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“Wallpaper is a fantastic, infinite, wonderful, fascinating world. There are so many types of wallpaper. The one I use for my products, especially for bags, is the thicker vinyl wallpaper, more resistant especially to humidity and water.”


The Story

Arianna Cappellini was born in a small town, near the Tuscan city of Pistoia. Their parents who wanted to redeem themselves from a state of simplicity and poverty. Two “lions” she said, two ambitious, united and fighting people. Their determination brought to the birth of a company producing sofas and armchairs, which slowly, in the 70s, led them to reach a status quo since always desidered. Both passed away between 2019 and 2020, leaving a deep void behind, and a great legacy: the desire to do something, to create something for themselves.

“I started working on my project, after almost 20 years work as a styling-artbuyer, in short as the one who works alongside the photographer for the creation of photographic images for various sales catalogs, for furniture field customers. It was and it is a fun and very, very creative job. It is about recreating small or large environments around the object, protagonist of the scene, researching the decorative elements called “props”. I had to go for shops, for warehouses, for companies, always looking for the right object to create the right atmosphere. Often it happened to me to also design the entire catalog and the various photo shots.

Around 2018, I felt the need to “do” something for me. During my styling activity, I often used wallpaper, as a decoration, for walls that created the set. It also happened to buy an object made of this material. I was struck by the fact that it was an object of daily use, made with a material that was not really born to be handled, but that was born to be fixed to a wall, and to remain there for the time that is deemed necessary. In 2018, therefore, following this push of “doing something” for me, I started creating small objects: ornamental decorations, earrings, necklaces. But the main goal was to create a special bag, one “adorned” and precious, for women.

Tilde & Flor was born just like this, an entirely fantasy name, female, as well as the name of my bags, all name of artists, singers, painters…”

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Wallpaper is a fantastic, infinite, wonderful, fascinating world. There are so many types of wallpaper. The one I use for my products, especially for bags, is the thicker vinyl wallpaper, more resistant especially to humidity and water. The bags are made according to my project and sewn by an artisan company in the field of leather goods, so they are built like all the bags currently on the market. Reinforced and lined and with decorative elements, ranging from bamboo handle, to resin chain, which becomes a handle. Fabrics like linings also recovered from leftover or waste material. Furthermore every bag is cruelty free.

The gem is that each bag has to be a unique piece, above all because each bag it is made with sheets of wallpaper, recovered from the sales catalogs, abandoned by the manufacturing companies, which I started to recover, in the trimmings shops.

What’s so special?

My creations are all unique pieces, there is no piece like the other. They are original, in the form and details, because of the material that dresses them. The project foresees the reuse of the material that comes from the disused catalogs, and therefore they are bags that follow a civic sense in reusing material that would be thrown away.

Furthermore, and not least, they are light, and we -women- know how annoying heavy bags are, which are then filled up to become very heavy objects.

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My passion comes from wanting to test myself, from wanting to create something beautiful that came from my ideas, my creativity, and the desire to redeem the great work done by my parents, as a small businesswoman.


The difficulties are always around the corner… The biggest difficulty for me is the production. Mine is very very limited precisely because they are all unique pieces and because Tilde&Flor was born and still has to make itself known. The production I said, is and has been a big obstacle, both for the manpower and for the costs. Now I hope to have met the artisan company that has decided to marry my project. I’m happy.


Expand the sales network. And above all to pass the concept, that the wallpaper bag is not a bag that is ruined precisely because of paper, but it can be a bag like the others with its strengths and weaknesses. It is also a unique and special object and never the same.



My advice

Never give up, have courage, believe in your own ideas, and above all jump into adventure with one foot anchored to the ground, however 🙂

For now I look at the present, with an eye to the future.




Nico’s version

Nico and I we know each other since 5 years already, and I still remember the first time we were talking on my terrace, drinking a glass of wine, the moment I thought that I needed to tell his story. He is the typical artist, the way we all imagine a creative mind: brilliant, fleeting, changing and enthusiastic about everything and every proposals!
Since then he climbed the ladder, but always being humble, passionate and curious.



Who is Nico?!


I grow up in Tuscany on a hill in the middle of nowhere. It was, and still is an oasis of freedom and inspiration. Surrounded by nature, as a child I helped often my dad to do agricultural activities such cutting grass or doing fire wood. This was my first contact with machines like the chainsaw. As I grew older, I started using it for carving sculptures. A lot of space, no neighbors, no noise restrictions, it was the perfect playground for me to learn as autodidact wood sculpture. When I was 17 years old I did my first sculpture, without model, protection and without a plan what a possible outcome could be.

This was the starting point of my career as sculptor.

NMH030HNM_sculptures__0066 MU_0043 MU_0040 progetto la quinta stagione 2.0 Prof. Kuno Prey

When did you start to sculpt?


When I was a child I always wanted to become a midwife. I do not know how this idea went into my mind, but it was so strong that I started to look for an internship in that field as I was 16 years old. The idea of giving birth to something always inspired me. At the time (nowadays I do not know how it is) this type of profession was reserved for women. Looking back at this time I think that I always had in me the unconscious desire to create something or at least to assist to giving birth to something. In the context of making sculptures I realized that it was more important to me to create something, instead of only assisting to give birth.

I decided to move to London in 2016, as I got a place at the Royal College of Arts. I always wanted to study product design.


HNM_sculptures__0078 2What’s so special in your works?

I am not so sure. I think that they are quite unique as I never do research before starting a new project. I do not know if something like that exists already; I also do not know where my work is going to take me.

In other words I often start with a material or a process without knowing what the outcome come will be.






scaffali025Where does your passion come from?

I think the most important thing about my work is that I enjoy doing what I am doing. I do not think that much about it… I just start somewhere, without knowing exactly where I am going to end. This is the reason why the first and last step in producing my sculptures is the making aspect. I do not sketch that much and I prefer not to model what am doing.






Your mantra? 

Start doing instead of thinking!

When you start a project, do it with love and follow your passion and choose your project topic in base of what you enjoy doing.


Soon the new website!






VERAROAD is an Italian brand from Tuscany characterised by an evident elegant and country-chic style. Born by Caterina Giraldi, the lady with an enviable career in the fashion industry, who worked for 18 years in Ireland, England and USA in retail before launching her own brand. Veraroad finds in nature its inspiration and it simply immerses its ladies in a soft universe enriched  by delicate nuances, lines and prints. Visit Milan’s Brera District, Corso Garibaldi 55 from February 13th, 2020 to see Veraroad’s beautiful and curated collection.


Do you appreciate diamonds but you prefer flowers? So this inspirational clothing line is made for you. Especially when being one with nature and highlighting your individuality is your priority. Connect with that earthy feel through natural colours and feminine print, some of which are born from the creativity of Kiss the Oceans, an artist inspired by his love for the Oceans.
So deeply in touch with our planet that he has started a collaboration with Worldrise Onlus, that conserves and safeguards the marine environment, part of Kiss the Ocean profits will be devolved to Mariasole Bianco’s organization.
Find more about what’s happening in LDC Pop-Up Store this February during #MilanFashionWeek!
For more info about the designer, please, contact: 
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Veraroad per Déshabillé Magazine