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“We have a whole life to draw beautiful clothes and to sell them. But we have only a few moments to sew and print our emotions on them.”


Let’s discover more about LILLE FERRARO MAISON and the project behind it, above all about Luana Ferraro, the brain and fashion designer of it.

“I could write for hours about it, I really love to write and maybe it depends on my genetic (there is a poet in my family!) but time is running out, that is why I will try to describe myself in a few words. I am curious, stubborn, capable, and ingenious.
I live my life full of passion: I strongly believe that the work in this sector has improved myself and elevated my spirit, giving me the opportunity to develop many and different points of views and thousands artistic sides.

At this stage in my career, commitments are many, but the thing that I continue to love the most is to sit on the lawn of the Place des Vosges in Paris with pencil in the hand and a breathtaking view, just me and my art. Yes, I love Paris, it leaves me breathless every time.”

How was the idea of LILLE FERRARO MAISON born?

It is a concept of different ideas that encompasses the brand of Lille Ferraro Maison and Lille Ferraro “Fatto in Italia”. For me, advising as a wardrobe consultant was only a little hobby and a great passion that later became a beautiful and challenging job. I created outfits for my clients, and through email, social media and the website, they can send their requests and budget. It is incredible how with a small budget you can still create a wonderful outfit! 

Do you remember when you had the flash of inspiration and you thought that your dream could become true?

I did not understand it exactly, but I think that it was always inside me.

My brand has an identity or leitmotiv, if we want call it that, and it is well-structured and clear for the final consumer. A minimalist style and bohemian at the same time: because I am a lover of fabrics, I prefer and choose only natural fibers and plants, my collections are small treasures of haute couture guarded throughout time. My woman smells of lavender flowers and cotton, keeps her hair natural, and wears silk, cashmere and angora socks. It’s a strong woman, sensitive, cosmopolitan who has taste and style and likes to mix vintage pieces with clothes from Lille Ferraro.

How to you find the inspiration?

Part of my inspiration comes from deep within me and from nature, traveling, colors and a thousand shades of everyday life.

What is your philosophy?

The brand was born from the creative mind and the pencil of Luana Ferraro – fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant, creator of the company “Lille Ferraro Maison” and designer of it. The brand embodies sophistication and attention to everything that is natural.

The strength of the brand is the authenticity of the materials used in the creation of every collections. Plant materials and organic fibers make this label a perfect combination of art and passion for fashion. Completely handmade in Italy, the Lille Ferraro relies on the expert hands of artisans and competent professionals for the realization of each piece.

The extreme attention to detail combined with the creativity makes the brand up- to- date, sophisticated and “Ecologically Friendly”.

What are the biggest difficulties that you found on your way?

Unfortunately there are many difficulties: first of all the market, which because of the crisis became divided in two categories, luxury and commercial products of low-end. For creative talents and emerging designers the road is very rough. But I am pleased to have found my niche.

What do people like most of your job?

I think first and foremost the quality, extreme attention to details, high fashion with regard to the brand Lille Ferraro.

My clients say that I am able to understand savvy their tastes: I have a lot of patience, I love to listen to women and girls who need help to rebuild their wardrobe, but underlying it is all about the great love and effort that I put into making my work.

Do you want to spread a message with your art?


My personal impression? At the moment Luana is talking as you’re listening, you can think that you now know something about her, but she is already taking steps forward; she is continuously changing and evolving. Today we learned something about her… lets see how she will surprise us down- the- line!

LILLE FERRARO handmade collections, made with heart, in Italy (Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna)

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Ombraluna Vintage is an online shop with vintage clothes and accessories from all around the world. Every item has a story to tell and an emotion to give. Find your favourite one!”


I (Giuseppina) am a seamstress who likes to describe herself as “empirical”. I’ve been sewing since I was 7 years old and I’ve been a vintage collector since I was 12. I started to collect the old clothes of my mother and my aunts and I attended the flea markets of my city, Cagliari, with my father from my earliest years. The most famous of these was the one at the Bastione in Cagliari. I remember my Sundays as always accompanied by an urge for exploration and adventure.

How did you start?

I started Ombraluna Vintage in the summer of 2012, but it was something that I had been wanting to do for years. The combination of my two great passions – sewing and vintage – is the root of Ombraluna. The name is a fusion of words that came to me during some long hours in a waiting room. A lucky epiphany in a constant white noise which proved to me that creativity had no barriers.

Where do you go for shopping?

The search of clothes happens in a selective and random way at the same time. Selective because it is important for me that all the clothes and accessories are of excellent quality, random because I let myself be guided by what I usually call the fluid, a kind of invisible motor that shows me where to go and what to buy. It never fails. Markets and private lockers are my kingdom. It’s of great importance to me that I know the story of the item itself. I firmly believe that there is always something behind the choice of a dress. The background of the person who has previously worn that particular item is often connected to the object itself. It’s like an ongoing dialectical and emotional relationship. The clothes always have a soul and a story to tell. All clothes and accessories from “Ombraluna Vintage” have been professionally cleaned and and repaired. Repairing is one of the things that fascinates me the most in my job and I give it a lot of importance and time. It feels like an exercise of style and patience and it binds me deeply to the materials on which I work.


I believe that everyone has the right to express their personality through their own vision of fashion and style. I have always been against the strict rules of fashion. To me, vintage is about absolute freedom. No size nor particular style is better than other. I love everything that is colorful, special and evokes an emotion or a memory. This is also the origin of my passion. I love seeing the life that clothes can give and I love giving life to clothes.

You find Ombraluna Vintage here: