TOMASO ANFOSSI & FRANCESCO FERRARI are the designers behind the Italian brand CO|TE… Let’s discover more about them!

Co|Te means protection and refuge. Why have you chosen these two concepts?

Co|Te bears two different meanings in the English language, one is protection and the second is refuge, but in Italian, it identifies the stone that is used to sharpen the blade of knives. We were intrigued by this double meaning, it is definitely a representation of our two different but complementary natures.

What event drove you towards fashion design?

We don’t recall a precise moment when all the magic started, but we always had this passion and intuition for art in all its aspects and form. It is a passion born with us that we fed together with our passion for photography, painting and cinema. This whole universe drove us in the understanding that design was the form of art that could represent us the best.

Have you ever thought of reaching this point when you first started?

We always believed in our idea, as we say often “If you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to do it.” We are truly satisfied by our progresses and ready to establish new milestones.

How did you choose each other?

We started naturally as friends, then as associates in this adventure. Being two is our strenght, being a duo drives us to a continuos needed for confrontation, resulting in growth.

Why have you chosen womenswear?

We never had to make a choice, it was clear from the beginning  that we were more attracted to the women universe, and our purpose revealed  itself as a proposition of our vision of a contemporary fashion seen through the eyes of two young designers.

What would you changed in the fashion world? What could be your contribution to a better development of this industry?

Our contribution is to bring the fashion industry knowledge of Made in Italy products. We aim to target a different audience whom we intend to conquer by offering the quality of products Made in Italy; this is what can save this system and make the difference.

Who are the fashion designers or artists who inspired you during your career?

Diverse and artistically far from each other are ur sources of inspiration. Photographers like Thomas Struth, and artists like Alex Katz, lets us add movie directors like François Ozon and Tim Burton.

If you could go back, what mistakes would you avoid?

Absolutely Nothing. It makes no sense going back to avoid the mistakes you have done, they are part of the game and it is ok to deal with them.

DM loves to inspire the readers, we would like to share an encouragement phrase with you.

Insist… Resist… Get there and Win it all!

Check their website and their marvelous collections here: www.co-te.com