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“I don’t see myself as a disabled but as a brave young man differently skilled like anyone else in doing some things well and others badly”



K-Lab is a very special differently creative laboratory, which develops high profile design and communication projects thanks to the unexpected skills of differently able young people, recognising their professional value, channelling their recourses productively toward the business world and giving their talent the dignity and economic recognition it deserves.

A project where different becomes a resource.


The project has emerged from a mum-designer in love with the mind and heart of her special kid, an art director with the desire of shaping a dream, plus a bunch of other sensitive people that were able to listen, to see beyond the appearances and believe in the project.

It was born from the desire to not let down and not leaving alone the families and the kids, but most of all,  the will was not waste their professional talent.


To promote the culture of the uniqueness of the individual and promote diversity as a resource. To give a voice to the rich and profound inner world of those who had been forced into silence due to different disabilities.

To economically support the activities that these special young people do: philosophy groups, publishing of their work (written with the use of the Facilitated Communication technique), theatre projects, sport activities, assisted homework and training courses. The dream is to create a social cooperative that can become a workplace worthy of these differently special young people and to give them a daily life that is full, creative and stimulating.

This projects gives back to the economy and business a new ethic soul. It is not charity nor assistance but a financial investment that is reflected in credibility and transparency. It is a working project but also a human growth path. Working alongside these kids fill the heart and the soul.


All the design projects are thought of and written by K-Lab young people. They are a group of young people that can’t speak due to motor handicaps or behavioral disturbances and who are able to express themselves and tell their story only through writing thanks to FACILITATED COMMUNICATION. This is an Alphabetical Augmented Communication Language technique which allows them, after training, hard work and a lot of practice, to break their silence. A staff of designers, architects and professionals coordinates the creative management, the graphics and the projects.


A COMPANY: work with us in the production of design objects o special communication projects.

AN INDIVIDUAL: you can purchase a product, you can make a donation or become friend with K-Lab.


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