Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247695 – Phone: +65 6479 0100



Rave Republic

Beijing. Nanchang. Changsha. Shangai. Guangzhou. Foshan. Xiaoshan. Zhenzhou… and more.

Oh, yes… so much more!

RAVE REPUBLIC is now touring China with 12 different shows covering 11 different cities, a tour that last one month.

“China is  huge; we have been to Shangai and Beijing, both amazingly futuristic and very cosmopolitan. Nanchang, instead, presented itself as a developing city but a wonderful place to play. We are also heading to small cities. All everything is very diverse and exciting in this country!”

What do you like about the Chinese audience?

It has been different from the English speaking Asian countries for instance Singapore, where English is the first language. We had to adapt to the unique situation we encountered in China. If you think about it, the rest of the world listens to the same music; Latin inspired or English music, but here there is no way you can really have access to those songs from Europe or the US because services like Spotify don’t work. If we drop an Ed Sheeran’s track somewhere else we definitely provoke a huge reaction with people screaming, but if we do it here in China the people would be a bit confused, so we needed to change our style.

Why did you decide to leave your countries?

Matt: My father was transferred when I was 16 so I followed my family to Singapore, I finished my high school and university education and from there I transitioned into DJing. I also obtained an MBA but instead of following the business, I followed my passion.

Stas: Born in Russia and grew up in Australia. I moved to Singapore 9 years ago, I was a brand manager for Procter&Gamble, working full time, almost 10 hours per day. I started DJing on the side but eventually it became quite big. So, I decided that since I was still young, it was necessary to give it a go and see what happened… and it was amazing.

Could you have the same fame in your country?

No way! One of our biggest appeal in China right now is that we are two western guys, we stand out here! In Europe we would be just normal. It’s like developing any brand in the market; you have to be different from the norm and stand out. In a market like China this is even more obvious, they look for something really different, of course talent is required.

Three words to define your life.

Flexibility: Something I did not have before as I am coming from a corporate world where I had to work 80 hours a week.  Now, I can freely manage my time, we are DJing 2 or 3 times a week, and finally we can pursue our hobbies.

Airplanes: We spend a lot of time on airplanes, every 3 days we are on a flight!

Self Motivated: It’s a key in this job. It’s very easy to get lazy and sit back, to hope that all things will come to you but it does’t work that way. We don’t have anyone telling us what to do and when, being self-motivated is fundamental. We keep growing our brand by networking and marketing, researching and creating new music, hustling basically.

Be self motivated otherwise you fail!

How did you meet? How did you know that  you were right for each other?

It was just one night. I had a pretty bad breakup with my ex-girlfriend and it was Wednesday, a day I usually don’t party on. Matt was Djing at this club which I also often Dj at but I wanted to have some fun and being noticed a bit.

“Yo Matt, let’s play back to back!”

Rave Republic Dj

That night we decided to play together. As Djs it’s difficult to find someone compatible, we started with a 10-minutes jam session and we ended up playing all night together. We developed it and eventually we came up with the concept of Rave Republic!

Déshabillé Magazine girls, are definitely waiting for Stas and Matt to party  in Europe. It was a great chat with these two rising and amazing DJ’s!


DJ Duo Rave Republic: Mathias Schell and Stas Madorski, Singaporean at heart!

Since they formed in 2014, the duo have had club residencies in Singapore and have performed across the region, including Japan, China, Australia, Hong Kong and Philippines, they shared the spotlights with some of the most talented and popular DJs as  Skrillex, Alesso, LMFAO, Far East Movement. 

Can you feel the energy?

Carcosa Seri Negara

Luxury dominates Kuala Lumpur, and once you step inside the sophisticated  Carcosi Seri Negara, rich in history and heritage, you don’t want to leave.


The Hotel is located in the Lake gardens area and it is composed of 2 mansions, one called Carcosa and the other is called Seri Negara.

The mansion has been an old residence for a succession of High Commissioners, British officers during the 18th Century. Later on, when it was passed into the hands of the Malaysian government, it became a hotel in 1989 united to Seri Negara. Neo-Gothic and Tudor Revival define the style of this wonderful mansion, white is the dominant colour, which paired with the garden around the mansion creates a charming and delightful atmosphere, this combination makes the venue perfect for organizing classy and exclusive events.

By the Carcosa Seri Negara Hotel, we had the honour to attend the Glenfiddich promotion event; the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky event.


The Glenfiddich team offered the guests a special behind-the-scenes look into what goes on at one of the world’s most reputable single malt distilleries.

Malaysia became an important market for the whisky brand given Malaysians growing appreciation for craftsmanship and high quality.

The Valley of the Deer Experience is a multiple award-winning Glenfiddich experience. It’s a modern interactive exhibition of the best age-old processes, representing the skills of the craftsmen.

Enhanced with digital elements; touch screen technology and life sized replica of the distillery elements gave us the opportunity to understand one of the finest whisky’s is produced in a funny and playful way, with the bar offering different types of whisky tastings paired with delicious appetizers, and gifts for each guest.


 Thumbs up both for the brilliant location and the classy event!

Ruyi & Lyn

Ruyi & Lyn is the new modern and trendy spot in Kuala Lumpur, located on the 4th Floor of the BSC ( Bangsar Shopping Center)

Visitors were surprised when they popped into the restaurant for the first time or by chance, totally astonished from the noble furniture that adorns the lounge area, which also credits its beauty to the shiny showcase collection of regal Moet and Dom Perignon. A refined cigar room decorated as a “Parlour” from another era brings its guests in a timeless space where great minds can meet, discuss and create projects. Get lost and relax, sipping one of the best quality whisky and smoke the finest cigars the home has to offer. Business can definitely meet pleasure in the busy private rooms, where guests, managers and entrepreneurs, can rent a space for a business lunch or dinner, and also enjoy their private time with their beloved family and friends. The nice furniture comes from the collaboration with Linds Furniture.


In the second area of Ruyi and Lyn, you can access only with a great entry. All the guests are invited to feel like a VIP as they walk down the majestic red “Valentino” catwalk in their most catchy and elegant outfits absorbed by the enchanting atmosphere created by the suffused lights, giant screen, and the diamond DJ console in the room.



The menu? A bomb. A new concept, a fusion of Asian traditional flavors and best quality ingredients with a contemporary look, a mix able to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Modernity meets Tradition; both coexist like Ying and Yang, two halves that come together as a whole, two halves chasing after each other as they seek a new balance.



Each dish is a small work of art ready to be hashtagged, shared, and liked by your followers. What can’t be shared is the privilege to be twisted by the intense, orgasmic, apocalyptic taste of each single specialty designed by the multi awarded Chef James Ho.

Cool events celebrated at Ruyi and Lyn?

Guardian People’s Choice Awards, Marie Claire’s 21st Anniversary, Duchess & Co amazing Fashion Show and several private events and parties!

 More and more is coming…

Visit Malaysia, visit Kuala Lumpur, reserve your seat in this luxurious spot and have a great time!

Ruyi and Lyn

Bangsar Shopping Complex

59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ;

+60 3-2083 0288