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The five best vegan restaurants in the world

Some people say it’s impossible to make a list of the five best anything in the world, but I think they’re just not decisive enough. Food is subjective and can be so personal, but I would bet good money that this list is fairly exhaustive.



Sometimes when travelling it can be easy to slip into bad food habits, because it is so much easier to find something that will just fill you up, rather than nourish your soul. I’ve compiled this list of restaurants that offer healthy, beautiful food that is not just something to fill your belly, but also give you an experience, and help you feel more ready to face your next adventure.


Madame K’s, Melbourne
Madame K’s, Melbourne

Madame K’s (Melbourne, Australia)

Madame K’s is somewhat of a hidden gem, not because people don’t know about it, but because it has the slight misfortune of being opposite another vegan restaurant which is more popular, WHATEVER IT’S CALLED. I’m not sure why it’s more popular, but I suspect it may have something to do with the slightly more comprehensive menu, and the fact that it’s just a little bit cooler. Madame K’s is a fairly traditional Thai restaurant with the most delicious tofu I’ve ever had. I’ve never had a bad dish in there. If I were to give any tips on what to have it would be to start with the satay with roti – I have never had better roti anywhere.



Dirt candy, NY
Dirt candy, NY

Dirt Candy (New York, USA)

Dirt Candy is something as unusual as a vegan restaurant with a set menu. Located on the lower east side of New York, it looks fairly unassuming from the outside, and when coming in you are faced with a choice of either six or nine dishes. These are changed on a seasonal basis, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Even if the food wasn’t amazing I would still put them on this list because it is so delightful to see that fine dining is waking up to plant based food, but luckily the food is all good enough that I don’t even have to fib to put them on the list.


Lao Wai (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lao Wai is a Chinese all vegan restaurant in Stockholm. It is fairly small and booking is recommended as it books out quickly, even on a random Tuesday night (as I had the misfortune of discovering the last time I went there). The food is simple and delicious, with many unique flavours that you don’t find easily in other restaurants – they make great use of Thai basil, for example. I would recommend going for dinner as the lunch is fairly uninspired (rolling two week menu with one dish per day, so if you happen to not like the dish of the day you’re out of luck), but if you do get a seat for dinner it is divine.


New York
New York

The Butcher’s Daughter (New York, USA)

This restaurant is mostly on this list for their fantastic spaghetti squash with tempeh. I still dream of this dish. I’m slightly worried that when I go back it will turn out to not be as amazing as I remembered it, but until then I live in hope. The Butcher’s Daughter do both breakfast, lunch and dinner very well, which seems slightly unusual – it seems most restaurants fall down on at least one of them. Well worth a visit.




Manna (London, UK)

Manna is a cozy, comfortable restaurant that offers all the dishes you remember from your childhood (and a few you don’t!), but vegan, and frequently updated to be better, fresher, more interesting. They’ve been in Primrose Hill for over 50 years, and it’s clear that they’ve been refining the menu consistently over that time.

Written by: Amanda Gun

B.e Quality

Pilar Morales, a Peruvian Textile Engineer graduated at UPC, Spain, has been working as Quality Control and Production Manager since 1998 for European brands and traveling around the world, is the founder of B.e Quality brand.



The B.e Quality Project re-started on 2017 with the collaboration of 2 fantastic Italian designers. I have decided to create a brand which could be based on the Slow Fashion concept, being Sustainable, Vegan friendly, made with the Highest Quality and with Love to last in time.

And this is what we do: Men, Women and Newborn Timeless garments made in the Highest Quality to last in time, in a Sustainable&Ethical way. The B.e Quality Cotton fabric is a knitted fabric in natural Organic Peruvian Pima cotton that is as soft and shiny as silk, even after years of wearig it. Better known as the Cashmere of Cottons, as per its high quality.

Moreover, the manufacturing is paying attention to details that really make the difference.

Garments should last in time, as Love&Values do!

I was seeing the other side of the coin of the fashion world, the opposite of what we see here. This is the reason why I decided to create my own project based on human values and Respect.


Actually I really have never been interested in Fashion, but I was good at numbers and as an Engineer’s daughter, I wanted to make Engineering. Peru has a big tradition on textiles, as pre-columbian civilizations developed special techniques for weaving and dyeing. And this fascinated me.

When I was 15 years old, I had very clear I wanted to be a Textile Engineer, that is a technician who manages each step of the production process (nothing really related to design). I had been lucky to meet somebody who went to the same university I did afterwards. And I felt in love with this discipline. I’ve been offered at that time a full scholarship to go to the US for any career, except Textile Engineer, and I declined it!

1993 I started the university in Spain, I loved it, as we spent a lot of hours in the laboratories, making so many practice… how to set up spinning&knitting machines, the quality control… it was great!

1998 after my graduation, I started to work in this industry.


My dream is to create a successful business based on Respect. And that in some way helps me to live in a more balanced way.

What inspires you?

A question someone asked me many years ago is what inspired me: how would you act in this situation if you were Love?

In that moment my brain was saying: Whaaaaat??? and went out of it’s automatic mode. This helped me to see further… and understood that both in the mid and long term, the best solution is to allow the Love guide my choices and my actions (and not fear, sadness, insecurity, anger, pride, ambition, etc…).

How may I combine my professional skills with this and how can I share this with others? The answer to this for me is the Love Collection, a small collection of garments that have the intention to remind us to practise more the gestures of Love, that warm our hearts! And that is why I have created the Love Collection: to remind us (me at first) to act guided by Love.


How do you pursue your goals?

I have been making consultancy since 2006 in the fashion industry.

I have created B.e Quality on 2010, based on Responsible and Sustainable production, making Slowfashion pieces. Still I felt I needed to create something that could have a stronger message. The more I observe how we live today, and our scale of values, and how we are full of objects and a tight agenda, but empty inside… And what is the common thing behind the people acting with anger, fear, insecurity, pride? A lack of love!

How do you motivate yourself?

For me living in Love is not an automatic state, and my aim is to learn day by day how to be closer to that. And I think I’m not alone on this journey, so I decided to share it with more people and in some way, together supporting each other.

The beautiful thing of this journey I just started with the Love Collection is that I am learning a lot about myself, my needs, the benefits of living a slower life, the benefits of the love in our health and happiness, I am also meeting special people that support me or inspire and teach me to act ‘in Love’ and compassion.

 I am very grateful that my work is helping to grow and learn to be a better person! It is a great gift! 


Which kind of difficulties you had to face?

The first barrier to break was to talk about my feelings and beliefs on my ‘working’ environment: In my professional life I was very disciplined and would never show my human side. As the role I was playing as a consultant, I had to be very effective, strategic, having everything under control…

Then my belief that integrating the Love message in a fashion collection was not going to be understood in the way I meant it. This is why it took me more than 1 year to start it. And I was so wrong! Everyday I receive confirmations that people gets the message very clear.

My will to build a respectful and sustainable collaboration has turned on an irrespectful and unfulfilled supplier, as they are not used to this kind of approach. I need to improve it for the future!

Now my aim is to reach more people with this message! So, today I’m studying marketing, communication, while finding the right partner on these areas.

But I guess this is just the start, so I am open to learn and break down more walls, meet new special people with joy and love!


Be Okay! Health Food Restaurant

Eating healthy is not out of fashion! Welcome to Be Okay!

We were used to think that every aliment capable of being defined as “tasty” is evil for our health and dramatically rich in calories! This way of thinking is over. Dining in Be Okay is not a choice only for Vegans, celiacs, or vegetarians, it is a valid option for customers who care about their health and are ready to try an overwhelming culinary moment, we know very well that eyes and taste buds deserve to be treated in a proper way.


Be Okay welcomes you with a warm smile in a sunny and friendly environment, feeling comfortable is a joke in this Paraguayan rustic chic restaurant, rich in colors and vintage decorations, recalling the power of Green and Mother Nature. Happy, powerful, and healthy are the recurring keywords of the house of Green in the young city of Asuncion. Their main goal is to feed you with sugar, lactose and gluten – free food! What a challenge!

“In Be Okay we offer healthy and nutritious drinks and food, perfectly in harmony with the nature and all beings on our planet. We don’t use any animal origin product, we work day and night to increase the quality of life of everyone choosing a peaceful, eco-friendly, rich in love and healthy alimentation. A wide variety of  fresh and natural super nutritious and exotic juices. Green and powerful juices as well as shots of wheat grass, natural ferments and milkshakes with vegetable milk.

Furthermore, organic wines and beer placed aside the incredible Mostojito, Mojito made of sweet reed juice. The menu offers an explosion of intense tastes from salads, pizzas, pasta and desserts; Wraps, Sandwiches, 1471774_340244546155470_7263257824094452730_nHamburguesitas, Fresh salads, Pizzas, traditional dishes like Mbeju, Mbeju KESU DOBLE, Chipa Guasu, Sopa Paraguaya, Chipa piru, Picadas and much more… you cannot even imagine.

Be Okay definitely presents an innovative and powerful gastronomic experience, complete and rich in life. Delivery is also an option!”

Let us chat with the owner of Be Okay, Fiorella Migliore.

Why the choice of not having a website but this strong presence on social media?

Want me to tell the truth? We haven’t had the time to do a website since we opened! And it seems, people, and especially our public, are very familiarized with social networks in these days. We love being this close with them, and having them more as friends than costumers. I feel social networks make the connection closer and that’s what Be Okay’s supposed to have.

Why do you always use these words, happiness, health, love, power. What do they mean for you?

They are the north for us, as team. It’s how we want to see the world and the people. Healthy, happy, full of love and power. This is what surrounds me since I joined this lifestyle and is what I want to share with everybody.


When have you decided to go vegan?

I didn’t decide to be vegan. It just came to me as the light at the end of the tunnel. I arrived there step by step following a natural and self love path. I prefer not using tags, they seem to create a distance with others. But I totally agree and support vegan philosophy. I want to live healthy and many years, I love animals, I want to fight and to stop global warming (as the farmed animal industry is the biggest cause of it) and I don’t want bad karma: this is why I changed my lifestyle. I want to be coherent with my feelings of love and gratitude with the life I have been given, and with the earth that is our home, and what I eat, wear, do or say, is how I manifest it.

What is it so special about Paraguay and Asuncion?

The rhythm of life, the nice and warm people, the nature, the opportunities and the flavors of fruits and veggies. Haha!

How much Italian kitchen influenced this choice to open a restaurant and the menus?

Maybe not for the opening but yes we have many Italian options, my babbo pushed me to add Italian flavors and those are just amazing, and please tell me: who doesn’t LOVE Italian FOOD?!

How is the restaurant going so far?

Super good. People are happy to have this option and to start learning about this new- but- ancestral lifestyle. We keep changing many things as the time goes by and We enjoy creating and innovating.

Which satisfaction gave you until today?

Thinking globally, it feels like giving birth and having a baby. Be okay is actually our baby. And it’s satisfying watching him making his first steps. And growing so fast!

What was so difficult about managing a restaurant of this kind?

The day by day is the most difficult part. Offering a service is like riding a roller coaster! And even more when it is about food. It’s not like a shop that once it’s time, you just close and go home. But it’s good if you like adrenaline.

Be Okay Health Food Restaurant Paraguay1896902_338715256308399_2679545085930139271_n

Doctor Hassler, Cruz del Chaco Asuncion, Paraguay

+595-213275667 / Monday closed

Tue – Fri 8:30am – 10:30pm / Sat – Sun 9am – 11pm / Sat – Sun 9am – 11pm