It’s time for Cucire Insieme

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In these days, where masks and walls weaken our sense of belonging to a multi-ethnic and multicultural society, we are so proud to introduce an AIW project which is supported by Déshabillé Magazine and TFP.
The Association for the Integration of Women (AIW) is born, as the name suggests, to promote social policies dedicated to migrant women, focusing upon their integration into working life.
In these difficult times, since the Covid-19 advent, AIW, supported by Déshabillé Magazine and The Fashion Propellant’s team developed the project Cucire insieme, where immigrant women with tailor skills create sustainable and re-usable masks given in exchange of a donation that will help the AIW developing more projects in order to train and support even more women.
As for the mask designs, a contest promoted by DM and TFP has been launched, involving young and talented fashion designers who answered with creativity and smart ideas. Three of them will be chosen as a winner in different categories which are inclusivity, design, and feasibility.

Are you ready to know more about our participants?


ZAPEL @zapelworld

Chioma Ebubedike-Igbokwe is a Nigerian designer, the creative mind behind Zapel, a premium female brand for the vintage Afropolitan woman who is in touch with her roots. She loves giving back, that’s why she runs an NGO that teaches young girls creative skills and she participated to our campaign #CucireInsieme.


ANASTASIA MIRANDA @golden_.slayer,

She is American and she is currently working on her fashion brand titled “Resurrection_. Behavior”, the reasons for her designs are to encourage everyone to stay true to their authentic selves and reborn their fashion style. The mask she has created is made out of denim and floral lace and is lined with Filtrete 1900 3M which protects from Bacteria & Viruses. Delicate, elegant and protective, Anastasia simply reveled her soul.


SARA IRANDOUKHT Linkedin Profile

Sara is a Textile Technology Engineer and Knitwear Programmer. She is running The Knitting Department at The Albion Knitting Company based in London. Being lucky to work at Albion where creative knitwear products are knitted, she is a team leader, creative, challenge taker, and Stoll Knitting Machines Fanatic. She is looking for an innovative solution to flatbed knitting techniques and creates problems to find solutions for. She did not limit herself in designing the masks but she also shipped it to AIW address in Modena and we thank her so much!


 IBRAHIM OUSMAN @mondearabe13

He’s 29 years old from Cameroon and arrived in Italy in 2017. Now he’s based in Modena but he didn’t forget his identity in Cameroon where he was a professional tailor. A job which is, for him, a passion first!


FRANCESCA RIZZO @itsfrancescasmith

She’s a young fashion designer based in Milan. Francesca has drawn three masks representing beautiful women with makeup and jewels, because it’s a right to feel beautiful and as such should be respected. Also in this pandemic, We are all beautiful!


ILARIA SCANAVINI @scanavini_ilaria

A young student from the Ferrari Fashion Academy, she decided to participate to help people, in these hard times, she wants to bring positivity with her jeans mask where everyone can apply iron-on patches, pins, buttons, turning it in a fashion accessory, easy and sustainable.


JOCELYN CHANDRA x STAIY @jocelynchandra @Staiy_official

Jocelyn is Indonesian and lives in Paris where she works as a fashion designer. She is an enthusiastic and passionate hard-working individual who enjoys getting busy in a creative environment, She is represented by STAIY which is the first sustainable fashion marketplace merging aesthetics, sustainability and AI-technology in one place, spotlighting international brands that craft their pieces in a responsible way. Staiy is the future; it represents the contemporary platform that reflects modern consumers.



Born in 1993, she studied Fashion Design at the IUAD fashion academy, and then she obtained a second-level degree in the Arts Academy. Her works gravitate around social and environmental sustainability. Her path is leading to a new project called “TIME IS NOW” which enlightens women’s empowerment processes. Always keeping active her artistic research, she’d love to keep the social interest alive focusing on how fashion influences the new generations.



Lisa is a fashion design student at the  Ferrari Fashion School in Milan. She decided to challenge herself and get in the game creating a different product that will be helpful for people during these COVID times. Her mask aims to be beautiful, functional, and sustainable, made with a patchwork technique with every kind of scrapbook and recycled fabrics.