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Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart.


My name is Silvia, I’ m 27 and I am native of Samassi, a small village in Sardinia, although I‘ve been living in Cagliari for several years. For about a year and a half, my partner Francesco and I created a little brand called “L’atlante dei Bottoni” (The Atlas of buttons). We take care of giving life to new and different materials, especially old paper, which are perceived by many people as trash, that is why they are usually thrown away, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and school books.
I always thought that my life’s work would have been in the historical archives, since years ago I dreamed of handling historical paper materials, and doing field research. I never thought that the way out of my impending degree in literature would be this. My passion for everything that concerns the past and the Italian language lead me to take this path now. It monopolizes all my time and gives me many satisfactions.

Where your passion / your work come from?

My passion and then my work comes out of this innate love which I feel for the past, and the way of understanding the world from people who lived in a different epoch, with eyes and a vision of things different from today.
When I happen to find definitions for words that are explained differently from our current vocabulary, or when I find words in our language that no longer exist I shudder, because it is a unique feeling and I’m so happy. I also hope that I am able to convey this feeling to all who see my work.
Another important aspect is the love I have for the Italian language, and what it represents to me that is often abused and used in a wrong way. My intention is precisely placing it at the heart, giving her the importance that it deserves. During the various exhibitions I meet people who understand my art, who are passionate and read with pleasure what is inside the various accessories. I am happy because in that moment I feel I’ve reached my goal.

Your most important achievement so far.

My biggest goal is to be able to turn one passion into a real job, I know it’s a privilege and I’m immensely proud of it. Luckily so far I have not had great disappointment. The only small exception would be when I realize that people find it hard to see the difference between craft-trade and industrial products, therefore they can’t really appreciate all that is behind the uniqueness of a product made manually by a person.

Where do you produce? 

I produce at home. I use a room as laboratory, and I often lock myself in for hours, listening a lot of music, writing, designing and slowly the ideas crop up. Sometimes I go to flea markets where oftentimes I find very often inspiration and materials that I can used for my works.

Do you have a kind of mantra to help you through rough times?

Not exactly. I have a quite particular character, I would say that I can handle myself better when in difficulty and under pressure. It may seem strange, but for me it was always been like this. Difficulties make me more productive, so much that on days when nothing seems to go in the right direction, in my opinion I can create the most beautiful pieces of my collections. In those moments, however, I tell myself that “It can be definitely worse than that” and then I see everything in a lighter and more approachable way.

Future projects?!

My project is to grow more and more, to continue to evolve and improve in every aspect and detail. Finding new ideas to develop and succeed in bringing our work beyond the boundaries of Sardinia. Last year we were able to participate at the International Handicrafts Trade Fair in Florence: we hope to have more of such experiences, because besides being really satisfactory, they are also a good way to keep an open mind and to meet different and exciting people.

How to face life and work?

Calmly and above all keeping in touch with reality. I am aware that as things can be great one moment, they can suddenly change for the worse. However, continued effort must be required and it’s important to give consistency to things in order to retain a balance.

There is a phrase from Italo Calvino (an important italian writer) that could answer this question perfectly: “Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart“.



Claudia Errante

In the Spring 2013 I asked myself: “There must be a way to wear a turban with the comfort of having them already ready to wear, whenever you want, without having to tie and build them all the time!” No sooner than I thought it, I did it!


First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell something about me in your wonderful magazine. I’m an italian fashion designer. I’m 27 years old and I am Sardinian. I live in a beautiful city, Cagliari, a place that helps me to be happy, although it’s very difficult to live here. I’m a very messy, eccentric and curious girl and I love imperfections.
In my job there are NO RULES (order, schemes and rules are not for me. I know, I’m very undisciplined!). I want to be free to live and I feel that I am really fulfilled.

In 2010 I finished my studies and graduated in Fashion Design at Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan. Later I worked so hard, experienced and learned a lot thanks to some artists who, believing in me, allowed me to assist them in their work and teaching me the “True Life of a Craftsman”. I immediately wanted to get involved, getting more consensus on my debut, which occurred in March 2012.

From that moment I never stopped creating!

But for a moment I would like to put aside the “Claudia designer” and I want to speak to you as fashion lover. Even since I was a child, I never left my house without an accessory on my head; it could be a bow, a scarf or a hat, it did no matter, it was only important that I did not have a bare head (that’s how I feel if I don’t wear an accessory!)… this is my hallmark. Because I loved turbans, I tried often to build them in my head, and in the Spring 2013 I asked myself: “There must be a way to wear a turban with the comfort of having them already ready to wear, whenever you want, without having to tie and build them all the time!” No sooner than I thought it, I did it!

I experimented and found a perfect mixed structured line of a turban with the convenience of a real hat. Now I’m in effect THE GIRL OF TURBANS!  😀

Movie stars from the past and African women are my source of inspiration, even though they are two contrasting styles. It is an accessory that reminds me of grandmothers, the dark times that they lived and the desire to feel beautiful and stilysh, even though they could not wash or take care of their hair during the Second World War.

The woman, in general, is for me a source of inspiration, such as the many and strong women who fight against a disease, who need and want to feel beautiful despite fighting constantly with a monster trying to spoil their beauty. It is a kind of gift for them, a moment of being carefree and frivolous.

I allow them to combine helpful with pleasure.

Where does it happen?! Almost never in my city, because I always looking for high quality, rare or vintage fabrics and less popular, special prints and colors. I rely very often on a company that works also online, but of course my favourite stores are the markets organized in the city. There you can find many treasures, such as fine tablecloths, perfect to created one or more turbans, very old fabrics disused belonging to old seamstresses, the kind that makes you admire its textures and patterns, and makes you want to say the classic but true sentence: “There aren’t any more beautiful fabrics like in the past!”

I work alone, drawing, designing, sewing, advertising, organizing, selling, delivering and I also take care of everything that revolves around my brand. I’m also a waitress every night in a restaurant. That’s because I’m messy, undisciplined and disorganized! To be ble to have a person who works for me is the next step. Unfortunately until now I do not have the financial ability to hold up the expense of an assistant. I hope that things will get better and above all that the brand is able to fly, to afford to live only by my passion and give work to some greatly talented guys who are unfortunatly unemployed.

Social networks have given me the opportunity to have costumers from all over the world and a lot of visibility. Many American girls find my products via hashtag that I post on Intagram. Believe me, I did not think that social networks had all this power and this big utility!

Much of the credit of my success definitly goes to “Amazing*Us”, a cultural association that organizes events in my town dedicated to art and artisanship. They supported me, by allowing me to share my products at their events, that hosts Sardinian curious, but also with many tourists, giving them the opportunity to learn our local products.

Well, thanks to these events, I have expanded my costumers and now I regularly have lots of Russian, Spanish and English girls that have discovered my items and my brand during their vacation in Cagliari. Isn’t it cool?!?

Thank you so much dear Deshabille, it was an honor and a pleasure to chat with you!

Claudia Errante Fashion Designer




“Sometime ago I was forced, for health reasons, to stay locked up in hospitals for a long time and from there I realized the importance of being alive and staying in the open air, watching the colors of a sunrise or a sunset, feel the wind that caresses your face just for a minute and enjoying the scents that only the nature of this land can give you, even from a window.”


Tell us something about you and Isula Design!

My name is Francesca, I live and work in a small seaside village in the district of Sassari (in the North Sardinia). I like everything that has color, form and tradition. I am a nature and animals lover, I live with the fact that I love my dog Sunshine, who taught me to love his world!

I love to walk by the sea as well as in the countryside and  I like stars, the moon, the sun, but also rain and melancholy. I consider myself a very (perhaps too) sensitive and emotional person, full of life. I like to smile and the smile on the face of the people I come close to sends me endless positivity! I am a natural and colorful food lover, as fruit and vegetables are. I think that in life there is always a lot to learn from other people, with humility and respect.

I graduated two years ago as a seamstress / modeler at the School of Art and Fashion in Sassari, for me a dream that came true and I want to continue creating with my style “SardAfrican”, because every woman wants externalize what’s inside, being free to feel colors and by being unique!

Can you tell us more about the ISULA PROJECT?

The project Isula design and the choice of the name was born out of this land, Sardinia, that is very close to me. It is my island that commands my heart, which offers different colors and shapes, but also distant Africa, which is also close in a sense!

Where do you find the inspiration?

The design of the clothes like the colors chosen for the fabrics are a reflection of a deep sense of belonging to my island, endless source of my inspiration. In each piece I try to interpret, with great respect and modernity, the ancient traditions of Sardinia and the bright colors and distinctive landscapes that this land gives to me. Mixing my Sardinians immense passion with the ancient soul and freedom of the African continent, the wonderful and colorful countrywomen, my collection becomes a perfect combination of ancient traditions and modernity, memories of deserts and unreachable mountains, open seas and splendid colors.

Each dress is the story of a mood, each color a feeling. Each collection is an old music.

Where was your passion born?

The passion for the art began as a child, growing quickly with a strong aesthetic sense towards clothing. As a teenager, I began to wish for a look that could fully represent my personality. Finding no garment that reflected my desires, exploded in me the urge to create by myself the wardrobe of my dreams.

Without ever having sewn, driven by a lively inspiration, I bought my first piece of cloth and alone, with the sewing machine of a dear friend, I created my first skirt. Driven by this magical inspiration, I created a garment after the other, with no experience, no pattern, just by looking, touching the fabric and getting carried away by instinct. My friends, affected by the visionary forms and evocative colors, asked me to create dresses for commission.

As if I had done nothing all my life long, I began to study by myself all methods to tailor, to improve day by day the quality of my clothes.

The requests came from people like me, who wanted to wear one of my dresses, out from the usual style, and they increase more and more and at some point it came natural the creation of a brand that identifies perfectly with my style.

I had the impression that nature plays a really important role in your world and for your fashion…

Oh yeah, I love to talk and listen to nature! Sometime ago I was forced, for health reasons, to stay locked up in hospitals for a long time and from there I realized the importance of being alive and stay in the open air, watching the colors of a sunrise or a sunset, feel the wind that caresses your face just for a minute and enjoying the scents that only the nature of this land can give you, even from a window. I think there is no better place to take photos for my clothes and feel in tune with it!

What does your logo represents?

The logo represents for me eternal freedom.

In fact the inspiration comes from the Egyptian key of life, which is also known as the Ankh, or the Egyptian cross Ankh. It is a T cross crowned by a circle, an oval and in some representations, by a snake that twists (the serpent is the symbol of wisdom and if chasing its tail forming a circle is a symbol of eternity). The form of the ankh remembers a key and that is also the reason why it is called “Key of Life” or “Key of the Nile”. Symbolic representation of life and survival after death, but it has been interpreted as a free butterfly, with Sardinian spikes.

The message is therefore to feel free, colorful, feminine, rich in tradition, but above all unique and special wearing my dresses!





Ombraluna Vintage is an online shop with vintage clothes and accessories from all around the world. Every item has a story to tell and an emotion to give. Find your favourite one!”


I (Giuseppina) am a seamstress who likes to describe herself as “empirical”. I’ve been sewing since I was 7 years old and I’ve been a vintage collector since I was 12. I started to collect the old clothes of my mother and my aunts and I attended the flea markets of my city, Cagliari, with my father from my earliest years. The most famous of these was the one at the Bastione in Cagliari. I remember my Sundays as always accompanied by an urge for exploration and adventure.

How did you start?

I started Ombraluna Vintage in the summer of 2012, but it was something that I had been wanting to do for years. The combination of my two great passions – sewing and vintage – is the root of Ombraluna. The name is a fusion of words that came to me during some long hours in a waiting room. A lucky epiphany in a constant white noise which proved to me that creativity had no barriers.

Where do you go for shopping?

The search of clothes happens in a selective and random way at the same time. Selective because it is important for me that all the clothes and accessories are of excellent quality, random because I let myself be guided by what I usually call the fluid, a kind of invisible motor that shows me where to go and what to buy. It never fails. Markets and private lockers are my kingdom. It’s of great importance to me that I know the story of the item itself. I firmly believe that there is always something behind the choice of a dress. The background of the person who has previously worn that particular item is often connected to the object itself. It’s like an ongoing dialectical and emotional relationship. The clothes always have a soul and a story to tell. All clothes and accessories from “Ombraluna Vintage” have been professionally cleaned and and repaired. Repairing is one of the things that fascinates me the most in my job and I give it a lot of importance and time. It feels like an exercise of style and patience and it binds me deeply to the materials on which I work.


I believe that everyone has the right to express their personality through their own vision of fashion and style. I have always been against the strict rules of fashion. To me, vintage is about absolute freedom. No size nor particular style is better than other. I love everything that is colorful, special and evokes an emotion or a memory. This is also the origin of my passion. I love seeing the life that clothes can give and I love giving life to clothes.

You find Ombraluna Vintage here:




“In Japan, it is believed that every object created by human hands with both care and attention, is provided with soul.”

Papiru Lab is entirely a woman’s project started in 2012 in Cagliari, Sardinia. The creative brain is a sparkling woman who loves to travel, experience, and create.

“My name is Eliana. I was born on an island, a land of fascinating ancient beauty which at times severe and silent. I am a wife and a mother, a few months ago a small bundle has brought a wind of freshness and energy into our lives!

I love to breathe beauty around me, the beauty of the little things that can make special a day… the sea in winter, the smell of log fires, the first smile that my baby gives me every morning to say hello, the blue color of the sea, the contact with the water that creates and gives life, the sweet smell of a freshly baked cake or of the old typewriters.”

How was PAPIRU LAB born and what is special about it?

PAPIRU LAB was born as a “laboratory experiments on paper”, followed by the discovery and love at first sight of the Washi, a special handmade paper that comes from Japan. Discovered by chance, in one of the oldest stationery shops in Amsterdam, it has been a source of inspiration to kick off this project.

How do you always find new ideas and inspirations?

Behind PAPIRU LAB there are scissors, glue, rolls and rolls of paper that come from many different countries, desire and curiosity to experiment with new techniques, different combinations and a lot of colors. Inspiration and new ideas come a bit by chance… there are days when I find myself in front of a piece of paper and the idea comes by itself. It’s not possible to not get inspired from what a piece of paper wants to tell me, from any kind whatsoever, any kind of trip it has faced to get to me. 

What is your philosophy? Where does this passion come from?

I like to think that my laboratory is an opportunity to meet and exchange, a meeting place for curious people who want to peek through ideas of paper and tell others about themselves in front of a cup of tea!

What is the relationship between your creations and nature ?

My project aims to give a new life to the paper and sensitize the younger generation to recycling and respecting the environment. In my creations I melt the recycled paper in my land, Sardinia, with other types of decorative papers that bring with themselves a wealth of rich stories, of master papermakers, and tell about different places and cultures.

What do people think about this peculiar passion?

Each creation is unique as the project that has accompanied it. I enjoy meeting people who say they have never seen such a beautiful paper. Many of us think, mistakenly, that all paper produced in Asia is made of rice. The Washi is actually produced with the fiber of various plants and shrubs, but not with the rice!

What message do you want share through the beauty and elegance of your creations?

To find the time to devote ourselves to what makes us feel good, it makes our lives more beautiful and interesting. To find refuge in colors and things we love to do lightens up everything, and it is good to be thrown into new ideas by using imagination, it is awesome to see the world in a different way!

I believe that in this time of economic and occupational difficulty, to invest in ourselves by rediscovering handmade materials is a real opportunity to make a change in our lives.

I want to leave you with a mindset saying that “In Japan, it is believed that every object created by human hands with both care and attention, is provided with soul.”

Eliana M.


Watch the beautiful photos of Eliana here: ICONOSQUARE and WEBSTA



“If I have to use only an adjective to describe myself I would say that I am a very dynamic person: I can’t stand losing time without doing something useful. I always have to make plans, to design, or at least fantasize.


Carlottina Lab is the creative result of a project by Carlotta, the fashion designer and owner of it.

Tell us something about you Carlotta: who you are, where are you from, what do you like… and everything you want us to know! 

My name is Carlotta Franzini, I am 28 years old, I was born in Cagliari where I also grow up, but at the moment I live in a small village of the district with my partner and my little child Giovanni.

I have studied architecture and have been always passionated about design. If I have to use only an adjective to describe myself I would say that I am a very dynamic person: I can’t stand losing time without doing something useful. I always have to make plans, to design or, at least, fantasize.

How was your project CARLOTTINA LAB born and what makes it special?

The real project started in 2009 but I actually started to sew bags since I was 16. It is the result of my passion together with the ability to manufacture and create handmade designs. I was looking for a different and more personal dimension of the work, with a tempo and rhythm more compatible with my needs.

Simply put, I wanted to turn around the factory work situation and find a new dimension that would go back to your own abilities to create and organize. I think that this is exactly what is so special about it: You can find this spirit in every bag I produce! Another important aspect is the special and direct relationship with customers: they have the ability to follow the whole process of the creation of the bag they choose, right from the beginning.

In regard to customers, what role do they play? Does the client decide everything or can we define it as “team work”? Are you usually strongly influenced by advices from people who want to customise their “carlottina”? 

Usually I always start with an interview of the customer, askying them how would they like the bag, what they are planning to use it for, and what kind of sensations they want to transfer through it: for instance, I ask if they want a stiff bag, that can communicate solidity, or on the other hand, a soft bag can fit with the body). Finally, I ask about the colour, what they want to put inside and so on… Starting with this information I draw a model that I will later show to the customer: they tell me then what they like about it or what they would prefer to change.

At this stage I begin the phase of fulfillment. That is why I describe them as “customised bags with a soul”, because it is like getting a custom- tailored dress. Often a bag is not just a bag, it has a meaning more than a dress: you wear it most of your time, it is coming with you everywhere and it has to represent you and your style: it has to be comfortable or useful, it depends on what kind of person you are!

When did you realize that this passion could become your job?

For many years I was sewing bags just as a hobby, but then at some point I decided to invest in my passion, both ideally and economically, and at that point I became an artisan.

Probably my decision was the result of a period of deep crisis in the society; it was no longer possible to yearn for a permanent job and I really wanted to create something personal in which I could put my energy and that could express my feelings and my personality.

Where do you find the inspiration?

Truth be told everywhere, I like to look around me and discover small details that can become a central idea to manufacture new bags, sometimes whole collections.

What is your philosophy? where does this passion come from?!

The philosophy which leads my work is mostly my wish to bring back together in a single product all my experience and all the values I believe in.

Which kind of values you mean?

There are many virtues that are really meaningful for me: the first of all is intellectual honesty but also the iron will to built something original and that can represent me. Furthermore the seriousness associated with that fact that I am not taking myself too seriously it always helps to enjoy life!

What is the connection between the nature and your bags?

It is a relationship that follows the pre- industrial period, a relationship where aspects like the personal material choice, the attention to wastefulness and, whenever possible, the use of recyclable materials. These are important components of my work.

What do people like most about your work?

I think that they really appreciate the direct and informal relationship that I establish with them, as well as the willingness to create accessories that correspond exactly to their expectations. It is not unusual that, when customers come to my home (which is also my workshop) to order or to pick up their product, they suddenly find themselves drinking a tee in my living room or playing with my son! I love that they can feel like they’re at home with me.

Do you want to spread a message with your art?

I try to communicate to people all the passion that I put into everything I make. I strongly believe that people have to go back to believing in workmanship; they should buy products made from small retailers rather than big companies as much as possible. Handcraft can become the new motivation power of the world economy.

You can find Carlottina Lab in Via Palermo 43, Sant’Anna Arresi 09010 Carbonia- Iglesias (Italy)