Eating in Paris


Marché des Enfants Rouges is an adorable open food market in Marais district, 3ème arrondissement in Paris. This place is historic and has been also quoted by Victor Hugo in Les Misérables. Born in the 1615 from Luis XIII in order to supply the entire neighborhood, its name derives from a orphanage not far from the area that used to dress its children with red clothes. This market is composed by several kiosks that propose cuisine from different part of the world: Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Libanese and so on.


As soon as you enter you are welcome by an exhibition of colorful flowers on the right and, on the left, you can admire this photography shop selling in a basket a mix of old school printed pictures. Then,  a holy universe of different cuisines opens up once you step forward. This market is always full of people but you can easily find a spot for you and your friends. Share a bench and your table with tourists visiting the city from every corner of the world, enjoy this pleasant atmosphere while the sounds of the colliery and cutlery resounds in the air mixing harmoniously with the buzz and the live chatter.

Another place we loved so much has been Comme au Vietnam, 195 avenue de Choisy – Place Italie. Be aware that you will hardly find a table without reservation, this is how you realize that a restaurant is really the coolest spot!


While wandering around the Parisienne China Town, where Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean flavors fuse in the air into one another, you will encounter a special place provided with a professional and international staff ready to explain with kindness the best dishes of the day. Peculiar are the fresh ingredients, every dish is homemade and prepared with an exceptional knowledge and attention, the flavors are amazing and the balance of the spices used on each meal are unbelievable. Whether you feel like eating grilled or marinated meat or you prefer soups, you will definitely come back two or three times in the same week.

Last but not the least is Epicerie Musicale 55 Bis, Quai De Valmy. Are you in the mood for Italian cuisine? A relaxing, carefree atmosphere, a jovial environment that features a retro-style décor presenting shelves full of bottles of wines on a side and old vinyls on the other. What you can eat here are revisited traditional dishes, you can totally whet your appetite with platters of dressed meats and croutons, bagels with cheese, vegetables and all sorts of Italian products. Get tipsy with few glasses of a top notch spritz or choose among the selection of Italian wines. Just bear in mind that this is not a bar neither a restaurant, it is a resale of Italian products where you can also taste those delicacies at a table but its doors close at 9pm, so… Vite, Vite! Enjoy!