Andres Carne de Res


Why is Andrés Carne de Res Restaurant so unique?

Andrés Carne de Res is a place where you can feel the magic, breathe creativity and feel happiness in every corner. It has become the favorite destination for a lot of Colombians and tourists.

What is the inspiration for the design of Andrés spaces?

In Andrés we have multiple styles. It is very important for us to create a pleasant environment for our customers, where we can assure their well-being, comfort, and the chance to be surprised at each visit. This is why we reinvent ourselves constantly.

How was your restaurant born?

33 years ago (June 21st, 1982) Andres and his wife Stella decided to build a dream which today is Andrés Carne de Res. It started as a small business that became their means of subsistence. At the beginning they only had 6 tables; Andrés was the parrillero (the person selecting the music), and was also handling various other tasks, while Stella was serving the customers. Gradually, with effort, hard work and dedication they made it and the restaurant became what it is today.

What are your guests looking for?

En Andrés Carne de Res our dinner guests find a one of a kind environment that represents Colombian idiosyncrasy. It’s like being in a smaller Colombia; the decoration and the magic of the venue are aspects that pleasantly surprise our visitors. Our customers are looking for fun, party, good food, a great environment and this is what we want to give to them.

What is the Capricious Wednesday and how does it work?

It is a party which occurs every Wednesday where we aim to promote the house special cocktails so they can circulate more during this day. The idea was born to celebrate an alternative Rumba experience for all those people who were in Bogotá who wanted to spend a great time among family and friends.

What is the “chosen driver”, how does this service work?

Thinking about our dinner guests’ well-being and our responsibility toward them, we elected a sort of taxi service. In this system, a driver makes an agreement with the customer gets a ride home if he just drank alcohol. We don’t want any of our customers to be unsafe or to risk a fine going back home from a nice evening with us.

Where are your restaurants located in Colombia? Would you  like to expand internationally, if yes, where?

You can find Andrés Carne de Res en Chía, half an hour far from Bogotá. Andrés D.C. is located in Bogotá. Our next project is to open also in Panamá shortly.

Let’s talk about Colombian Food and which products and services you offer to your guests.

We offer a wide menu with more than 500 choices of starters, side dishes, main courses, salads, soups, desserts and more. From typical Colombian food prepared with ingredients grown on Colombian soil, to dishes from international gastronomy, adapted with an Andresiano touch.

El sabor de Colombia en una “Arepa de choclo” from Animal Gourmet on Vimeo.

Andrés Jaramillo, creador y propietario del restaurante Andrés Carne de Res (, comparte con Animal Gourmet el secreto de sus deliciosas arepas de choclo.

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