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Why Vienna, I’m Charmed



Fresh off a trip to Vienna, three words resound in my head:
 what a city. 


As a frequent traveler, I’ve always travelled with a lot of expectations. It was heavier than my baggage… and I almost always overpack. But this time was different. I arrived with a new mindset, a focus on the present and virtually no social media presence. But that’s another story. The bottom line? Travel will never be the same. I was stunned. The people, the energy, the nature, sights and sounds…


Day One


My friend Ana and I meandered through the city center, taking in as much as possible on very little sleep. With only three days in Vienna, we aimed to cover lots of ground. We walked through countless parks and reveled in the vibes of historic cathedrals and hotels. There were so many magnificent spots – including the café at Hotel Sacher. Tip: Request to be seated inside. It’s much more beautiful than the tiny room with windows facing the street. The only bonus in that section is the sunlight streaming inside. Then we headed to Prater amusement park to play like kids and boost our energy.

Vienna City Center
The Albertina Museum
The Albertina Museum

Prater was filled with locals, tourists, families and couples alike. I discovered SchokoMuseum Vienna, very similar to the ChocoMuseos in Peru. I bought delicious Madagascar dark chocolate, though there were far more options in Lima. This was the only low sugar, dark chocolate variety I could find. At Prater, we found rides for visitors of all levels of courage. Visit to scream, get soaked, challenge your brain or fulfill a need for speed. It’s a great spot for groups – everyone leaves happy. However the queen of the show, as elegant as Sisi herself, is the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. It’s picture-taking heaven, offering sweeping views of the park and surrounding neighborhoods – complete with a surprising abundance of trees.

Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel View
Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel View

There are so many reasons why I’d return to Vienna, husband in tow. Prater is one of them. The ferris wheel offers a Swarovski-sponsored car for a romantic, champagne-fueled dinner for two. Swoon.

Day Two


Landstrasse Vienna
Landstraße, 3rd municipal District of Vienna.

We hopped onto the Vienna Metro, the cleanest I’ve seen, and arrived in Landstraße to spend the afternoon at Belvedere. Approaching the property, we were transported from a major metropolitan boulevard to the magical gardens of the Palace Stables. Friends caught up on landscape-backed benches, families gathered for picnics, couples took in the view. It was like stepping into a Seurat styled circa 2018. Appreciation for Belvedere’s beauty coursed through the air.

Belvedere Gardens and Orangery
Belvedere Gardens and Orangery

Behind the glorious structure were even more gardens, leading to the Orangery for special exhibitions. What a sight. Finally, we made our way through the Palace Stables’ interiors taking in works by the likes of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Max Klinger, Maximilian Reinitz and Hundertwasser. Of course Belvedere itself is a work of art with phenomenal architectural details, frescoes and views. Make this your first stop in Vienna if you’re an old soul or passionate about the arts!

Gustav Klimt at Belvedere Vienna
Gustav Klimt at Belvedere Vienna
Inside Belvedere Palace
Inside Belvedere Palace











Next was the gorgeous Innere Stadt neighborhood, recalling images of Milano’s Brera. It was there we found Kotor Eat&Drink, the UNESCO-protected seaside city and Ana’s hometown. We discovered the owner, a man from Belgrade, has a home on the Bay of Kotor. We actually heard much more Serbian than English on this trip. I’ve been told there are over 1 million people from Serbia or of Serbian descent living in Vienna. It appears to be true!

Kotor Eat & Drink Vienna


We found ourselves at the MuseumsQuartier again, a grand square flanked by four museums (including twin structures opposite one another, the Kunsthistorisches Museum -Art History Museum and the Naturhistorische Museum, Natural History Museum). The square that was so subdued with picture-taking tourists a day earlier, was now filled with partygoers of all ages for a holiday afternoon rave. What a sight to see: young partygoers, parents dancing with their children and random travelers like us. The scene was Vienna in a nutshell. There’s an optimism and warmth that permeates the people. And artistic freedom is respected from classical to trance.

Then it was off to eat for the third time in two days at Veggiez. It’s a hip and super tasty vegan restaurant just steps away from the Vienna State Opera with a friendly staff and laidback vibe. A few more rounds in the city center, and we discovered quite a few gems- all closed for the May 1st holiday. Rare book shops. Fine African art. We drank up each window with wonder.

Before heading back to the hotel, it was more sightseeing, last-minute shopping and a second and final vegan ice cream run at Veganista. Definitely check out the Neubau District for cool concept stores, vintage/retro fashion – even costumes.


Day Three

Schönbrunn Palace 2        Schönbrunn Palace



We finally, we arrived to the UNESCO-protected Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn, where the fabulous Empress Elisabeth of Austria (a.k.a. Sisi) once called home – and before her, Maria Theresa. We started with the exterior grounds, which sprawled on and on and on. I think I’d need a full week in the gardens alone to fully experience every corner, path and turn. When you go, you’ll find a dramatic lookout point, exquisite fountains, masterfully-sculpted statues, a labyrinth and more. Yes, a labyrinth. So dreamy. And there was something about the primarily young, female staff of gardeners and preservationists, that underscored the progressive nature of the city.

A Restoration Project in the Schönbrunn Gardens
A Restoration Project in the Schönbrunn Garden
Art in the Gardens of Schönbrunn
Art in the Gardens of Schönbrunn

As for the palace interiors, they’re nothing short of magic. A wonder made even more special by a photography ban. We explored 20 rooms or so but the palace is home to over 1,000! Schönbrunn tugs at the imagination with a voyage into the daily lives of Sisi, Maria Theresa and their families. I was transported through time, imagining myself dancing long ago in the palace ballroom. Mozart famously performed in the Mirror Hall for Maria Theresa. He was only 6 years old.

We went on to end the trip at Designer Outlet Parndorf, a colorful village of shops about 40 minutes from Vienna. We were greeted by top-quality outlets from the likes of Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Scotch & Soda, Nike and Prada.

When I do return to Vienna, I’ll just need my husband, a few evening dresses and at least two nights of music at the Vienna State Opera and Vienna Konzerthaus. Until then, dear Wien…


Chanoa Tarle Copywriter


About Chanoa Tarle

Chanoa Tarle is a freelance copywriter, journalist and editor specializing in fashion and luxury goods/lifestyle.

Her work has appeared in magazines including ELEVATE and Luxury Hoteliers and she’s written for an inspiring list of companies including Scaling Retail and Neiman Marcus.

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Anja Lauermann

“Don’t think too much. Just do it! You only know whether it works if you give it a try.”

Hallo Anja! Can you introduce yourself?!

Hi! I’m a fashion designer with my own fashion label. I’m 28 years old and living in Lower Austria, close to Vienna.

How/when did you start and where does your passion come from?

I studied fashion design at “Die Herbststraße” in Vienna and graduated in 2011. I established my own fashion label and opened my own shop in Stockerau – near Vienna – in 2012. I love creating something new related to fashion and the feeling that comes with it!

What would you say to somebody who have a dream like yours?

Don’t think too much. Just do it! You only know whether it works if you give it a try.

Do you have a place/city in which you feel more inspired and why?

Vienna is a source of continuous inspiration for me.
For instance, think about the Salzkammergut which is an area with beautiful lakes. Over there, I can immerse myself in a precious silence that rewards me with a new strength. Unlike other cities in Austria, Vienna is quieter and more convenient.

How do you concretely keep in touch with the world?

Primarily, I use my Facebook page, Instagram and my website. I post about upcoming events, photos of the new collections designed by the other Austrian creatives represented in my multi- label store and also my creations. Once a month I reach my customers with the newsletter.

Moreover, I sell my collections in other shops in Vienna, on the new onlineshop for Austrian fashion design LIEBLINGSBRAND and on different fashion markets in Vienna.

What makes you different?

I want to create fashion for every day and every type of woman. It’s also very important for me that my collections are produced in a fair and ethical way and that my customers are aware of this.

Projects for the future.

In the future I want to concentrate more on the international market.

3 words to describe you and your art and why.

Classic, feminine, elegant.

Simple feminine elegance gets in touch with avantgarde and a breeze of minimalism. The combination of discreet colors, innovative patterns, extravagant details and selected materials turn into timeless design. It’s important for me that my fashion is classic. If you buy a dress of a new collection, you can also wear it after 3 years. My fashion should be combinable. You can wear a blouse with jeans and get the casual look or you can wear it with a black pencil skirt and it looks feminine and elegant.

To know more about her collections click here

Anja Lauermann


Johnny K. Palmer

The biggest lesson I learned is that you can’t do everything alone!  You need a good team around you.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, as the eldest son of a Jamaican pastor, Johnny was raised with music all around him. His earliest memories of performing were those of his family of eight caroling in their Austrian neighborhood on cold Christmas nights. As caroling is mostly unknown in Europe, they were often greeted by bewildered stares upon ringing the doorbells and had to convince the confused neighbors that they were not singing for money. “Whenever we sang I would see people’s faces light up and I realized that it only took so much to make someone happy.”

Growing up mainly in Vienna, Austria, as well as regularly traveling all over Europe while accompanying his father on his many journeys, gave him a multi-cultural worldview. This approach had a meaningful influence on Johnny’s style of performance. His openness and ability to create an almost immediate connection to his audience is fascinating to experience. It is impossible to be a passive bystander once Johnny makes his entrance.

The first step toward his musical career began through his love for dancing. At the age of thirteen he formed his first HipHop dance group, and soon started composing his first rap lines which eventually led to more. After receiving an offer for a record deal with Universal Music Austria as part of a boy-band project, he consequently went on to sign with Universal releasing 2 singles, an album, and touring Austria as one of the 4 members of the group “JetztAnders”.

Johnny played countless shows and events in Germany, Holland, Rumania, France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, USA, Jamaica as well as his native countries Austria and Hungary. He gained experience and “know-how” by sharing stages with big names like Delirious, T-Bone, Jermaine Jackson, Kevin Max and Kirk Franklin and worked with TV networks (RTL, ORF, Puls4…etc) as well as major companies (McDonalds, Nike, YWAM Kayiko,…etc.). Johnny Palmer starred in the German-Austrian Motion Picture “Kottan Ermittelt” (2010). And the video for his single “Break Away” made it into the top 10 charts all around Europe. This lead to his nomination for the 2012 VIVA COMET AWARD in the Category BEST NEW ARTIST.  Also a very active songwriter, he has worked for internationally known TV formats like XFactor, The Voice, Megastar and the Eurovision Song Contest.

 “Lightyears”  official video :

Date of birth

I was born on May 30th 1984 in Budapest.

Was a beautiful initiative as a family to go door by door and sing for the Austrian Families during Christmas, why this choice?

Christmas Caroling is an American tradition that we were already accustomed to from television and other American Culture media references. My father didn’t have to explain anything to us. My mom’s family lives in America and in Jamaica they have a lot of American traditions too so I guess that’s how it became part of our family traditions as well!

 What would you suggest to who is out there and would like to follow your same career?

Be diligent and never give up! Talent alone will only get you so far but talent paired with commitment and hard work will go a long way!

What do you feel when you are on stage?

When you are on stage it is about transmitting an emotion and getting a response! So if the audience responds well you feel energized and are able to give back an even higher emotion. But there are always cases when the audience does not respond well (or at least not in the way you expect them too) in this case being on stage can be very frustrating! Generally I think people come to a music event to shift the focus from everyday trouble and the worries of life… so when on stage our mission is to help the crowd to do that! We take them away into a different world with us where they can forget their everyday life for an hour or two. Also often music brings up memories from the past, memories that tie you to big emotions.

Each one of us face several obstacles on the way to reach our dreams: which obstacles gave you troubles or difficulties and how did you manage them?

The main obstacles are lack of knowledge and experience, then you have lack of contacts and off course money! The biggest lesson I learnt is that you can’t do everything alone!

You need a good team around you.

Only then can you make progress! Over the years I studied myself and made a honest assessment of what it is I am good at and where it is that I need help. And then I went out and looked for people that do those things better than I do. A big point also is you have to be a good communicator, you have to know what you want and be able to convince people to join you in the mission of achieving that goal. Find out what it is that makes you valuable and find people that are willing to trade that value for something they have that is valuable to you!

You find Johnny K. Palmer on FACEBOOKMYSPACE and YOUTUBE