”I believe in fashion, I believe in its potential of communicating something beautiful.”


Paula Cademartori, born in Porto Alegre on the 4th July 1983.

Professional Background:

I was born and raised in Brazil, precisely in Porto Alegre. There, I cultivated the passion for fashion. After my studies in industrial design and the contemporary experience in jewelry sector, in 2005 I decided to move to Milan to further explore and deepen my understanding of design and accessories. I studied Accessories Design at Istituto Marangoni and afterwards I acquired basic knowledge through the Young Fashion Manager course at Bocconi University. Thereafter, I had the opportunity to work besides Donatella Versace for two years, learning much about accessories. In 2010, after I attended the competition Vogue Talents, I decided to launch my homonymous brand and created my first collection (Spring/ Summer 2011). Today I proceed towards this amazing adventure, not restricting my production to bags alone, I also have a new line of footwear, which was introduced for the first time in the Autumn/ Winter 2015.

What influence does your Italian and Brazilian side have on your art?

They are part of my art. My creations are the right mix between the Brazilian glee and vivacity and Italian craftsmanship. You can notice my Brazilian influence through the colours and textures I use. Often in conflict with each other, my Italian side prevails in my meticulous attention to details and in the research of high quality fabrics.

Why have you chosen to establish your entire production in Italy?

Italy for me is fundamental. I am madly in love with this country! I am happy to be here and to have the chance every single day to learn something new. I strongly believe in the high quality and in the Italian craftsmanship, reason why I decided to work together with 100% Italian companies. Italy, for me, is the country of luxury par excellence.

What events and collaborations influenced your career and your growth? Any events and collaborations on your schedule?

After two years at Versace, in 2009, I was selected for the project “Vogue Talents” from Vogue Italia. I left my job and decided to catch this opportunity that permitted me to be among the “140 Young Designers to Watch”. It was an honor for me, and an exclusive opportunity to raise awareness regarding my stylistic vision. As an incentive, this opportunity allowed me to create my first collection. After this period I enrolled in a Master’s Fashion Manager Program at SDA Bocconi to broaden my managerial and entrepreneurial knowledge. That was my key moment in my career because from there I presented my first collection. Many of my collaborations have been with Vogue Italia. Among the latest, the one with Vogue and San Pellegrino, but also with Nike where I designed the race bag for the women’s competition “Nike We Run”. One thing is sure, I am coming out with more news, so stay tuned!

Do you remember what Paula was like on her first day of University? Who was Paula then, and who is she now?

I won’t forget that I was excited and determined to succeed. What else, it is me, always me. A great dreamer who knows what she wants and does anything to reach her goals with hard work and persistence. I admit that I faced so many difficulties then and still now. To abandon my family and my country to come to a far away land was not easy at the beginning but it resulted in an increase of confidence in myself, it is all part of a path of self-growth and independence.

What does Italy represent for Paula and what does Brazil represent?

Italy is the country where my dream took shape and Brazil is my land, my origin.

How would you describe your favorite clutch if it were to be a person?

Sensual and Glamourous. Loves to grab the public’s attention but hides a very unique personality. I would say, a precious personality.

How would you define the competition “Who is on next”?

It is an excellent stepping stone, I had the wonderful chance to get people to know my creative vision and it was indeed a great satisfaction showing my creations to some of the leading figures in the fashion industry. Furthermore, receiving their response was emotionally intenseas well as an important opportunity to always improve my work.

What is essential for you in the Fashion world and what do you dislike about this environment?

Well, Fashion has been my passion ever since I was a kid, but this does not mean that I follow the diktat that fashion imposes. I could not do without the real essence of fashion: reinvention and change. An accessory has the power to make you feel special; it does not only apply for the physical appearance. I believe in fashion, I believe in its potential of communicating something beautiful. Through fashion I can tell a story, my passions, my feelings, my moods. Fashion is communication, it is philosophy. The clothes we wear, the accessories we choose communicate our personality . This is why I believe in fashion as a form of exaltation of exterior and interior beauty of each individual. What I do not appreciate is the non-authenticity and frivolity that is often encountered in this system.

Three words to describe yourself, Paula!

Sunny, resolute, resourceful…

… and ready to be discovered: www.paulacademartori.com