My atelier is in my head, all of it, when I come back home from work, I know what I want to create.


Manuel Ferrari was born in Reggio Emilia on the 8th July 1988.

“My fascination for Haute Couture started long years ago. After artistic studies in the high school, I won a fashion competition organized by Max Mara. Thereafter, fifty thousand euro were needed to pay my university fees in order to study fashion, at that time there was no chance I could afford it by my own. My luck started when I met Carla Gozzi (from Mariella Burani Fashion Group) who introduced me into the company with a temporary contract as a fashion assistant at Gabriele Colangelo’s side. The next step of my career was landing in Liu Jo, where I worked for four years, then I changed and started working for Twin Set dealing with the Lingerie designs.

At 16 years old I started creating at home my micro collections, everything was home made and embroidered by hand, the funny thing is that in my opinion, thinking about those works right now, I strongly believe they were horrible. At that time San Martino in Rio, my hometown, used to allocated a budget to several projects dedicated to the youngest of the community, the initiatives had to occur from June until September, I was gladly involved and thrilled by that opportunity, my final collections were exhibited at Rocca di San Martino in Rio, a deconsecrated church, a suggestive and magic place perfect for a show of that kind.

Try to join the fashion industry is kind of harsh, eventually the talent, if you have it, is the factor that will help you to last longer and survive in the industry. My style, which clearly distinguished me, revokes ancient splendour to describe a bright and harmonious femininity, a contemporary romanticism smoothed by the soft swish of the silk dresses and from the translucent and powdered shades which clothe a modern Ophelia.

My atelier is in my head, all of it, when I come back home from work, I know what I want to create. I mostly prefer to create when I am outdoors, surrounded by the nature. I always search for the best quality fabrics which make my creations less commercial but really high and precious. Everything is self-made and self-funded, the only hand that helps me is the dear local seamstress.

I believe that when a woman demands comfort she chooses to be dressed by another woman, but then comes the time when she deeply desires to feel unique, there she chooses a man that will go to underline her curves, her femininity and her sensuality.

Valentino is my inspiration.

He recalls the era which gave more value to the women, the forties and sixties, where each and every diva was unique and splendid. Nowadays society dictates us specific standards that drive women to lose their authenticity. 

My final dream? Building up my own brand, so far my first six collections are ready and watching your creations walking down a catwalk in Milan is an emotion beyond words”.