Martina Grasselli

“Be brave and patient.”


Martina Grasselli, born in Reggio Emilia on the 16th March 1981.

Who is Martina?

Born under the sign of the Fish, I am a very creative and sensitive person. Sometimes it seems like I come from another planet, naive but also like a caterpillar when it is about work. Other people see me as a crazy girl!

Why have you chosen the Fashion Industry?

Generally, it has always been a passion that later on, I had the privilege to transform into a job, and my main vehicle of communication to reach others.

Let us talk about your precious production. Why have you chosen to create a jewel-shoe?

Coliac was created as a brand for bijoux and after few seasons I got an intuition; I wanted to create a shoe-jewel, a male model built for a woman that could have been used in the evening and be a perfect replacement for heels. I consider shoes to be a blank canvas that can be enriched with what I am more able to create… jewels!

What kind of materials do you use?    

Several varieties of leather, brushed calfskin, and fur, while the jewels are made of brass and zamak embellished with Swarowsky and pearls.

How do you produce?  

The shoes are produced from different companies from Marche which I consider very professional, I aim to create a small department in Marche where each component of my shoes can be made.

What is your target market?

My accessories are designed for a woman that is sophisticated, modern, and with a strong sense of contemporary fashion. The shapes, the proportions, the details featured in my collections sometimes are ironic and desecrating, so they satisfy a “not so common” aesthetic taste.

What were you dreaming as a kid?

My dream was to create something on my own and be independent, I have to admit that this is what I am actually doing. I am really proud but also cautious.

What has this professional path revealed so far?  

Honestly, I have to say that I haven’t encountered so many obstacles but it has been a long path, really difficult indeed. With an unavoidable combination of devotion and firm belief, courage and perseverance, I made it to this point. I believe that working hard is an element that you have to take into consideration when you aim to build a career.

What about your inspiration?

Inspiration always comes from art, different artistic movements fascinated me and I totally immerse myself to transform the emotions I feel into new projects. I adore the Art Deco’ period, both in art and in interior design, I am attracted also by Malevich geometrics and from Russian Costruttivism, Bauhaus works, the graphic studies of Sonia Delaunay, primary colours. I write and design, then I transfer all to my handcraft-men, trying to transmit my mood to them also. They learned how to translate my feelings into the production, and this is why this collaboration is so efficient.

What is your goal?

I’d like my brand to grow more and more, I would like to amplify my production, adding bags and other accessories.

Coliac in the Italian and International market?

It is a wonderful combination, Coliac shoes are sold in Italy and in the rest of the world.

If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be?

I would have liked to open a bookshop or to work in the Social field.

What would you suggest to other designers that dream this career?

It is a hard work, all-consuming, often it does not leave space to other things, it will represent your life and all joys and sorrows are more often connected to this life than what is happening around. But if it is a real dream and it defines you, there is no better suggestion than to start to make it happen. Be brave and patient.


Official Website : www.coliac.com