“Never stop to follow what you really want  by any mean you have in your hands.”



Matteo Lamandini was born in Modena on the 18th December 1989 and his eclectic brand carries his name.

Professional Background?

After my graduation at Istituto Marangoni in Milan in 2013 in Fashion Design, my first working experience was at MSGM within the menswear design team, after this first experience  I started working for  Marni inside the design/ product team, after 5 months due to my win of the competition “Designer for Tomorrow” in Berlin with Tommy Hilfiger as patron, I had to leave the job. This winning gave me the chance to relocate abroad in Amsterdam, my first experience outside Italy was in the HQ of Tommy Hilfiger with the purpose of realizing a capsule collection in collaboration with the designer himself.  Afterwards, I moved to Berlin to create my first collection SS2016 to present at the Berlin Fashion Week. My next step was participating at 5+5 in Rome, supported by Massimo Giorgetti during Who’s on Next Alta Roma.

What brought you here?

What brought me until here was the love for the aesthetic of clothes, not stopping at the first glance and appearances of some styles but to develop them in order to transform them until they become totally yours. So far the brand I have created it is called Matteo Lamandini and in January 2016 my first sales campaign was finally launched!

How would you describe your design?

I would say extravagant, the elaboration of a child-like formality.

How would you describe the artist Matteo  Lamandini?

Very playful and with a spirit of enterprise, with a strong will to grow and to  improve, but also very introvert.

Milan: What did this city offer you?

I believe that Milan donated me so much experience in terms of life and artistically speaking because is a reality contaminated by many cultures; the experiences abroad offered me inspiration and took me to another level in terms of ideas.

What is your target customer?

I decided to dedicate my creations to a young customer between 25-40 years old that shows the desire to be ironical toward the reality.

The hardest challenge was?

It has been how to distinguish the people who really wanted to help me from the one who pretend to do it.

A message to our readers?

Never stop to follow what you really want  by any mean you have in your hands.


The world of Matteo Lamandini : www.matteolamandini.com