Anja Lauermann

“Don’t think too much. Just do it! You only know whether it works if you give it a try.”

Hallo Anja! Can you introduce yourself?!

Hi! I’m a fashion designer with my own fashion label. I’m 28 years old and living in Lower Austria, close to Vienna.

How/when did you start and where does your passion come from?

I studied fashion design at “Die Herbststraße“ in Vienna and graduated in 2011. I established my own fashion label and opened my own shop in Stockerau – near Vienna – in 2012. I love creating something new related to fashion and the feeling that comes with it!

What would you say to somebody who have a dream like yours?

Don’t think too much. Just do it! You only know whether it works if you give it a try.

Do you have a place/city in which you feel more inspired and why?

Vienna is a source of continuous inspiration for me.
For instance, think about the Salzkammergut which is an area with beautiful lakes. Over there, I can immerse myself in a precious silence that rewards me with a new strength. Unlike other cities in Austria, Vienna is quieter and more convenient.

How do you concretely keep in touch with the world?

Primarily, I use my Facebook page, Instagram and my website. I post about upcoming events, photos of the new collections designed by the other Austrian creatives represented in my multi- label store and also my creations. Once a month I reach my customers with the newsletter.

Moreover, I sell my collections in other shops in Vienna, on the new onlineshop for Austrian fashion design LIEBLINGSBRAND and on different fashion markets in Vienna.

What makes you different?

I want to create fashion for every day and every type of woman. It’s also very important for me that my collections are produced in a fair and ethical way and that my customers are aware of this.

Projects for the future.

In the future I want to concentrate more on the international market.

3 words to describe you and your art and why.

Classic, feminine, elegant.

Simple feminine elegance gets in touch with avantgarde and a breeze of minimalism. The combination of discreet colors, innovative patterns, extravagant details and selected materials turn into timeless design. It’s important for me that my fashion is classic. If you buy a dress of a new collection, you can also wear it after 3 years. My fashion should be combinable. You can wear a blouse with jeans and get the casual look or you can wear it with a black pencil skirt and it looks feminine and elegant.

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Anja Lauermann