Our project comes from the desire of a new team to test itself. We are professionals women with diverse backgrounds, united by the passion for fashion photography. This shooting is part of a wider project in which we wanted to bring to light three various kind of femininity. This last photoshooting, resulted very sophisticated for the utilization of lightweight garments designed by the Fashion Designer Manuel Ferrari. The shooting was taken both in the studio and in the house of the artist in Reggio Emilia where the retro- style furnishings contributed to create a romantic mood. The model is Tanya Davolio, an Italian and Venezuelan beauty. Get to know the team:


GIULIA MARGHERITA FERRARI     Manuel_Ferrari©Alessandra_Calo36 Manuel_Ferrari©Alessandra_Calo38

E-commerce stylist. Still life and lookbook stylist, dresser, shooting coordinator, visual merchandiser.

She graduated with a degree in architecture. Her style favors clean lines with repeated references to art and food.








 She creates artworks between contemporary art and photography.

In her works, she brings to light ancient printing techniques and she re-interpretes pre-existing material such as family portraits and archival documents.

So romantic as we love!






 Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

As a professional make up instructor she teaches the art of cosmetology to students in Formart. She collaborated with Sky Italia, Rai Italia, AGIDI Production Company, several artists as Vinicio Caposela, Paolo Rossi, Lucia Vasini, Antonella LoCoco, Le Donatella, and the Italo-American  production team of the movie “Romeo & Giulietta”. She currently works for Max Mara Group and other Fashion Companies as Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist.






Haute Couture Fashion Designer. He designs ready-to-wear poetry for women. Aside from his private collection, he works for Twin Set Fashion Company.

 Discover His Story on DM and contact him HERE .