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Minja Tarle is a designer who chases the artistic approach in designing everyday women accessories. See her small art – design project. The form is minimal, and the lines are clean and simple. Most of the times Minja Tarle’s bag is a painting, a sculpture, a modern art object.

Hello Minja, would you tell us something about yourself?

I was born in Herceg Novi-Montenegro in 1974 before moving to Belgrade at the age of 10. My life in the small and beautiful town of Herceg Novi was the first inspiration for me: I experienced a deep connection with the sea and I was immersed completely in the nature. My mother was an art passionate hence she surrounded me with art; in Belgrade she used to take me to Art Galleries and Museums, here is where I saw new industrial design products from the 80ies. It should be remembered that the art scene in Belgrade was blooming at that time.

I will never forget the immense impression those moments had on me.
I did not went to Art school, actually I graduated in History of Art at Belgrade University.

Enjoying lectures  in architecture, art, sculpture, that is where a lot of my inspiration came from.

How are your customers?

My customers are modern, urban, women off all ages who share same values, similar aesthetic and  lifestyle as mine. Modern and stylish men coming  from fields like design, arhitecture, music also purchase my products.


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Why have you started this professional career and what do you expect from it?

I would like to grow as a designer by improving my design technique and to create an environment where I can work with people with a vision alike mine… and enjoy the process of making something new.

In this moment, I just focus on the production of bags. Earlier, sewing was one off my interest for a few years, making jewelry and paper jewelry (confetti brooches). With brooches I participated to few exhibitions: Redesign your mind (Belgrade) and Belgrade Connections in Stockholm. I started designing bags from the love of making, the pleasure of creating different shapes, using interesting materials, some which are not usually utilized for bag.

I really do enjoy the process of making, of seeking  inspiration and finding it in different situations in life. For me, a bag needs to carry a symbolic meaning, and my purpose is to load each one of my product with a meaning, it may be sometimes poetic or the intention could be to present it like an archetype or an art object, a painting or similar.

Minja Tarle is here, talk with her: OFFICIAL PAGE


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