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It’s time to celebrate the 100th article published!


We (Dona&Imo) started the project “Déshabillé Magazine” on January 2014 after discussing how we envisioned our future-to-be digital platform. Digital yes, but we wanted something warm that could represent our passions: people, fashion, trips, food, culture. Four years later, we are still here, we attracted a universe of special talents and met a lot of beautiful souls around the world. New people are working together with us with passion and enthusiasm, and it is also important to stress that we are all strong, beautiful and passionated WOMEN… Is this another PINK WAVE?
Never mind… we are ready for the next challenge!






ImoI am a freelance social media manager and a copy writer but that’s a small part of my life, it’s just what I do. I love being dynamic and active. I love laughing and be easy, not superficial tho. Let’s say that life wants us to be happy, so when it’s possible I try to give HER the best of me. Déshabillé Magazine gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of talented young people, while bouncing from one corner to the other of this wonderful planet we have, who need definitely more exposure, so this is our next goal… grow the audience and connect more souls!






DonaThat’s me in my ideal environment: traveling around the world, at one with nature and animals, discovering new cultures. I do travel for pleasure everytime I can, and also for work. I love evertyhing that is far away phisically and culturally from my world. Another great passion is writing, above all for Déshabillé Magazine, our little darling! My specialty are second- hand shops: it doesn’t matter where I am, I always look for one, they provide me the key joke to understand the people. Second- hand fashion is sustainable, and I love to think that my joy can also help the environment.




Chanoa Tarle
Freelance Contributor


ChanoaI’m a copywriter (and occasional magazine contributor) specializing in fashion and luxury goods/ lifestyle.

I love contributing pieces to Déshabillé Magazine, especially emerging designer interviews. For the next 100 articles, I hope to see more views, more traction, more exposure! The Déshabillé team is a passionate and inspired group- the more people who know about their work, the better.




Editor and Graphic



Well who Am I? I must say this is one of the most difficult answer i had to give. I’m a global citizen, a passionate photographer and a graphic/digital content optimizer. My biggest passion (beside photography obviously) is travelling cause it broadens the mind and feeds the soul, I feel all the humanity’s power and the nature’s grace while connecting with both, discovering and sharing new cultures. I firmly believe that DM will be a new way to look at fashion, style and design  evolving  a respectful, conscious and open minded interpretation.

Oh, and plus with a girl team 😉





Ida (1 of 1)I am an Epidemiologist based in Dallas, where I investigate infectious diseases. When I’m not being a detective, I love to explore new places, hang out with friends, binge on a great TV show and listen to good music – I love music from all parts of the world as long as it sounds good! Occasionally, I review articles for Déshabillé, this gives me a great opportunity to read about great people doing amazing things all around the world.

I’m excited to see all the talent that Déshabillé will uncover!




Food Blogger Contributor


Lyn I am based in Kuala Lumpur and having previously lived and worked across 8 countries, owner of a chain of Chinese Restaurants, Ruyi & Lyn, YU and a Western eatery Monte Carlo in Kuala Lumpur. I am currently incubating a local startup project for culinary students, and building an online platform for the global food community.

Relationship status? Married to food and champagne this is why I love writing about everything connected to the food industry at Déshabillé Magazine.





A special thanks to the following women who are special for us. They wrote, shot and hunted talents for Déshabillé Magazine in the one-and-only jungle of London.



Photographer and Marketing Manager Contributor


I have an eye of photographer and the mind of marketer. Absolutely passionate about art and believe that artists should always stay together supporting each other. Déshabillé magazine always gave me support that I needed and I tried to give my support to it as much as I could.

Even though now I cannot participate in the magazine I will always feel for it and hope to provide support in the future again!




Azuka Wayfora
Videographer and Editor Contributor


AzukaMy name is Azuka Wayfora I’m 31 and currently work in a photo and film studio as a booking manager but I’m working on  making my debut in the film industry as a screenwriter-director. Needless to say, movies are my passion and have always been since I can remember (literally). However, there is another aspect of my life that will pop out inevitably once you get to know me, which is my passion for the Japanese culture. Oh and lets not forget music in general that just the blood that flows through the body of life!



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