We are always in a rush, but traveling delicately slows us down and heals our souls. The healing ritual starts when flashpacking the bag and selecting only the necessary, leaving out the non-essential. How refreshing is it?

Look around your house and spot all the unneccesary crap you are collecting, it simply absorbs all your energy. So, fo few days just leave the irrilevant behind and take with you the most important belongings and a clean mind.

I flicked through my passport and the memories of the last trips bring smiles on my face.  But now, it’s time to visit Spain again, after the South, a visit to the North is defintely needed.


- Galicia, I am ready to taste your flavours and see all your hues, and feel how you will enrich me in your own unique way.


If you have two or three days break you can definitely follow our suggestions. The region is incredibly immersed in the nature and it boasts incredible and charming historic sites to visit, stunning coasts and beaches like Praia das Catedrais ( Playa de las Catedrales). Let’s keep it real, the best way to know where to go and what to see in the world is to be with people born and bred right there. So we thank Tiziana for being our wonderful guide.


If it’s winter, even better around Christmas, visiting Vigo is priceless. The city it has become recently famous for the enchanting light installations, thousands of visitors from all Spain come in to slip into the Christmas feel with their families and friends.The markets are crawling with churrascos, chips, galletas and snacks to keep you busy while strolling under the magic light shows.

In Vigo, you should always start your day with a walk alongside the sea, notice the statue of the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Vernes, seated upon a chair of wild octopus legs outside the Real Club Nautico. The novelist visited Vigo in 1878 and 1884 and declared his love for Vigo in one of his books.

With one of the most beautiful squares of Spain, Vigo wins the rankings with the Plaza de la Constitución which you should visit while reaching the market and doing some oyster tasting. If you like oysters, of course.

Pay also a visit to the Old town, the city centre, full of tapas bars and restaurants, museums and street art that make the city vibrant and entertaining.

cies-islands Spain

For every other season of the year, just a ferry ride from Vigo, you will find a piece of Paradise. 

The Cíes Islands, known as the islands of the gods by the Romans, will gift you a spectacular view with its sandy beaches and crystal clear water, treasure of the Galicians.

Sun, sights and sand: meet the Magic Caraibi with the 3 S just at at few hours flight from any city in Europe. These islands (Monteagudo, Faro and San Martiño) have a rich landscape  and you will be able to camping, hiking, swimming and so much more.

santiago catedral


Everyone will suggest to start your journey from Santiago de Compostela. I would say to leave it as your last destination before you go back home. Didn’t we mention a spiritual cleansing?

Let’s face it, Santiago, not to mention the Camino if you feel to walk, has a different vibe. So breath the new air and fill your lungs then…

In its gothic glory, the Cathedral of Santiago rises up showing proudly all its splendour and magnitude. Icon of the arrival of the Christianity in Spain, it attracts milions of pilgrims ( religious or not) losing their old selves before entering in the fairy tale old town narrow streets. In the back part of the cathedral we will find one of the most beautiful and historical squares of the city: la plaza de Platerías, la Torre del Reloj, featuring also a fountain named la Fuente de los Caballos (the fountain of the horses). In the fountain you can see four horses carrying the coffin of Saint James, while an angel figure holds up a star towards heaven.

Santiago never gets old because of the live spirit brought from the thousands of university students each year and also because of its green nature. Listed among the greenest cities, one of its beautiful parks, worthy to be visited, is the Alameda. At the park entry you will be greet by two Marias, a figure that represents two women of Santiago who are known for spreading warmth and light, even during the tough years of the dictatorship in the country.