Designer Kimberley Stacey of TISKA LONDON

Nordic Wonder. Sustainability. Timeless Style.

The world is filled with so many fascinating cultures but something extra special seems to happen when two or more converge.

British Designer Kimberley Stacey

British Designer Kimberley Stacey

Such is the case with TISKA LONDON, designer Kimberley Stacey’s authentically British brand steeped in Nordic inspiration. After stumbling upon her new though already promising brand, I contacted her immediately for an interview. I was charmed by extraordinary cuts, easy to wear fluidity and the grown-up results of a vivid imagination.

Though born and raised in London, Kimberley Stacey traveled extensively to Iceland throughout her entire life. As the daughter to a travel industry entrepreneur specializing in trips to the country, Stacey had the unique pleasure of growing up with sights straight from a fantasy land. Envision a childhood riding Icelandic horses, building tunnels in giant snow drifts, taking in the northern lights and even spending time at a glacier lagoon. Pure magic.

She continues her journeys to Scandinavia and counts the lakes of Eastern Finland in the summertime and Sweden’s ICEHOTEL as some of her favorite recent memories. Nonetheless, “Tiska” means fashion in Icelandic and the country remains the main inspiration for the brand. Merging the big city style of London with the allures of Scandinavia have resulted in a poetic yet absolutely wearable fashion label marked by storytelling and tradition.

Iceland - Lake

“There are many reasons why I love the Nordic countries,” she explained preparing to share a few of her highlights,“… Nordic countries are among the highest ranked for happiness in the world. ”She goes on to list Nordic citizens’ style, the trolls and dwarfs of Icelandic culture, Iceland’s gender equality, Finland’s International Failure Day (“without the possibility of failure, there is no success”) and paid paternity leave in Sweden – what’s not to love?

Feeling inspired to visit the region after this interview? Stacey advises you “get out into the countryside/ small villages, discover the scenery and local people and step out of your comfort zone” for the true experience.

Iceland seaside

And if travel plans aren’t on the horizon, immerse yourself in the designer’s tales. Every collection is based on a story – a Saga – she crafts about a strong and viking- like female. Inspired by old Icelandic Sagas, they equally fascinate Stacey and clients of the brand. “I want a connection to be built with the clothes and the label. I have a Swedish illustrator currently working on illustrations for both stories and these will be displayed on the website shortly with the opportunity to purchase. Eventually story books will also be produced for people to buy. These aim to be pieces of fashion art displaying the collections but more so the stories/ Sagas through illustrations and photography,” she revealed.

Tiska London


However, TISKA LONDON continues beyond aesthetics. The brand is produced sustainably; Stacey is a champion of slow fashion. She names the need for less raw materials as her main motivation: “Fast fashion is mass produced meaning prices stay low. With the prices being so low it encourages consumers to buy more than is needed, this results in more landfill. Around 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year. Every time it rains, water drains through all the rubbish and picks up chemical and hazardous materials. I follow British Designer Vivienne Westwood’s view Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.

Tiska London collection  IMG_5841

“For companies to stay competitive they need to find cheap labour,” she went on to passionately explain. “This involves manufacturing in countries that are the poorest in the world. Labour standards are so low that even though apparel is the largest employer of women globally, less than 2% of these women earn a living wage, according to The Huffington Post. These women can’t even afford to buy the cheap, fast fashion they’re producing to ship overseas. We all have a responsibility to look after the women in our world –  we can do this by buying responsibly and educating ourselves as to where our clothes come from.”

TISKA LONDON represents the most artful balance of today – respecting and celebrating nature while leveraging technology in a responsible and savvy way. In fact, TISKA LONDON’s Instagram account caught the attention of British Vogue leading to a recent feature of the up-and-coming label. Stacey is grateful for the power of social media, understanding the odds of such early discovery would have been near impossible prior to the digital age. She says it isn’t just the media discovering new brands on social media, but shoppers wanting to be the first to find a new fashion brand among friends.

Still, her reach does extend beyond social media. Kimberley Stacey has been invited to London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Expect to see her present in at least one of these fashion capitals come September 2018.

TISKA LONDON’s ARÍA SAGA Spring 2018 Collection will be available for purchase on April 1, 2018 and new items will soon be added to the LILYA SAGA Collection.

All TISKA LONDON collections are available for purchase via TISKALONDON.com


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