Fashion for Charity is a private sector initiative that harnesses the power of fashion and its stakeholders to make a difference in society. From Abuja to Milan to Atlanta, various industry players in fashion design, fashion photography, fashion media, modeling and more, have come together to become a force for good in Nigeria and beyond.

This year Fashion for Charity will be focusing on the plight of internally displaced persons from north-eastern Nigeria. Over 2.152.000 people have been displaced (according to IDMC) from their homes and are currently living in less than humane circumstances around the country.

In response, Fashion for Charity has been organizing a series of fundraising and resource gathering events and drives to alleviate the conditions of these IDPs in their camps and settlements. There is a total of 7 events, consisting of 6 pre-events (taking place in both Abuja and Milan) and the Finale featuring the legendary fashion designer himself, Giorgio Armani, auctioning off a one- of-a-kind His & Hers collection in the city of Abuja.

There are different parts to the Fashion For Charity:

• Charity Drives
• Photography Project & Exhibition
• Fashion Show 


Charity Drives, minor events that are being organized throughout the year to start creating awareness as to the final event and for donors to get involved in the process.

- First Charity Drive was organized the 6th February in Kuchingoro settlement.

- Second one was the 27th April, where a known Nigerian singer “SKALES” performed at Sky Lounge, the aim of this event was to collect donations that were delivered the Saturday 30th April at the Durumi settlement.

- Third event will occur in May/June where the Embassy of Venezuela, has kindly offered a donation of 350 school backpacks and stationary for school. Therefore we are organizing the event where the Ambassador of Venezuela to Nigeria, Mr. Della Vecchia, will be handing these over to the President of the Kuchingoro settlement.


The photographic production for Fashion For Charity will be carried out by the following photographers:




The event aims to portray the life of IDP settlers in makeshift camps located in Abuja and other parts of the country. The focus of the three photographers will be those people who have been displaced from their homelands, particularly from Adamawa and Borno states, as a result of conflict in North Eastern Nigeria. For the majority of displaced people striving to survive, making a new life and integrating into a new community and environment is a serious challenge. Each photographer has a particular vision that brings to light the day-to-day suffering these people face. This project has two aims: through the auction, to raise money for IDPs in Nigeria; and to build greater long-term support and action from NGOs, private sector and entrepreneurs.

Our hope is that this will alleviate the long-term suffering and empower people affected by armed conflict in Nigeria. All the above mentioned are events organized to raise funds, that will be directed into Foundations and NGOs (we have located 2 so far but also seeking support from others) that will be working on the following aspects:

1. Skill training

Majority of the people living in the settlements in Abuja, come from Adamawa and Borno State, where they were farmers, coming to the city, they find themselves jobless and without any training to survive in a sustainable way. Our aim is to tackle this very problem. Many will be trained as tailors, as the boutiques that are part of the Fashion For Charity have also already promised jobs to certain amount of people.

2. Education

Get a better system of education, more teachers and preparing them to actually be able to enter Govt schools, and be able to get a standard basic education, that will enable them to continue their studies, or better themselves in the future.

3. Medical care

For the camps without a proper healthcare facility, a facility will be provided. And personnel will be provided by a group of 4 private hospitals. Each hospital will provide us with a doctor and 2 nurses once a week. This will enable us to provide 4 clinic days per week for each camp.


Fashion For Charity in November:  Three day event climaxing with an auction of a unique Giorgio Armani. The above two points are part of the actual final event that is the “Fashion For Charity”. Summary of participants: we hope to see John Legend as the star of the event for entertainment. Fashion wise local boutiques and Armani is sending a collection of 10 pieces to be sold here. News coverage, a part from every event being covered constantly, Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle will be present.