“You have to show love and responsibility toward life, it is a karmic thing.”


Giovanni De Pol. Born in Modena, Class of 1985.

The world of fashion is a sector, a field, a group of people whose main purpose is to focus on the image projected by each person, on the plumage, they concentrate on one of the first necessity of each individual. It is a particular and significant moment for fashion, since social media has proclaimed the centrality of the appearance.
For this reason I do what I do, even though my attitude and language is often cryptic and not so immediate, this is why I have chosen this industry, as a channel of expression; and the web is the place to make this exchange happen.

What has encouraged you to enter in this field?

Communication through fashion is a direct way to reach the people, the realistic longing of a clothing item circumscribe the scope and impose a certain concreteness, “talking” to a young audience gives me the chance to observe the changes of the customs, the rapid update of the language, the transformation of the expressive behavior.
I believe that the answer is my curiosity about people; their way of moving, acting, thinking. Maybe this specific complexity in the attempt to comprehend is the specific reason I have chosen to focus on this basic need, a need such as “dressing” that has to do deeply with the society and sexuality.

What was your first intuition?

I can tell you about the first time I was deeply satisfied after a good job.
I was meditating on how a luxury brand create an advertising:
There is a man, or a woman, incredibly beautiful and plastic wearing incredibly perfect clothes and transmitting the idea of being, if not happy, we can say incredibly powerful.
And you, yes you, leafing through that magazine, you, such a simple human being, you would like to feel the same powerful and perfect way. Here we are, the magic is done: the thought of that Yves Saint Laurent dress or Briani suit are exactly what you need to become damn cool. It pleases you.
I thought that asking some undocumented immigrants to wear my T-shirts would have reversed the dynamic basic of this mechanism: to browse a magazine (it was Vice magazine) and to crave to wear the same T-shirt as a Paria does (this is how they use to call North Africans here) would have put in discussion these dynamics. Those pictures realized with the collaboration of Giovanni Lami are so far one of the best jobs I have ever experienced.

Look at your past: What was your first goal achieved and your first failure?

The first goal was absolutely being satisfied of a product I have created. The failure was losing some fundamental people and not being able to manage my company financially, this is what happens when you totally dedicate yourself to an idea but lose the connection with reality, I have lost a lot of money and that was a big lesson.

Never thought to give up?

No. Even though I realized so many times that the borders of this job were too tight, this is only one side. Having a brand gives you the chance to create and tell a story about everything. The most difficult thing is understanding the limits of each mean and modifying time by time your message depending on that.

What is the motto or slogan that represent your way of thinking?

“Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, anthropomorphisms, in short a sum of human relations which have been subjected to poetic and rhetorical intensification, translation and decoration […]; truths are illusions of which we have forgotten that they are illusions, metaphors which have become worn by frequent use and have lost all sensuous vigour […]. Yet we still do not know where the drive to truth comes from, for so far we have only heard about the obligation to be truthful which society imposes in order to exist”.

From, “On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense”.

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the best situations and in the worst, I always try to do my best: you have to show love and responsibility toward life, I think it is a karmic thing: reaching the end of every day in balance and peace is a respectable finish line.

How does Dead Meat stick out from other brands?

Well, I can’t say, you should tell me, because Dead Meat is the mirror of my thoughts and probably it’s kind of impossible to decipher that image.

What would you suggest to the younger generations?

To live, to study the world, to fall in love with it, only in this way you will have something valuable to tell and not the same standard expressions, deprived of any emotion and content. I suggest honestly searching for and finding each other, to avoid becoming some empty profiles thirsty for likes, put more effort in spending time together because the web is a wonderful world but it has its limits. Read up on all with a critic spirit, on the web you can find almost everything but your critic eye is going to guide you to the final choice.

Professional collaborations that contributed to your  personal and professional growth?

Giovanni Lami and Mustafa Sabbagh are the people who influenced me in the most positive way and the reason is very simple: they have been permeable and they allowed me to “shape” them at the same time.

Your biggest fear and strength.

Not being understood and trying to understand the world in all possible ways and by all means.