Eileein Akbaraly – Made For A Woman

Eillen Made For A Woman


Who is Eileen?

I’m a child of a multi-cultured background, (Italian, Indian, and Malagasy) who grew up in what is paradoxically considered the last “Eden” of the world in terms of biodiversity, as well as being one of the poorest countries in the world (Madagascar). My biggest objective is to merge my love and passion for the humanitarian and fashion world.

What pushes you everyday to support these amazing women through your project “Made For A Woman”?

Madagascar is a very poor country and from a very young age I’ve always tried my best to help the people of my country. I began with an NGO that I created with 2 friends where we dedicated our resources to children… However I slowly began to realise that women were the pillars of the family… and that only through the mothers could we really improve the lives of the future generations. This is why I decided to create a workshop where our women can feel safe and really express their desires through the art of weaving. I want to give our women the independence and the freedom to be who they want to be.

We see three flags on your profile…what does each flag represents to your heart?

Each flag represents a part of who I am!!! My father is originally Indian from the state of Gujarat. His family migrated to Madagascar in search of a better life back in the day… He is the 3rd generation in Madagascar. While my mother is Italian and this represents my love for Italy. While the third flag represents the country I was raised in and have a deep love for… Madagascar.


What did change in you from when you started your project?

I think the most beautiful and genuine side of the project is the improvement I see in the lives of these women… I really do notice that they feel safe and part of a family. It’s really challenging to work in the fashion world because it’s still all about money and consumerism… Sometimes I doubt the work I do… But when I see their smiles and hear their laughter everything makes more sense to me…

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Where do you envision yourself in the next 3 years?

I really hope that Made For A Woman can be a brand that women from all over the world can associate with. I want to create a direct dialogue between the women artisans and our clients at a international level. I am developing an online space where this will be possible… My objective is to become as transparent as possible for our artisans and our clients. The future is about sustainability, mutual respect, and compassion… And this is what I want M4W to become part of.

We all need to be inspired… please, share a positive insight of your life or a quote that you believe can enlighten someone today. Especially a new artist.

Through creativity our human specie is able to transform ideas and dreams into reality… I believe that with our compassion and creativity we are able to make this world a better place for all living things… We just need to start learning how to love ourselves…and this begins with an honest and genuine society. This is what I want M4W to be part of…



To support the project, see and buy the beautiful products, here a link for you: madeforawoman.org