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5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter


By Chanoa Tarle

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as if there are only two types of people in this world: those who love to write and everyone else. If the latter applies to you, you probably have countless stories to share – procrastinating to the very last moment, walking away from your laptop in frustration or tossing tons of balled up starts and stops in the wastebasket. Hopefully that’s recycled paper! Though my love for writing is in complete contrast as a freelance copywriter, that doesn’t mean I don’t understand your pain.

Pretty much anything has the potential to become torture if you’re not into it, heart and soul. Combine that with little practice (because you “love it” so much), less time reading your favorite books and a business, department or projects to run and it becomes clear that it’s time to bring in help. Even if you do love to write, your workload as a fashion brand founder, marketing executive or content manager means you may need assistance from time to time.
So without further ado, here are five reasons to call a professional freelance copywriter to step in.

1. Boost Your Level of Professionalism.

Along with on-brand, impactful imagery, there’s nothing like tight copy with the right spelling, grammar and syntax to show you mean business. Not only will you not be taken seriously by consumers, potential collaborators, members of the press or other key figures, but poorly written copy can affect your rankings in major search engines.  

And how neutral can you be about your own brand? 

A great copywriter knows how to balance the fine line of championing your products and services without the bias that could be difficult for you to avoid. It’s a simple process. Give the writer the details (project type/goal, project scope, special considerations, support material, deadline) and he or she can hit the ground running. If you’re fresh out of ideas but you need a new content strategy, some writers even offer consulting.

2. Save Time.

Professional writers need a lot less time to come up with effective, on-brand copy. Simply share your project ideas and aims and they’ll take it out of your hands. You’ll be left with more time to spend on efforts like marketing, accounting and design. Begin the relationship with a briefing on the essentials – your target audience, brand essence, products/services, company history and anything else important for them to know. If you have branding or copywriting guidelines describing your desired style and tone, share those resources too. Finally, make sure to share your marketing objectives with every assignment. You’ll reduce the odds for revisions and keep everyone on the same page.

As a bonus, saving money goes hand in hand with saving time!

3. Enhance Your Industry Expertise. 

Hire a freelance copywriter who specializes in your field. When a writer focuses on a single niche or two, he or she is sure to be up to date with the latest industry trends, news and innovations – from both the consumer-facing and B2B spheres. They consume insights and/or participate with the industry in some capacity each and every day, via the likes of trade publications, industry events and industry-relevant resources. An expert will elevate your brand with a creative and informed approach. You need someone who knows your industry to a tee or an expert researcher/quick study.

4. Plan and Pivot with Flexibility. 

Working with a professional freelance copywriter opens up a world of opportunities. They understand how to write and edit for a myriad of projects and occasions, such as this brief list below.

website copy

advertising copy

case studies


sponsored content

white papers

content marketing strategy

proofreading and editing

 5. Make the Sale.

Sales copy should be reserved for professionals who know how to persuade. The right copywriter will pitch what you have to sell in an interesting, engaging and savvy fashion. Alluring email copy, irresistible product descriptions, effective calls to action (CTA)… your writer can make it happen. He or she understands which occasions and products/services call for the harder sell and which require more of a subtle motivation. However, sales copy isn’t the only money-generating copy. Even a tool such as an engaging, regularly updated and properly-optimized blog can drive traffic, increase leads and build brand loyalty.

Learn how to enhance your business, read the secrets of Copywriting with Chanoa Tarle.

Learn how to enhance your business, read the secrets of Copywriting with Chanoa Tarle.


About Chanoa Tarle

Chanoa Tarle is a freelance copywriter, journalist and editor specializing in fashion and luxury goods/lifestyle.

Her work has appeared in magazines including ELEVATE and Luxury Hoteliers and she’s written for an inspiring list of companies including Scaling Retail and Neiman Marcus.

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