“If our story were food, then Paul should be tasted as a smooth course, it’d be molecular cooking, condensed unexpected flavors”


“If our story were a song, then Paul’d have orchestrated it in the night, in those subway trips, writing down on a notebook, a notebook out-of-date, scrabbling black ink with his pen; Paul would have music in his head and the notes would slip out of the lines to shape an undertone you couldn’t forget.

If our story were a perfume, then Paul would be the memory of a few years back journey, it’s a journey in the East, that kind of travelling you only take once in a life time, it would have a trail of ebony and amber, a strong, musky scent that grasps at nostrils and doesn’t want to go. It’s a matter of scent of reminiscence which harks suddenly back. And it doesn’t only occur into novels, it also happens to you.

If our story were food, then Paul should be tasted as a smooth course, it’d be molecular cooking, condensed unexpected flavors; it would have the colors of fruit and spice, the texture of a candied apple and the malleable heart when it comes to palate. The base note would recall cinnamon and carnation: the whole harmonious to the unexperienced palate which would be stunned by the saline end.

 If our story were also yours…


Paul Memoir is an Italian fashion Brand. Born in 2014 from the idea of 3 friends, the launch took place in February 2015 with the first knitwear collection.

From their first encounter, Paolo Fantuzzi, Claudia Balzani and Luca Ferrari gave birth to the brand. Coming from different settings and diverse educational backgrounds, they found themselves in this new adventure where their different creativities and inclinations met eventually in a new dimension.

Paolo is the designer aka “the Creator”; Claudia is the copywriter and the photographer that catches emotions, she writes and maintains Paul Memoir’s presence in social media, she is the “Social Soul”; Luca manages and gives a direction to the business aka “The Rider”.

Paul Memoir was born in the difficult reality of the knitwear manufacture with a shimmering proposition: a style that wants to shatter the balances in order to interpret stylistic transformations, catching various kind of hints from the arts, architecture, and the animal world.

Paul Memoir wants to hit.                  


Affecting the eye and the mind.

Its item has to be worn as a symbol of determination and self-confidence. Paul Memoir is passion, quality, creation. From the first collection it presents itself as a concrete reality in the Italian and World market.

The quality of the local yarn, the attention to details, the selection of the patterns and the passion for the authenticity are the foundation of a project that orbit around the process of making.

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