“Break From Your Roots”


What is the main reason behind the creation of this website “The Goldfish Escapade”?

About a year ago, I was sifting through my external hard drive looking through photos of old trips. I know a number of people can relate, but throughout the years, I would always take a bunch of pictures during my travels and forget about them once I was back.


That’s when I started my Instagram Theescapade, as it was a place to rebirth my photos to my friends and family.

About 4 months into starting @theescapade, it started to gain some traction and a decent following. My mom, the biggest supporter of what I am doing, told me that she wanted more than just my photos – She wanted a story. She wanted to feel like she was there and sharing my experiences with me. That’s when I decided to make a travel website that coincided with all the content created through the Instagram. Now I just needed a name.

My last name is Fishman and with my moms maiden name of Golden, I created The Goldfish Escapades. My slogan to this website is “Break From Your Roots”, which tells the tale of why I created this brand. The Goldfish Escapades is not only to inspire everyone to travel by providing useful advice and information, but it also for me so I can get more inspired to keep doing what I love.

How do you help people to reach their full travel potential?

The issue that I see with blogs these days is that they lack the balance between personal story and useful information. Exactly like having an online magazine, if the reader doesn’t think that the information provided is useful to them within the first 20 seconds, they won’t continue to read. Some blogs that I read have pages long describing their breakfast that morning – So one of the main purposes of my website is to get the reader useful information as soon as possible by using my personal experience to convey these tips. Therefore, my goal is to have people spend less time searching for relevant information in my stories and instead be out and traveling!

What are people looking for when they look for and join your community of travelers?


Everyone that I speak to regarding my website take something unique and different out of it. Some people take my information and actually use it in their travels, some are my friends and family around the world and enjoy following me and where I am, and others live vicariously through my adventures and inspires them to work hard and one day get to travel.

How many people are part of this community and why do you think people need to travel more nowadays in comparison with the past?

Anyone who has tapped like on one of the pictures on Instagram, subscribed to my website, or even told me to keep doing what I am doing is a part of The Goldfish Escapades community. Right now I have about 27.000 followers combined with Twitter and Instagram, so that is my current reach.

Time for a little story: what about your best or worst adventure? When and where was it?

It is so hard to choose which adventure was my favorite. My greatest experience was probably when I went to the country of Vanuatu with my dad. The country is made up of 80 islands – We were on the island of Tanna to explore the active volcano Mount Yasur. We were staying at a small resort – When I say resort, do not think of a Disney hotel with ten pools, this resort was literally 3 different huts with a cook. The resort neighbored the largest village on the island, where everyone lived in straw huts and stared at us as if we were the first white people they have seen in years. Regardless of the simplicity of their lives, they are some of the happiest and kindest people I have ever met in my entire life.

Since it was an island and I am an avid surfer, I asked one of the people living on the property if anyone surfed here. She said yes, took me to the village, walked into one of the huts, and pulled out this old surfboard from the 80s and handed it to me. With a retro surfboard and three kids with broken boogie boards following me, we headed to the beach. Not only was I the only surfer, but I was one of the only people on the beach! It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I do not like to look into the future, but the only aspect of my life that I want to see in five years is my own happiness. No matter if The Goldfish Escapades turns into a full time, part time, or not a job at all, I hope that my happiness will lead me to having the best life I can be.

I was amazed when I saw a picture of you spinning fire: where have you learned that?


My dad actually taught me how to fire dance when I was 11! He was in Mexico one year and he saw someone fire dance and hired them to come live with us and teach us how to do it! I have been hooked ever since☺

DM loves to inspire the readers, we would like you to share some encouraging words.

 The one piece of advice I can give your readers is be happy and do what you love to do! No money or expensive thing can replace happiness, so simply just do what you love to do. Also, never use the C word, Can’t. The second you say you can’t do something, you pretty much assured yourself that it is not going to happen. My opinion is that as long as you tell yourself you will accomplish this goal or be this person, NO matter how ridiculous and unrealistic it might be, it paves the way for success.

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