It’s time for Cucire insieme



In these days, where masks and walls weaken our sense of belonging to a multi-ethnic and multicultural society, we are so proud to introduce an AIW project which is supported by Déshabillé Magazine and TFP.
The Association for the Integration of Women (AIW) is born, as the name suggests, to promote social policies dedicated to migrant women, focusing upon their integration into working life.
In these difficult times, since the Covid-19 advent, AIW, supported by Déshabillé Magazine and The Fashion Propellant’s team developed the project Cucire insieme, where immigrant women with tailor skills create sustainable and re-usable masks given in exchange of a donation that will help the AIW developing more projects in order to train and support even more women.
As for the mask designs, a contest promoted by DM and TFP has been launched, involving young and talented fashion designers who answered with creativity and smart ideas. Three of them will be chosen as a winner in different categories which are inclusivity, design, and feasibility.

Are you ready to know more about our participants?


AGNESE ANTE @agneseante

Born in Modena, she is 27 years old and a fashion , with her project “superhero masks” she wants to bring collection ready to show a smile to everyone. Agnese will remind the whole world of its super-powers. Will you accept her challenge?


FEDERICO DEL RISTORO @derry_by_federicodelristoro

Figuratively speaking, he was born under the sewing machine of his grandmother, in the wonderful city of Bologna. Fashion called and Federico replied; for the #CucireInsieme campaign, he created a washable mask with an integrated filter and visor to protect the eyes from any possible Covid19 contagion.


GRAZIA IEVA @graziaieva

She decided to focus her talent on inclusivity, something we have seen rarely during this pandemic event. Her masks allow deaf-mute people to be protected but also to communicate easily with the world. Her mask is made of a faux leather band and a see-through bottom. Grazia believes in the power of positivity, seen as a powerful tool to face this crisis.



Italian expat and world traveler, he is an expert in menswear design and web design. His print conveys the message of freedom, hope and fraternal union through the symbol of this graceful swallow. Stay strong and fly over your fears, this period will end soon.


EILEEN @eileen_akbaraly / @made4awoman

Half Italian and Indian, bred in Madagascar. With her fashion brand, Made4awoman, she brings her female social project in support of this Italian female social project in Modena, AIW. Made For A Woman was created to empower the Malagasy women and promote its beautiful art to the world while ensuring a better future for their children. The mask she shared with us is inspired by her most iconic bag, the Adala bag. Inspired by the beautiful and vibrant colors found in Africa.


ELVIRA MARRA @elvimarra

She is 27 years old from Avellino, she studied at the Fashion Academy in one of the most famous and scenic cities of the world, Naples. She is the real deal when it comes to technical, versatile and sustainable projects. Fashion is art, pure expression of our deepest selves but it needs to be developed together with technology in order to be impactful. This is how Elvira manifests her passion.



 He’s one of our youngest participants, he was drawn to this project because of his Aemilian roots. Emilia is a region where small fashion brands flourish at their full potential before moving to Milan. His masks were created to enable kids to enjoy other people’s and mum’s smiles and expressions, something that at an early age can help them feel safer.


  EDRA CRUZEIRO @edracruzeiro

A Portuguese graphic designer who revealed to us her sparkle by creating one of the cutest print we saw so far. Her Bunny masks represent family, whether is made by relatives or friends, Edra brings a sweet light to this difficult period. Remember who you love and smile with them every time you have the chance.



She is a talented seamstress and young mum from Cameroon, living in Modena. Her mask is definitely functional with a clean design,it features an internal opening and it is made of 3 fabrics. The internal opening allows the possible insertion of a filter for better efficiency. Thumbs up!