It’s time for Cucire Insieme



In these days, where masks and walls weaken our sense of belonging to a multi-ethnic and multicultural society, we are so proud to introduce an AIW project which is supported by Déshabillé Magazine and TFP.
The Association for the Integration of Women (AIW) is born, as the name suggests, to promote social policies dedicated to migrant women, focusing upon their integration into working life.
In these difficult times, since the Covid-19 advent, AIW, supported by Déshabillé Magazine and The Fashion Propellant’s team developed the project Cucire insieme, where immigrant women with tailor skills create sustainable and re-usable masks given in exchange of a donation that will help the AIW developing more projects in order to train and support even more women.
As for the mask designs, a contest promoted by DM and TFP has been launched, involving young and talented fashion designers who answered with creativity and smart ideas. Three of them will be chosen as a winner in different categories which are inclusivity, design, and feasibility.

Are you ready to know more about our participants?

javio (2)

JAVIO THE BRAVE @javio_the_brave_

Formed by Flavio and Jessica, this brand shows all the cultures inherent in it, the founders’ creativity fosters open-mindedness and innovative thinking. The core of the brand is a multiethnic coexistence and you will perceive throughout all their collections,aiming to be cosmopolitan and enriching the wearer’s identity. Javio the Brave plays with elegant details proposing itself to people who demand to be one of a kind.


JESSICA EDEH @edehjessica_

Half of “Javio the Brave” heart, Jessica, has also participated as a single soul and designer. Her mask is made of a hat and a complete 360° head coverage, in order to give complete protection. Not Today Covid19… Not Today with Jessica. Very protective!


JOHN HERRERA @Johnherrera

After his degree at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines in 2003, John started his professional career teaching but keeping his mind focussed on his dream and slowly founding his own atelier. In 2005 he joined the Philippine Fashion Week and in 2008 the John Herrera Couture atelier finally opened. Now based in London he still pursues his dreams and passion for fashion.


VALENTINA POLTRONIERI @vpvalentinapoltronieri

After a Bachelor and Master degree in Fashion Design, Valentina established her Brand in 2017. Inspired by her travels, architecture, theatrical events, and arts she created her own universe where her collections find a breeding ground to bloom. Her masks are not extravagant or high tech, the philosophy behind her project represents love and strength, the two aspects that we all need now to face this virus, united.


MARICA DI DIO@maricadidio

Marica is an artist, she dedicated her life to fashion and visual art. Born in the majestic Sicily and relocated to the north of Italy by the sea, Marica never ceases to work on her career; from her passion and firmness, a dreamy and sensational fashion collection will see the light. Her mask recalls the one of a cartoon female superhero, a super-powerful item that once worn will protect you and your loved ones.


FILIPA MELO @filipamelo

Once she finished her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design two years ago, she moved straight away to London, falling in love with a different point of view. Started then her career at a fashion house and currently working also at a Grading Bureau,two different sides of the industry - one facing all the creation process and other facing production, giving her a complete understanding of the whole industry and what it takes to work for high-end brands.


TONIA SALOMÈ @la_tonia_1985
This surreal reality we’re living now has a huge and strong impact on our children. They’re facing a new life pace, new schedules, new rules, and constrictions, moreover we need to cover their beautiful smiles in order to protect them. This is why Tonia has designed the mask “maskerzi” to bring back a sense of freedom and fantasy for everyone. It’s an interactive mask which is used as a toy, ensuring playtime and joy for our kids.