”Poetic and theatrical with futuristic footprint. In my creations I can always see my determination, my fears, my doubts and my strengths… each piece represents the choice that I made.”

Eleonora, 27-04-1990, Treviglio (Bergamo)


I started my adventure in the Fashion System two years ago in a small knitwear company as a Product Manager for the women’s collection and the children’s collection. I had the chance to follow all the phases of the creation of a knitwear item; from the project, to the sampling, the production, and the sales. After one year, once I felt confident enough, I took my range of experience and skills and I challenged my capacities; what followed was collaboration with Nespresso, for which I created a dress used in the advertising campaign from the United Arab Emirates. I had collaboration with the well- known showgirl Belen Rodriguez, I created a knitwear suit worn by her in an Italian TV program. I also had the pleasure to collaborate with the dancer Olga.

After these first collaborations and the strong support of my partner, we gave birth to my greatest dream and project: ÀPORTER. In few years I would desire to see ÀPORTER as an internationally known Brand, hence my purpose to expand my commercial network abroad.

My first great satisfaction was seeing my clothes behind the shop windows of various boutiques, I will also add that receiving compliments from important buyers contribute in the growth of my project.


Disappointments? Yes. One especially. It happened when some buyers admired my clothes with real interest, but did not pursue. They were stopped by the fact that ÀPORTER is a young and emergent brand not yet known; this is why they continued purchasing only well known “brands”. I got here thanks to my passion and determination. The woman I communicate to, the woman I want to dress is definitely strong. She is a lady who wants to express her being even through what she wears.


I would define my collections as poetic and theatrical with a futuristic footprint. To create this union I combine artificial and techno fabrics that mixed with natural, transparent fabrics, leave the body partly uncovered.


I admire artists as Gareth Pugh, a futuristic and experimental fashion designer. With his collection he drags me into a robotic universe and a surreal vision, he allows me to dream of fantastic scenarios, on the edge between reality and simulation. Another inspiration comes from science fiction movies, where the main character is a figure in between cyborg and human. One of my favorites is Metropolis, a masterpiece of the Austrian film Director Fritz Lang.


My first day at the Academy of Fashion in Milan in 2009, I was totally lost, and at the same time I was totally absorbed by the labs full of life; that buzz generated by the sewing machines and the mannequins that were filling all the spaces. I have always been a quiet girl but after these past 3 years, in 2012 to be exact, I realized that Fashion Design was my only choice; the only one that made me happy and proud of myself. Since that day it is a succession of emotions; in my creations I can always see my determination, my fears, my doubts and my strengths… each piece represents the choice that I made. That choice was the right one.


Next event programmed for ÀPORTER is our participation in an international exhibition for the presentation of the Spring/ Summer collection 2016. We are also developing the e-commerce section of our website, soon to be available for our customers around the world.  So far, ÀPORTER is distributed across Italy.

If Eleonora is the designer you are looking for, purchase her marvellous pieces here (and have fun):  www.eleonoraportera.it