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Once upon a time, there were designers.



Young, beautiful and hopeful.
Dress well, not following the trend, but, it’s only smoke in the eyes of people unaware of fashion.

God blesses them!

When I believed I was a designer, I was too old to be enchanted by the false promises of designers more famous than me.
Because, first, “my mother wanted” me to learn at the University of Humanistic Studies. And then, in spite of them, “the designer, the real ones”, when I finished IED, the European Institute of Design -IED-, nobody was interested in a 29-year-old girl trained with a beautiful cultural background and no one, not even, the “Milano da bere” would have overwhelmed her, in fact, now I am here, moved only by the passion that I have never lost.

Passion is the only thing, because, We, designers, losers and little nerds (it’s not like the Devil wears Prada life, but hours and hours on Photoshop to give us back pain) we believe in what we do. Really.
Tough, we meet despicable people, cold office, old computers, and someone who claims to be a designer and wants to teach us a job, We want to learn it. Please teach me!


I stay here fourteen hours a day to show you how I am good with Illustrator,and “You” don’t care of it, because your budget has been reduced, and you prefer to sell your soul at Milan parties, rather than investing in wonderful, and I repeat, hopeful, fashion students.
Look Out! They, those who come out of that constellation of fashion schools, are really good! they believe in it, they stop eating and waxing, to go all out and in the end, arrive you… not photocopies and coffee, but only running an errand by feet under the rain, and if the next day, designers come into the office at 9,15 am with bronchitis, pneumonia, oh my Godness, I’m dying, What a palaver for you!
I spend 4 hours drawing ribbons on a sweater, because I learned drawing, doing a good job, and not being approximate. and you tell me that I waste time, it’s not necessary put ribbons on drawings, workers know doing it!

…Indeed, nobody says that you are able to go to Mars and came back with graphic programs.

It’s worthless, they told us. Never mind. Once in a while we will buy that coat Prada. Suck it up! Because the internship is not always paid. It doesn’t mean reimbursement, lunch, metro-season ticket, we know the live in Milan is cheap… especially if our parents sell a kidney to realize their children’s dream! But it’s okay, we go along with the requests of an experienced designer, who wakes up one morning and decides that the twenty-year-old phenomenon is no longer needed, so, bye bye, if you need six months of internship to graduate from the master’s course, it doesn’t matter. Stay at home “Young and useless free resource”.

We’ll wait for a new internship, another one, over and over again. We get stronger, we start from scratch, we will learn a little more next time, but on the human soul and the wonderful life of emerging designers… maybe.
And… I mean, I don’t like to put labels on it, but, for you, Alessandro Enriquez, some other time.

A name it’s not enough, and little luck, to be a designer, and, that’s what matters, a great man.

Written by Benedetta S.


Hystrio is the longest running theater and performance quarterly Magazine in the Italian theatrical scene, but it has changed over time while maintaining a timeless concept.



HYSTRIO (1 of 27)What is the key to the success of the magazine?  

Claudia (director) – Hystrio dates back to 1988, making it the longest-running paper magazine on theater. Last year we celebrated 30 years and we are proud of the excellent results. We can divide the life of the magazine into two historical phases; the first starts from the foundation to the end of 1997, when its creator Ugo Ronfani was still director under the protective shield of the Ricordi publisher house for a long period of time. During that time graphics and contents were different from todays, both in format and cover. In 1998, Ricordi was sold to a multinational company that imposed cuts on certain branches of the company, including the prose sector, which included Hystrio and a series of contemporary drama plays. Ronfani, a theatrical critic of the magazine Il Giorno, tells us that she wants to cede the helm of this adventure, putting us at a crossroads  between keeping the magazine alive or ending it. We decided to continue, founding a cultural association named after the magazine. We do not receive compensation for our work because the quarterly allows us to take on other jobs to support ourselves.

The adventure was tiring but we didn’t give up. The first issue of January 1998 was the first one I signed as director at the specific request of Ronfani. I was 32 years old. We made the graphics clean, with movement compared to the previous one, full of past contents. We maintained the original structure by publishing contemporary drama texts, correspondences from abroad, reviews, and a library section but we also enriched the magazine with new insights ranging from puppet theater to a theater of diversity, and the “theatrical company” news.

After a few years we still felt the need to review the magazine’s appearance from a graphic point of view. We were inspired by Theater heute (the most prominent German theater magazine), which had very clean and essential simple layout. We then expanded our work group, growing to about 50 people from Italy and other countries, and this was one of the key aspects of our success. Even without notable economic resources, dividing the work among ourselves is sustainable for everyone and prevents fatigue. This way we can have a hundreds of reviews and multiple correspondences from abroad with those who discover and appreciate us.

Every 3 months, we agree on various topics with their support.

The key to success in general is to be inclusive, in a positive sense. We write about everyone and everything, we don’t just follow a certain type of theater, we try to have a divergent look that manages to embrace tradition but also innovation and research, dance, opera and many other possible topics, without any hesitation.

HYSTRIO (13 of 27)Who are the women of Hystrio, what are their paths and their passions?

The women of Hystrio are Claudia, the director, Alessia -graphics-, I, Ilaria -in the editorial office-, Valeria -organizer and administrative part-, Arianna -communications-.

Ilaria Angeloni, joined Hystrio in 2012 and always had a passion for theater. Observing how poetic theatricals are born, how they are created and also studying the organizational part, is a passion that was born many years ago. It became my reason to study this field and later turned into my profession after graduation. Before coming to Hystrio, I was an editor in other places. Here I manage the editorial staff, ensuring that all content respects the style and aesthetic characteristics of the magazine.

As a cultural association we deal with multiple activities including the Hystrio Award and organizing courses and seminars, as our goal is to spread theatrical culture. This world stimulates me and enriches me every day and this excites me to further my work.

HYSTRIO (25 of 27)

Valeria Brizzi – I approached Hystrio through a Facebook advertisement, and I have been working here since 2015. Through this opportunity I was selected for the Organizational Secretary position where I take care of the practical aspects of editing, cash flow, accountants, and finding resources for activities – a task that is particularly difficult in Italy at the moment.

Although this is a part time job, I choose to dedicate myself to cultural work. This is a constant challenge that has stimulated me, made me grow, and allowed me to be a part of Hystrio’s service. This position has helped me in my other jobs as well.

Arianna Lomolino – I approached Hystrio through a Facebook advertisement and I began working in 2016. I started as an intern for Milano in scena by Hystrio, which publishes reviews and theatrical news online. I later started to work on the website and managed all external communications such as social media.

I am learning so much and this work enriches me enormously. Theater is one of the most fair spaces in which we can move, I like to think that the written word and acting have an important function in society.

Alessia Stefanini – I have taken care of Hystrio’s graphic designs since 2007. I am a lover of the theater sector and I am also an actress at the School of Possible Theaters. I deal with packaging the final product. I started out as a graphic designer, and I love working here because theater is my primary interest. This is my only graphic design position that allows me to unite my profession and life passion, I couldn’t ask for more.

On the Italian scene, what is the role of Hystrio in the theater sector? Where is it located?

Claudia – I think this question should be asked to our readers. From my point of view, Hystrio is not only the longest running magazine, but also one of the most authoritative references for enthusiasts or theater-goers. Having a review on Hystrio, getting a book or an in-depth review, or receiving the Award is very much coveted. We have continuous requests on various fronts, from the publication of dramaturgical texts, to the presence at festivals, shows and conferences. From here, new stimulating jobs and study opportunities are born.

Hystrio has remained independent, we are a bit elusive thanks to this feature, but above all we keep a curious and open mentality to all without creating divisions. The theater is a small world which we try to inform critically.

HYSTRIO (17 of 27)How did this network that includes more than 50 collaborators develop?

It has grown through listening, availability and curiosity in the new proposals approach.

When we build a new issue, we first ask the question: Which shows would you like to review? What dossiers would you like to follow?

I wait for the answers from the collaborators and I try to divide the task based on the answers. When new elements that are proposed, we listen and try to decide whether to establish collaborations or not. This method has been the key to expanding our working group. The talent of each member is identified and valued, and the time, energy and predisposition that each person has is matched.

All the editors meet annually in February to choose the winner of the Hystrio Award. About forty are permanent collaborators in addition to ten experts who collaborate on the basis of the theme.


What lies behind the Hystrio Award festival? How is the event planned and developed?

The Hystrio award is an important activity of Hystrio, it is a long-lived theatrical Award, which will celebrate 30 years next year.

It is an event where employees of Hystrio choose, category by category, the artists who have distinguished themselves or deserve recognition for the quality of their work within the year.

The categories are: Direction, Interpretation, Dramaturgy, Writing. We also have 3 special categories: Other Muses for fun-categorized theatrical professionals in a particular sector but who are the most eclectic artists. An Award is dedicated to a young emerging company, the Iceberg Award, aimed at enhancing young talents. Finally we have a special prize called Body to Body aimed at body language for a very broad sense of dance.

The other part of the Award focuses on young actors, writers and companies following talent scouting.

Every year a call for contenders goes out in January for dramatic actors under 30 and writers under 35.

This year 224 actors and 106 playwrights have signed up. This implies a significant amount of work as all these young people will be undergo a thorough audition that Claudia Canella and I will hold. From this stage we will select 40 participants.

The 106 anonymous plays that arrive in the newsroom are read by a commission composed of 12 collaborators. After reading through them, we will select a dozen, and the winner will be announced on the last day of the event, June 10th.

The Hystrio Award will take place on June 8/9/10 at the Elfo Puccini theater, corso Buenos Aires 33, in Milan


HYSTRIO (17 of 27)Valeria – The pre-selected 40 finalist actors will attend the 3-day event, and they will be discussed and heard by a jury of professionals, theater directors, and important artistic groups. Auditions will take place in the morning and afternoon of June 8th and 9th, ending with an evening show.

Instead, the winning play will be presented by a Director and cast of professionals as the first show. On the following evening we will have a show from the previous year’s winning company. Finally on June 10th the 2 young finalists will emerge with a third youngster: who will get the Hystrio Award will get access to scholarships.

To achieve all this, an organizational and communicative machine is needed which starts months before, times is fundamental so we also employ a team of 4 interns.

The event brings together not only the public, experts, and winners, but also many young people and theater lovers, so the atmosphere during the awards ceremony is open and festive.

The theater has the aim to create a link between what happens on stage and the audience, without this aspect there is no reason to call it theater or even exist.

Our ambition is to continue in this direction, open and projected towards the world.


Imo, Francesca&Donatella

Mariù Kebab

Riccardo Cortese comes from Maddaloni, Campania, in the South of Italy, the Land of Pizza. He studied Public Relations in Milan and he is amused by the act of giving life to projects like start-ups in different fields, especially food service. Currently he is CONFAPI youth President (an association of small and medium sized businesses) in his territory. He is also a national web marketing CONFAPI representative. His associate partner is Federico Pinna, a Sardinian young man who studied Economy and Marketing. Likewise his specialization lies in the field of start-ups, more specifically regarding Marketing and Communication projects, and he is also founder and partner of “Milano Food Week”, the Milan Week dedicated to food and wine.

How did you get the idea to open this kind of restaurant and why have you decided to do it?

The passion for good cooking and food service have always fascinated us and we always mixed them in/with our projects. Foodation is a multi-brand holding that includes all the different formats of our firm: Mariù – culinary kebabberia, Macinata – Sarti di burger, Burbee – Artisanal Burger & Beers and the last born, Briscola – Pizza Society.

All the premises belong to the typology of fast or casual dining.

Mariù is the result of an attempt and desire to bring closer a broader female public to the Kebab – World, also due to the introduction of a menu – that allows to create a customise kebab with many different and genuine ingredients that come from the best of the Italian tradition (for example, the Puccia Salentina – a typical regional bread, Burrata cheese, Pecorino cheese, crema di tartufo – truffle cream).

Macinata is the “Hamburgeria – Burger House” where “customization” finds its best application: the bread, the type of meat, the size and the way to cook the latter, and every single additional ingredient are choosen by the customer, whom imagination can run free while inventing his own high quality personalized burger .

Burbee is the only format created for franchising projects and agreements. An “hamburgeria” that reflects a street mood: it offers burgers and handcrafted beers thanks to a series of recipes strongly inspired by the original hamburger and its native land: USA.

Briscola is a pizzeria enhanced by the best Neapolitan tradition, where the main ingredients are (San Marzano DOP tomatoes and Campanian Fiordilatte) associated with a winning spirit, a location with a captivating contemporary  design and where the healthiness of the product is exalted. To offer a flawless product is essential; this goal is attainable by using wholewheat dough for pizza and a special care while cooking it in a daily kept clean oven.

What is the main idea of it and what goals you would like to reach?

Foodation is born to meet the new demands of the Italian and international public. Further to our travels abroad we realized that – at least in the big cities – the clients want to eat more quickly compared to the past. Foodation aims to create and manage this type of format at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of your product and a pleasant environment.
The goal is to be able to spread our quality format through the Italian territory and abroad.

How long it took to organize all? Did anyone help you?

The first format was developed in 2012: Trita. This model, innovative and highly successful, was followed in 2013 by Burbee – artisanal burger&beer. In 2014, the Food Lovers Invest (throttle start up WithFounders) and some business angels invested in Foodation with the aim of contributing to the growth with new openings, also in Milan: thus the first points of sale format Mariù (September 2014), Minced (October 2014) and Trump (February 2015 ).

Why do you think that it is so important- successful the integration of cultures and this reinterpretation of the food?

Food is no longer just the answer to a basic need but it’s also a cultural factor able to leverage on the memories and desires. Going out for dinner, or lunch break, can be a kind of trip, it is certainly an experience, a daily discovery and re- discovery parenthesis.

We are observing, in the last years, a strong emerging trend for the Italian food: Eataly probably is affirming his supremacy and is riding this wave ( defining quality, sustainability, real “Made in Italy”). Do you feel that you are also taking advantages of it, but in a different way?

The stores of Eataly in the world are almost the embassies of Italian soft power abroad regarding the sector of food and wine. Certainly Eataly realized before others the power inherent in the Made in Italy, but it is also true that it is worthily represented abroad.

Next projects – new ideas

For now, after the opening of the three formats that we wanted to create, we are focusing on new openings abroad, for us this is the biggest challenge.

What kind of message do you want to share with your customers through Mariù?

The kebab can be absolutely genuine and unexpectedly refined! Seeing is believing.

What would you like to suggest to young men- women who have a dream and would like to accomplish it?

Preparation is the key, but even more important is the work and the life experience that allows to know the context in which you want to create your own projects.



All photos are property of Foodation srl.



“Elegance must always be the foundation of everything. Even before wearing a dress, it must be part of the attitude of a person. Only then you can give life to what you wear. My passion starts from here. From the beauty of women.”


Who is the young powerful lady Elisa?!

I am a young creative girl who has always done everything that was going through her head. Despite the difficulties, I have always had big dreams and big ambitions and I have always aimed for something bigger.

My passion is to create clothes, which means to me an idea to become reality, a form, a thought or emotion.

How and why did you start to work as a Fashion Designer?

It’s something that I have always had inside, that slowly took shape over time, and so has turned into this job. There is no exact timeline to which I could place my decision to become a fashion designer.

Could you imagine having a different job?!

I could adapt to everything, but I could never imagine my life doing another job. For me it is not a job, it’s a real passion to which you can assign the value in getting more work.

Where do you find your inspiration?

There is not an historical period or an exact event from where I find inspiration. The flair and the inspiration come from everywhere and everything and from nothing: I mean, sometimes I find it looking at someone walking on the street, from the colours that I see in the city and are parts of it… but also from a thought, or just putting together different fabrics, and the forms they create can be a source of inspiration for me. I can be really inspired from everything! The most important thing is to be able to interpret ideas and to put them into reality.

What is your philosophy? Where does your passion come from?

My philosophy is to make something beautiful into something even more beautiful, that is able to emphasize the best side of the female body. Elegance must always be the foundation of everything. Even before wearing a dress, it must be part of the attitude of a person. Only then you can give life to what you wear. My passion starts from here. From the beauty of women.

I started my journey learning the trade a few years ago in a tailor’s shop where a great seamstress was able to form me and teach me the secrets of this work. I did not attend any academy of fashion; I just did practiced in tailoring, where I started sewing simple linings. I have always been fascinated by everything around me, my ideas were born playing around with the fabric and the dressmaker’s dummy. Just the touch of high quality fabric moves me, to observe the expert hands of a seamstress that transform a design into reality, and to see my idea taking shape. I think that direct contact with the fabrics and the sewing machine is the most effective way to learn and absorb the most of everything that you need to know. It takes a great load of patience and humility, but if you have patience, passion and determination nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

What is the message you want to share with the colours and materials you choose?

For this collection i decided to use natural fibers, like silk, nettle, soy and hemp. I am a lover of light colors and contrasts. The colors that I like to use are beige and light peach. They are colours that are lightweight, make clean shapes and personally, for me, they represent serenity. I also like to create contrasts with these colors combining them with more nuance decided, as can be white, black, or simply create contrasts embellishing the fabric with crystals.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is surely to keep doing what I love. I would like to have a distribution and make it grow over time showing what I know and what I can do.

You are young and a woman: do you think that it is more difficult for you to be credible?

Absolutely not. I think the credibility depends on the actual capacity of a person, regardless of whether it is male or female. I think to devalue the work of a person just because she is a woman, is part of a mind perhaps a little “bigoted”. By now many women have very important roles of men and I think that we are slowly moving away from the idea of the woman like an housewife without ambitions.

Your biggest regret / failure / success / intuition!

I think it’s still early to talk about failures and successes. Definitely my success for now is to have the good fortune of being able to realize and develop my projects, in this I am very lucky. Having courage and the desire to get in the game, I consider a small success.

What would you like to change in the fashion world/ culture?

The fashion world contains within itself many diverse branches and many different tasks. People often generalize when it comes to fashion. It’s a world worked primarily by designers and tailors, from which everything is born, then around them all other tasks are developed.

There is nothing in particular that I would change… maybe I would relive in a period when the great couturier was given more importance, when we focused more on the work done by hand.

The new collection of Elisa Sanna is now available for the customers!




Claudia Errante

In the Spring 2013 I asked myself: “There must be a way to wear a turban with the comfort of having them already ready to wear, whenever you want, without having to tie and build them all the time!” No sooner than I thought it, I did it!


First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell something about me in your wonderful magazine. I’m an italian fashion designer. I’m 27 years old and I am Sardinian. I live in a beautiful city, Cagliari, a place that helps me to be happy, although it’s very difficult to live here. I’m a very messy, eccentric and curious girl and I love imperfections.
In my job there are NO RULES (order, schemes and rules are not for me. I know, I’m very undisciplined!). I want to be free to live and I feel that I am really fulfilled.

In 2010 I finished my studies and graduated in Fashion Design at Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan. Later I worked so hard, experienced and learned a lot thanks to some artists who, believing in me, allowed me to assist them in their work and teaching me the “True Life of a Craftsman”. I immediately wanted to get involved, getting more consensus on my debut, which occurred in March 2012.

From that moment I never stopped creating!

But for a moment I would like to put aside the “Claudia designer” and I want to speak to you as fashion lover. Even since I was a child, I never left my house without an accessory on my head; it could be a bow, a scarf or a hat, it did no matter, it was only important that I did not have a bare head (that’s how I feel if I don’t wear an accessory!)… this is my hallmark. Because I loved turbans, I tried often to build them in my head, and in the Spring 2013 I asked myself: “There must be a way to wear a turban with the comfort of having them already ready to wear, whenever you want, without having to tie and build them all the time!” No sooner than I thought it, I did it!

I experimented and found a perfect mixed structured line of a turban with the convenience of a real hat. Now I’m in effect THE GIRL OF TURBANS!  😀

Movie stars from the past and African women are my source of inspiration, even though they are two contrasting styles. It is an accessory that reminds me of grandmothers, the dark times that they lived and the desire to feel beautiful and stilysh, even though they could not wash or take care of their hair during the Second World War.

The woman, in general, is for me a source of inspiration, such as the many and strong women who fight against a disease, who need and want to feel beautiful despite fighting constantly with a monster trying to spoil their beauty. It is a kind of gift for them, a moment of being carefree and frivolous.

I allow them to combine helpful with pleasure.

Where does it happen?! Almost never in my city, because I always looking for high quality, rare or vintage fabrics and less popular, special prints and colors. I rely very often on a company that works also online, but of course my favourite stores are the markets organized in the city. There you can find many treasures, such as fine tablecloths, perfect to created one or more turbans, very old fabrics disused belonging to old seamstresses, the kind that makes you admire its textures and patterns, and makes you want to say the classic but true sentence: “There aren’t any more beautiful fabrics like in the past!”

I work alone, drawing, designing, sewing, advertising, organizing, selling, delivering and I also take care of everything that revolves around my brand. I’m also a waitress every night in a restaurant. That’s because I’m messy, undisciplined and disorganized! To be ble to have a person who works for me is the next step. Unfortunately until now I do not have the financial ability to hold up the expense of an assistant. I hope that things will get better and above all that the brand is able to fly, to afford to live only by my passion and give work to some greatly talented guys who are unfortunatly unemployed.

Social networks have given me the opportunity to have costumers from all over the world and a lot of visibility. Many American girls find my products via hashtag that I post on Intagram. Believe me, I did not think that social networks had all this power and this big utility!

Much of the credit of my success definitly goes to “Amazing*Us”, a cultural association that organizes events in my town dedicated to art and artisanship. They supported me, by allowing me to share my products at their events, that hosts Sardinian curious, but also with many tourists, giving them the opportunity to learn our local products.

Well, thanks to these events, I have expanded my costumers and now I regularly have lots of Russian, Spanish and English girls that have discovered my items and my brand during their vacation in Cagliari. Isn’t it cool?!?

Thank you so much dear Deshabille, it was an honor and a pleasure to chat with you!

Claudia Errante Fashion Designer




             He started his professional adventure with the best statement ever:


Name: Samuel Sohebi

Profession: Celebrity Stylist & Owner of the shop Kult By Samuel Sohebi

Born in Munich in the 1988 and started as a Stylist for Philipp Plein.

He started his professional adventure as a fashion stylist with the best statement ever: “YES, I CAN DO IT”. Even though it was a new experience for him, he is convinced of the fact that you must be able to sell yourself even when you are not able to do something, and just GO FOR IT.

He started with Philip Plein, and from there the people and the press started to notice him, by taking pictures and talking about him. He has worked with Naomi Campbell in Ibiza, the Russian Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour in Russia. He has prepared several campaigns for jewels and perfumes, and also provides styling services in Cannes for L’Oreal during the Film Festival event.

Furthermore, he has worked for Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica, to prepare them for the red carpet.

Of course, social networks played a big part on his success, people are always interested in which party you are going to, and which people you are hanging out with; you always have to keep the public informed and keep the magic alive.

In comparison to other stylists who start as Magazine editors, he started by styling models at events. For Sam, styling is not something you can learn; it’s a talent, something you do with passion and that needs inspiration. You have to combine the magic of the creation of the designer with the personality of the celebrity you work for.

In 2012 he opened his shop, Kult by Samuel Sohebi. The dresses he sells are purchased personally by him from around the world, especially from Italy (Bologna, Florence, Milan) and famous designers. Samuel cares not only about the quality or the brand of the dress, but about the aesthetics.

He realizes that not every woman can afford a designer dress since they can be expensive, but also, since every woman does not have the size of a model, he tries to mix and create a combination of the most beautiful dresses, taking into consideration that every woman needs to feel like a princess but in her own skin. There is no pressure to sell, every client must feel free and feel at home.

Something that always surprises him is when some famous women in the fashion or showbiz industry ask for his opinion on their look, and the best compliment for him is when clients come back to tell him about the event, show him pictures of the dress, how well it fit, and how satisfied they were.

What is the difference between a styling job for a magazine and a celebrity?

“In the first case, there is a story to tell the public, while in the second case, you dress a woman that wants to look and feel sexy. She wants to be the star under the spotlight and her goal is to get into the magazine or blogs in the best way possible. In order to do a great job as a stylist on the red carpet you have to study the trends of the moments, you need to know who is the designer of the moment.”

What are the difficulties of this job?

“Attitudes. A lot of attitudes are not coming from models or celebrities, as you could imagine, but from the staff, managers, photographers, who in some cases don’t know anything about fashion.”

Fashion in Europe and USA:

“I will like to move to New York to work as an intern for Vogue. I wouldn’t mind starting from scratch by doing trivial things like delivering coffee and making copies as long as I am doing what I love and taking steps to get where I want to be. In Germany fashion faces hard times. Sometimes you feel there is no progress like everything is moving in circles, and this is the unpleasant sensation I feel every time I come back from Milan or Cannes. In America it’s totally different, there is a lot going on and coming out and as a young man I know that professionally I can really grow up fast.”


4 men walking in suits

This photo depics Sam, his brother and two of his best friends headed to a sale event for the shop. It’s an unusual photo in Munich, where women love to be fashionable but it s more difficult to see guys walking like this along the street. The pic was taken with a simple phone but looks great and it captures a great moment for Sam.

Chanel Iman with a light blue dressabito lungo azzurro argenteo

They met each other at Elie Saab backstage in Cannes back in the 2009; Sam went to Iman because he noticed her cool tattoo on her back, from there they started talking and exchanged contacts to be friends. Sometimes Sam brings her dresses, she is really an easygoing and simple person. The dress she is wearing is from a Prêt-à-Porter dress (Versace).

Samuel on a catwalk

We jump back to 2009, the first year of life of the shop Kult by Samuel Sohebi and his 24th Birthday. He decided to launch this event, and while organizing by himself for the first time in his life, he realized how difficult it is to prepare an event for 600 guests, and manage the staff including photographers, models, and the press. But he took this event as an investment to let people know him, his job, his passion, and his shop, and you know how social networks of course do the rest by sharing the event, pictures, tags, hashtags, that is the way people get to know you faster and search for your name around… who is this guy? Just click on it.

Be always ready.

Sam and Redfoo moment LMFAO

The pic was shot in Cannes in 2013. It was 10 am on a beautiful sunny day and probably Redfoo from LMFAO partied all night long in the same distinct and colorful outfit, and as he was not interested in sleeping, he decided to look around for someone to play tennis with. Guess what? Sam is always in the right place in the right moment, you know that thing called… TIMING! Even though he was not able to play the game, he always finds a way to be over the top. And by the way, who would say no to LMFAO?

Mr. Bentley and Sam

The name of his dog has a reason!

Once, he worked for P. Diddy during an event promoting his perfume UNFORGIVABLE cologne by Sean John and the White Party, which took place at Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez. He remembered how P. Diddy’s family members were all absolutely nice to him; with his mother being the funniest woman in the world, and P. Diddy himself being one of the coolest party people ever. While Sam was having the best working experience of his life, the only person that was repeatedly rude to him without reason was the guy holding P. Diddy’s umbrella. His name was Mr. Bentley, that’s why he decided to Name his dog after him!

How did he get this job?

It was faith; Sam was in Saint Tropez when he met a guy he knew from the US who was kind of desperate because the stylist he wanted for the event was sick. He needed a replacement, so he just asked Sam if he knew a good stylist? SERIOUSLY?

At this point, we all know that Sam tends to have perfect timing, so he just suggested himself, and took the chance to show what his mama gave him! In every game played something unexpected always pops up, and in Sam’s case, he was able to meet Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton and received the chance to work with them.

Hotel Room with Model

sam hotel modelThis shot was taken in the room of Costes Hotel in Paris. It was a dress fitting for Alessandra Ambrosio and Sam needed to find a model the same sizes as her to see if the dress would fit her well.

In this picture you can see everything; Sam in the back, tired and doubtful about whether the client would like his choice or not, the model in front of the mirror, and last but not least, a dog, fearless of what is happening in the lives of the people there, as he hatches happily out of the window.

Alessandra Ambrosio loved the dress and we can totally understand why.

Samuel and Andre’ Leon Talley (Vogue)

This pic was shot at a Chanel event at Gran Palais. Sam designed the white fur bag is grabbing in the pic, André Leon came to him to ask who was the designer of the bag and Sam was surprised to receive his attention. For Sam, André is a really good advisor when it comes to the professional life.


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